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Recently, an American hospital has lost one of its employees. No, she is more than good; the thing is that after 30 years of hard work Mavis Wanczyk has decided to take a rest. Why not, taking into account that this woman, a mother of two kids, has snatched a large sum of $759 million in the Powerball lottery!

You are probably wondering about your own job, aren’t you? It would be so cool if you managed a vacation right away and went off to some tropical islands! It’s a pity these piles of money are rarely won.

The history of cryptocurrency casinos tells us that the largest jackpot of 11.000 BTC was snatched in 2013. A user of under a nickname В«NakowaВ» was that lucky man; back then, that sum was equivalent to $1,3 million. Given that Nakowa has rationally saved up these bitcoins until today, this jackpot makes colossal $47,3 million now! Sounds great? Of course, it does.

Where to find Bitcoin jackpot games

BitStarz Casino

FortuneJack Casino

Thankfully, the global network numbers lots of Bitcoin casinos that allow gamblers to participate in a rush for elusive jackpots.

Some of them offer you a whole lot of games with a chance of winning a large sum, while others provide you with one or two games (e.g. poker and slots). We have chosen three random Bitcoin casinos with jackpots, so it is high time to share our thoughts on these gambling portals.

Jackpot Games section of website contains 13 slot applications and one video poker. Players are enticed by promotions: free spins on Fridays, high-roller competitions for slot players on Saturdays, and guaranteed 20% cashback for the largest deposit on Mondays.

The name of BitStarz does not raise any additional questions, yet it has its own cool features. For instance, if you are going to make an awfully large deposit, you should go there: when one puts at least 2 BTC on an account, the website grants you 75% of the deposit as a bonus (up to 3,75 BTC extra)!

Besides, this BitStarz bitcoin casino has more jackpot games: impressive 122 apps. They include a few types of card games, keno, and an awful lot of slots. In some apps, jackpots are climbing up step-by-step to the huge sum of 100.000 euro!

FortuneJack becomes a leader of these three when it comes to the variety of jackpot games. Here is what they offer:

– Blackjack – Craps – Dice – Keno – Poker – Roulette – Slots

The website is designed in a way to resemble old-school gambling machines. It looks quite funny if you are not suffering from epileptic seizures: bright colors change from one section to another.

The base payout varies from 90,58% (keno) to 99,7% (craps), depending on the type of game. This casino is provably fair and offers a referral program for gamblers.

What was that catchphrase of British Special Air Service… «who dares, wins», right? We want you to snatch a Bitcoin jackpot and tell us a few amusing stories about what is happening on top of the world. Good luck to you, then!

Playing for bitcoins in casino brings lots of fun. When it also offers you a chance to make a killing, this is just wonderful. Give it a try!

Player Hits $250,000 (29 BTC) Slots Jackpot Staying at Home

Staying at home can pay off, not only for one’s health but also for one’s Bitcoin stash. This statement has never been more true for anyone than the lucky player who just added over 29 BTC to his wallet by playing the exclusive game of Slots.

Let’s face it, in most cases, the odds of winning a jackpot in any game of chance are usually stacked against you — but at some point, a game will be played that will change your life forever. However, this does mean that you need to be playing day in day out to hit the big one, just as this winner proved, sometimes lady luck can smile upon you sooner than you’d imagine.

In one such game of chance, a lucky winner at Bitcoin Games has struck a fortune by winning a huge pot and cashing out 29.65 BTC (

$250,000). The player had newly joined the online casino and didn’t have to wait long to win the jackpot. As for the identity of the winner, that remains mysterious as the casino offers users to play and win jackpots anonymously. The gaming portal currently hosts many popular games who have massive jackpots such as Slots with 500 BTC, Keno up to 250 BTC, and Video Poker up to 203 BTC, all amounting to jackpots worth over $5 Million.

Bitcoin Games is an online crypto casino that offers instant withdrawals, provably fair exclusive games, and 24/7 customer support – all without ever needing to register. Play with real players on interactive games such as Baccarat at the Live Casino or indulge in a variety of popular casino games on the portal.

Do you like to win cryptocurrency jackpots? Then head over to Bitcoin Games today!

A lucky winner at Bitcoin Games has struck a fortune by winning a huge jackpot and cashing out 29.65 BTC (~ $250,000). ]]>