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Bonoloto Statistics

In La Bonoloto you can participate in the daily or weekly draws with single or multiple bets. In order to win the prizes of this draw it will be enough for you to match at least 3 of the numbers from your bet. If you want to know all the details about the statistics of this and other draws, check the digital platforms of The Golden Witch. Remember that this draw guarantees a minimum Jackpot of € 400,000 accumulated if there are no winners.

Bonoloto statistics numbers that come out the most

In the more than 30 years of La Bonoloto, historically, there are more odd numbers than even numbers, mainly figures 3/3 and 2/4. Remember that each bet with 6 selected numbers has a value of € 0.50 and draws are held from Monday to Saturday, to win you must match at least 3 numbers of the winning combination.

The best of Luck to everyone!

Pairs of numbers that appear the most in La Bonoloto

The pairs of numbers that have come out the most in La Bonoloto since its beginnings in 1988 are: 33-34, 1-22, 2-22, 10-33 and 7-20. Remember that you can check all the statistics on the Official page of The Golden Witch, in addition to our mobile App which is available on Android and iOS systems.

Most repeated numbers in La Bonoloto

In the multiple draws that have been carried out in La Bonoloto, some numbers have a high repetition percentage though. Check all the statistics on The Golden Witch Official website, also available in our mobile application. La Bonoloto started in 1988, in addition to the numbers that have made multiple appearances throughout the draw, there are also large absences or repeated completions in winning combinations. We keep all La Bonoloto data and all our draws completely updated so that you can buy your ticket with the necessary information.

Remember that La Bonoloto has a minimum Jackpot of 400 thousand euros! Join The Golden Witch and select the 6 numbers on your ticket in order to participate in this draw.

The best of Luck to everyone!

Updated tables of the Statistics of La Bonoloto Draws, ✅ Know the numbers that come out the most, most frequent completions | The Golden Witch

Bono loto

Multiple: Mark 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers in the first block.



In Maxiapuestas you can play the bonoloto online without leaving home. The way to play the bonoloto online in Maxiapuestas is identical to the traditional way.

This game, which arrived in our country in the 80s, is based on the choice of six numbers out of 49 possible (from 1 to 49). Currently, the bonoloto is the draw for the State with the cheapest price, since each ticket can be purchased for only € 0.50. Its low cost means that you can play more numbers without spending a lot of money, thus increasing your chances of taking a prize.

Now you can play the bonoloto online safely with any device (computer, mobile or tablet). To play online bonoloto you will only have to create your user account and select your numbers on our website. You can buy your tickets without leaving home using your credit card, your Maxiapuestas wallet, bank transfer or with virtual cards (uPay). We will send your scanned tickets to your email. We have the certification and guarantee of secure payment, issued by the Thawte entity.


You can make several plays with more numbers () by selecting more tickets from the bonoloto with the arrows that appear just above the numbers. Once you have filled your participations you just have to click on validate bet.

By playing the multiple primitive you will be multiplying your chances of winning and the amount of the prizes up to 17%.


Nowadays bonoloto raffles are held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every week. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday you will see the results of the bonoloto and the winning combination of each draw on our website. So if you need to check results or check your bonoloto ticket, you”ve come to the right place.

The winning combination of the bonoloto is obtained by extracting 6 balls numbered from the 49 that are introduced in the drum. Along with the six numbers that make up the Winning Combination a seventh number named Complementary is extracted, destined to offer a prize to the winners of 5 numbers that also correct this number. The player does not choose the complementary complementary number: this figure is an additional number that is obtained in the draw and that has to match one of the numbers of your combination.


The Bonoloto Raffle allocates 55% of the collection of each raffle to prizes. Bonus awards are distributed as follows:

First Bonoloto category prize (6 hits): 45% of the proceeds are distributed equally among those who match the six numbers of the winning combination in a single bet.
Second Bonoloto category prize (5 + C hits): 24% of the proceeds are distributed equally among all those who match the five numbers of the winning combination in a single bet and also correct the complementary number.
Bonoloto Third Category Award (5 Acts): 12% of the proceeds are distributed equally among those who match five numbers of the Winning Combination in a single bet.
Fourth Bonoloto category prize (4 hits): 19% of the proceeds are distributed equally among those who match four numbers of the winning combination in a single bet.
Fifth Bonoloto category prize (3 hits): Fixed prize of 4 Euros.
We will also get a prize when the number designated as Refund on our ticket coincides with the ball that is drawn in the draw for that prize.


The reductions of the bonoloto allow us to play more numbers for less money.

When you play the reduced bonoloto, what you do is give up playing part of the possible combinations. In this way, you aspire to smaller prizes, but with greater guarantees. Not being able to aspire to the total prize, the move is cheaper. Thus, with the same money you can make more bets and play with more numbers.

At Maxiapuestas we have reduced bonoloto systems at your disposal.

Play the bonoloto online, and be up to date with the boats and bonoloto results ]]>