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BIGCASH removed from the PLAY STORE on false claims.

Bigcash App
Dec 2, 2019 · 6 min read


My name is Nayan Jain. I am the founder of Bigcash app ( Here is a little description of my app:

Bigcash is money making app where users complete some tasks like playing games, completing surveys & for each task they complete they get coins(points). Once they reach 2500 coins they can exchange for $15 PayPal cash or whatever they want.

I developed this app as I was also a victim to many scam apps on play store that never paid out to me. I ensured the payouts to the users should be fair enough and should never be cheated out.

Most of my users use paypal to cash out & some users cash out using cards.

The app has over 1 Million downloads & a rating of 4.5

Incident number 1:

I received mail on 26th November 2019 that my app has been removed for violating their deceptive behavior policy.

I was sure that my app has not violated any of their deceptive behavior claims & what I hate about this mail is that they never pinpoint the actual reason why the app was removed.

Incident number 2:

I went ahead and filed an appeal to reinstate my app assuring them that I hadn’t violated the deceptive behavior policy.

And what I received in response was terrifying. My app was removed because “ Your app currently promises cash payout without any links/information that shows the legitimacy of the app”.

This is a completely false accusation on my app. In Fact, this year I have paid nearly $100,000 in payouts.

Incident number 3:

This was a complete shock to me because I personally send payments to the users via paypal. So, this is what I replied to them. I made sure to include the payment proof, bank statement & the paypal transaction list of last 6 months.


That is a serious false allegation on my app. I have indeed paid each and every user who has requested the payout.

I can prove that my app indeed pays. Even in special cases when users mail me that they are not able to reach the 2500 coins; in such cases, I just pay for their existing coins. You can see that in the first proof.

I have attached an excel file which has a detailed transaction list of each and every user I have paid via paypal in the last 6 months. It has over 3000 entries.

[As this is public, I have removed the excel file as it violates the privacy policy, I have attached a screenshot from the list striking their name, email & paypal transaction id]

The PayPal email from which the payment is sent [email protected] & the name is “Sapankumar Jain” & the transactions are attached a note “BIGCASH PAYMENT”

You can see in the same name & email address in the youtube videos too:

Even the following website has classified my app’s status as a legit paying app & has several users posting screenshots.

I have attached an image of how the cashout flow goes. Please see the image

1. You need to earn 2500 coins minimum by completing offers.

2. After that, you need to click “GIFT CARD” tab

3. You will be presented with a form asking your PayPal email.

4. Then the gift card/Paypal cash will be sent within 36 hours. A confirmation mail will be sent and then our support team confirms the request & process it.

To replicate the cash out the process on your end; Follow these steps on my real account that has over 2500 coins:

1. Open the app & go to “Account Information”. It is the first option

2. In the Restore old Invite code form put:

Invite code you like to restore: xuesgsma

Input associated Secret pin: *****

3. You will be restored to a live account that has over 2500 coins.

4. Now go to the “Gift Card” tab and select the gift card of your choice & I will indeed send one within 36 hours.

Here are 2 payment proof for an gift card & google play code. You can check the google play code it was indeed used by the user & not some fake code.

If this is not enough then I can provide you with team viewer details and I can show the history of the paypal payments live by logging into the paypal account [email protected]

Now, do remember as real money is involved many users try to hack in the app & they threaten me to pay. Such threats are never attended & the user indeed falsely flags the app. Any user that hacks or is caught using cheat tools is never paid.

I really want you to reconsider your decision. I am ready to provide as many details as you want. There is no misconduct on my end.

Incident Number 4:

There is no help from google. They just keep replying with a generic message

“We advise you to provide additional verifiable documentation proving that you have permission or an email by adding CC, in reply to this thread or documentation of copyrighted content with the following examples: distribution agreement, authorization contract, website domain ownership information etc”

When I asked for further clarification they just sent the same message again.

I feel so helpless & abandoned right now. Even when you are right & have all the proof to support the legitimacy of the app there is no help from google. Even their human contact in cc is not bothered to reply. This is such a disgrace to small developers out there.

It would be really helpful if you people could help reach my voice to real humans at google.

Please retweet so that It can reach google:

The point of writing this is not to bash Google. They have provided an excellent platform for developers like us to reach billions of users.

But the level of human intervention required from their side in such cases is really poor.

You put several years in perfecting your app; hiring engineers, designers & support team to steadily improve the product & finally, people love your app & then one fine day your app is removed by google for the erroneous reason.

Not only the developer has to face the loss of effort, time & money but even the people he hires lose their jobs too.

In my case, users are dedicating their enough time to make money & all the user’s efforts are at stake right now.


UPDATE (2nd December): GOOGLE ACCEPTED MY APPEAL. THE APP WILL BACK IN 24 HOURS.THANK YOU GOOGLE & EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED MY APP. My name is Nayan Jain. I am the founder of Bigcash app… ]]>