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© Grow room size for 4 plantsAug 26, 2020 В· Today Bhutan Lotto Jackpot Results. The Cost for a Single Lotto ticket is as per the Bhutan Jackpot Schemes. Every Bhutan Jackpot draw promotes by the Bhutan jackpot Lottery Board. The Bhutan Jackpot Lottery series is AB, BC, AC, BA. Bhutan Jackpot is a total of 3 prize-winning categories like 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize.

The jackpot was eventually won on Tuesday 25th June 2013. Location: Two tickets claimed the top jackpot prize; one from Ireland and another from Belgium. Winner: The jackpot was split equally between them, with each receiving €93 million. It’s the biggest shared EuroMillions jackpot in history. Both winners decided to remain anonymous. When 52-year-old Frances Connolly and her 54-year-old husband Patrick realised they had actually won the EuroMillions £115m jackpot on Tuesday the 1st of January 2019, they sat and stared at each other in silence for at least ten minutes then finally made a cup of tea.

bhutan jackpot, With all this in mind, you will have to make sure that you speak to a financial advisor the minute you realise that you have won the jackpot. You can also now see why most lottery jackpot winners take their time to come forward and claim their prize. They also end up opting to keep their identities private.

Bhutan Lottery – Result, Tickets, Prizes and Legal Websites

Bhutan lottery is run by the state of Bhutan. Ministry of finance in Bhutan is responsible for Directorate of lottery in the country. The state-run lottery was initiated in this Himalayan state in the year 1987.

The funds generated from this activity are used to fund various national schemes and activities. It is a great channel for the citizens of Bhutan to contribute to the development activities of the state.

Bhutan Lottery business was dissolved in the year 2011, and Bhutan Lottery Limited, a state owned enterprise, was officially started again on August 8, 2016.

Lottery is a form of gambling. Prizes are announced as per numbers drawn in a lottery. In this article, we discuss:

Bhutan state lottery – Types, prices and prizes

Official lotteries in the Kingdom of Bhutan are run by Bhutan Lottery Limited (BLL).

In November 2016, Bhutan Lottery Limited (BLL) started the monthly lottery scheme Phuensum Dharim with a ticket price of Nu. 50. It has eight prizes of Nu. 1,000,000, 250,000, 40,000, 20,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,000, and 500. There are three consolation prizes of Nu. 20,000, 10,000, and 5,000.

In November 2017, BLL started the instant-win lottery Thuensum Scratch with seven prizes–Nu. 500,000, 200,000, 35,000, 5,000, 500, 200, and 60. The cost of a scratch card is Nu. 30.

BLL’s also has a Thuensum Quick Cash lottery. It’s ticket costs Nu.20. Its seven prizes are Nu. 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 2,000, 500, 140, and 40.

Fortnightly Scheme (Phuensum Mid-Dharim) has a ticket prize of Nu.40 per tix. It has six prizes of Nu. 500,000, Nu. 200,000, Nu. 100,000, Nu. 10,000, Nu. 2,000, and Nu. 1,000.

Special RayDrup Bumper has a ticket price of Nu.300 per ticket. It has a first prize of 3,000,000 and the 1st consolation prize of Nu. 30,000. Its second prize is Nu. 1,000,000 with a consolation prize of Nu. 10,000. The 3rd prize is Nu. 500,000 with a consolation prize of Nu. 5,000. The 4th, 5th and 6th prizes in this Bhutan lottery are Nu. 100,000, 30,000 and 2,000, respectively.

Super Saya Bumper Scheme has a ticket price of Nu. 300. This Bhutan lottery jackpot is Nu. 3,000,000. The 1st consolation prize is Nu. 30,000. The 2nd prize and 2nd consolation are Nu. 1,500,000 and Nu. 15,000, respectively. The 3rd prize is Nu. 700,000 and its consolation is Nu. 7,000. The rest of the prizes are Nu. 100,000, 30,000 and 3,000.

Prizes are also distributed to the agents and sellers of the winning bhutan lottery tickets.

Bhutan lottery result

As Bhutan lotteries are run by the central government, the winnings are legal in the state.

You can check bhutan lottery result today by visiting the online platforms run by Bhutan Lottery Limited. The bhutan lottery ticket result are announced on their website and official social media page and in Kuensel, Bhutan’s daily newspaper.

Read on Bhutan Lottery Limited’s official website about how to claim lottery prizes in Bhutan.

Buying Bhutan lottery tickets in India

As per Article 1 of ‘Agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit between the two nations’ between India and Bhutan, sale of Bhutan lottery tickets in India and the sale of Indian Government or State lottery tickets in Bhutan are legal.

Sale of lotteries is, however, subject to territorial laws, which means that sale of Bhutanese state lottery tickets is legal in any Indian state which conducts its own lotteries and allows sale of lotteries from other states. States in India reserve the right to ban lotteries under the Central Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998.

In India, lotteries are legal in nine states including Maharashtra, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Kerala, besides Bodoland Territorial Council. Some former lottery centres like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have completely banned lotteries.

In 2011, the sale of Bhutanese lotteries were banned in India, after allegations of irregularities and appeals of Kerala state government to the Central government of India.

In 2013, with the winning of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Bhutan general elections, an issue was raised with the Indian government to resume the sale of Bhutanese lotteries in India. Sale of Bhutan lotteries in India can raise up to Rs. 950 crores annually for the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Foreign websites using Bhutan Lottery brand

There are some foreign lottery websites that operate under the brand of Bhutan Lottery. BLL was to file an appeal with Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA), to seek intervention to block six lottery websites in Bhutan that are using Bhutan Lottery brand.

The websites mentioned in the appeal are,,,,, and

Websites like create confusion among Bhutanese buyers who wish to buy state-run lottery tickets, as the draws of these foreign websites often coincide with BLL’s lotteries.

Read more about online gambling and betting in India and nearby countries.

Bhutan Lottery – Result, Tickets, Prizes and Legal Websites Bhutan lottery is run by the state of Bhutan. Ministry of finance in Bhutan is responsible for Directorate of lottery in the country. ]]>