1024 ways to win

1024 Ways to Win Slots

Slots players are always looking for more ways to win on their favorite machines. Traditionally, this meant playing more paylines in order to open up more potential winning combinations, but this came with a downside: each new line cost more coins, so the more potential to win you wanted, the more you had to pay to earn it.

But a new brand of slot machines has flipped this concept on its head. Known as “all ways” games, these machines ask you to pay one flat price in order to get access to every possible winning combination of symbols. Not only does this greatly increase your odds of winning on each spin, it also allows you to do it affordably. And 1024 ways games may be the most exciting of all the entries in this genre of gaming.

How to Play

1024 ways games are easy to play, as they follow most of the rules and procedures of standard slot machines. The object is to match symbols consecutively across the reels (these games always feature five reels) from left to right. Match enough symbols in a row – usually three or more – and you’ll win a prize, with longer combinations resulting in bigger rewards. There are often a host of special features included to spice up gameplay, including wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds, free spins, and so on.

What makes these slots different from the typical game is one word we haven’t talked about yet: paylines. In a 1024 ways slot machine, there is no such thing as a payline. Instead, you get access to every possible left-to-right combination, regardless of where exactly on each reel your matches appear. The player simply pays one price and has access to every combination of wins. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone has to play for the same amount: coin denominations and the number of coins played can still vary, but that will only impact the stakes you are playing for – not the number of lines you are playing.

The number of “ways” a machine is described as gives you some insight into just how many paylines you effectively have when you play it. For instance, 1024 refers to the fact that there are five reels, each of which has four symbol positions. Since all possible combinations work, the number of “lines” on the game is equal to 4x4x4x4x4 – or 1,024.

Popular Games

While they aren’t as common as the better known 243 ways slots, many online casinos feature at least a few 1024 line games for you to choose from. The following are just a few of the many games in this line that have proven to be popular amongst players.

  • Lucky Panda: This game was Playtech’s first venture into the world of 1,024 way games. Players are allowed to bet up to 72 coins on this game, which carries a heavy Chinese theme. Wilds, multipliers, and free spins abound, making this a game that stays exciting on each and every spin.
  • Hot Ink: This tattoo-themed machines comes courtesy of Microgaming, one of the leaders in “all ways” slots. You’ll enjoy beautiful art (much of which mimics classic tattoo designs) while you spin the reels hoping to hit a jackpot worth as much as 10,000 coins. With several bonus rounds, you’ll never get bored playing Hot Ink.
  • League of Fortune: Another game from Microgaming, this 1,024 ways product features coins that only cost a penny or two to play – but you can play up to 500 at a time, potentially making this a rather high stakes game. With a slick ocean exploration theme, a free spins game, and an interesting and customizable gamble feature after winning spins, this is one of the best examples of how all ways machines should be designed.

Other “Ways” Machines

1024 ways games are fun and exciting, but there are other, similar slots that might also interest you if you enjoy this sort of gameplay. Perhaps the most famous of these are the 243 ways slots, which have become almost a standard part of any online casino.

Why is the 243 line format so popular? Again, the answer is math. The five-reel, three-position format is a classic, and 3x3x3x3x3 equals 243 winning combinations. Since players are used to this style of game, and designers are also comfortable making games that look and feel this way, creating all ways versions of this format was an easy choice. There are numerous titles in this style that are popular, but some of the most successful include Thunderstruck II and The Dark Knight Rises.

If you want even more possibilities to win, there’s a step up in complexity that few have tried: the 3,125 ways machine. How is such a monstrous game possible? It’s easy: add a fifth symbol position to each reel, and now the match adds up! One well-known examples of this is Dolphin Coast, an exciting and highly volatile game found at Microgaming casinos.

A slightly different format is the “pay both ways slots” style, something that’s actually quite a bit different from what we’ve talked about on this page. In these games, you’ll be able to win both left-to-right and right-to-left, meaning you’re usually in the game with a chance to cash in right until the final reel stops into place.

In a 1,024 Ways slot machine, you’ll be able to win on any of more than 1,000 possible line combinations, all for one low price per spin.

What are 1024 Ways to Win slots?

In our previous article we wrote about Microgaming’s development of the 243 Ways to Win slot. The company is known by many as the forefather of this particular type of slot, a format which other companies have since followed in the time after Microgaming’s first release of this type.

However, such is the ambition shown by Microgaming, that the companies desire to produce as slot with as many Ways-to-Win as possible did not end there. It didn’t take long for one bright spark to realise that with just a small tweak to the reels, Microgaming could start to offer customers an even greater number of Ways-to-Win.

That number being an incredible 1024 Ways to Win!

Now finding slots that offer this particular type of game, even in just a bonus feature let alone as a standard, is very difficult but not impossible and the good news is, with more technical innovations and the broadening of the output from Microgaming in 2018, particularly with the agreement of partnerships with other development houses, we are hopeful that this most rare of slot games may start to become a little more common in the future.

Before we take a look at some games that offer 1024 Ways to Win, let’s learn a little about what actually Ways-to-Win means and how they are calculated on a standard slot game.

Ways to Win vs Pay Lines

Modern online slot games tend to be one of two particular types when it comes to winning on them. By far the most common type of slot is the one that offers a set number of pay lines per spin. Some slots have set number of lines and you have to play this number on every spin, others have a maximum number of lines (say 25) and players can select how many of the 25 lines available they want to have in play on each spin.

With pay lines, you find that you usually have to wager one coin (of your chosen denomination) on each line in play on a spin as your bet. So, if you have a 25 pay line slot and wager £0.02 per spin on each of those lines, then your total stake for that spin would be £0.50.

Whereas pay lines offer a finite amount of ways you can win, often using recognisable patterns of symbols across the five sets of reels. Ways-to-Win is different in that it covers all possible ways you can win across the reels.

Now, on a typical 5×3 reel slot, with three symbols shown on each of the five reels, if you want to cover every possible combination of symbols across the five reels, then there are 243 possible ways you can do this. Hence, this is how these slots became known as 243 Ways to Win.

With 1024 Ways to Win slots, there is one fundamental difference in the game and that is that instead of there being three symbols visible on each reel, on these slots you find there are four symbols on display on each of the five reels.

By adding a single symbol to each reel, you radically increase the number of possible methods you can have three or more of the same symbol across the reels from 243-Ways up to 1024-Ways. Hence 1024-Ways slots almost always have a 5×4 reel set up.

The other thing to note with Ways to Win slots is that unlike pay lines, you do not have to wager one coin on every possible winning line across the reels. Instead, the slot charges you a standard amount per spin, and the amount that this is for the slot will differ depending on the game.

Furthermore, on some 1024 Ways to Win slots, you don’t need to land the triggering symbol on the first reel. On some games, three of the same symbol on consecutive reels anywhere on the slot will trigger a pay, so you could land three of the same symbols on the middle three reels, or the third, fourth and fifth reels and land a win.

On some games, you can also land wins that run from right to left across the reels, as well as wins that run from left to right.

However, in many cases, 1024 Ways to Win tends to be a feature of a 243 Ways to Win slot game, rather than the default base game feature of the slot. In this instance, the 1024 Ways to Win feature tends to be triggered during a bonus round (such as Free Spins), in which case the triggering value of each spin during 1024 Ways will be the same as the stake you wagered in the base game that triggered it.

Which games from Microgaming offer 1024 Ways to Win?

If you want to play a 1024 Ways to Win slot, then there are a couple of options available to you.

Arctic Fortune

For a true 1024 Ways to Win blast, then the Arctic Fortune slot is certainly the best place to start, this 5×4 reel slot offers a chance to earn up to 40 Free Spins, with a 6x multiplier, offering you the chance to win up to 9,000 coins per spin.

The game also sees the Arctic Fortune Wild symbol on the second and fourth reels and with a maximum base game win of 1,500 coins, it also offers a decent amount to be won there too. For true 1024 gaming on every spin, then the Arctic Fortune slot is definitely the place to start.

Bets start at 50 coins per spin and you can wager up to 10 coins per line and you can set your coin value from 0.01 up to 0.20, meaning a bet range from 0.50 to 100 per spin.

Hot Ink

Another popular slot, you can play the 1024 Ways to Win slot Hot Ink at a large number of Microgaming casinos and as well as two different Free Spins bonus games, the game also comes with a ReSpin feature, which allows you to respin any of the reels on the slot for a prize, as well as a Tattoo Bonus, where you get to try and match tattoo’s to earn a cash prize, or a shot at one of the two Free Spins rounds.

With a great soundtrack, stunning visuals and the chance to play from 0.50 to 125.00 per spin, together with a 1000x jackpot, Hot Ink has been one of the most popular 1024 Ways to Win slots Microgaming have ever produced.

Hot Ink is mentioned in our 5 most underrated Microgaming slots article.

Silver Lioness 4x

What we have here is a cool name followed by 4x, which stands for the Wild Multiplier. Silver Lioness is a 5 reel slot which has four symbols on each reel instead of the standard three, making it a true 1024 Ways to Win slot. Spins also start from just 0.40 per game, although higher rollers can ramp up the action to a maximum of 200 per spin if they so desire. In Free Spins it is possible to trigger a 36x multiplier because multipliers are cumulative!

And for a slot that has a 1024 Ways to win Feature as part of the game you can try:

Terminator 2

Based on the famous smash hit film of the same name, the Terminator 2 is a 243 Ways to Win slot in the base game, but when you land the Free Spins bonus, you will see the reels increase in size to 5×4 reels from 5×3 and then the number of winning lines available in your Free Spins bonus increases to 1024.

Together with some stunning visuals, a massive jackpot prize, some fabulous Terminator-themed bonus games and outstanding use of sound and clips from the movie, Terminator 2 is a visual feast for players and one of the best slots Microgaming have produced.

Happy Holidays

This Christma-themed 243 Ways to Win slot was released in December 2015 and it celebrates all the traditions that we know and love about Christmas. This is a mid to higher variance slot, which means base game wins are generally on the small side. However things get interesting when the Frosty Feature kicks in at random to award you a cash prize. Should you land just a single Scatter symbol during the Frosty Feature you trigger 10 Free Spins and a larger 5×4 set of reels and with a massive 1024 Ways to Win on each spin.

Happy Holidays is mentioned in our Microgaming mobile slot catalogue Part Three.

Star Dust

Star Dust is a 5×4 reel slot which has a total of 40 lines in play in the base game, but increases up to 1024 lines in the Free Spins bonus game. During Free Spins there is a ReSpin feature which may see reels 4 and 5 respin to give you a chance to boost your winnings on a spin. This is a fun and innovative space-themed slot that has some nice bonus features and which offers a sizeable jackpot prize for players to chase.

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Alongside 243 Ways to Win slots, there is another kind of Win All Ways game. The 1024 Ways to Win slot may not be that well-known, but a few games from Microgaming do offer true 1024 Ways to Win slots, or offer the special 1024 Ways to Win during Free Spins bonus games. ]]>