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BuyLottoOnline | The online lottery place for US based players

Daily Changed Deals – Up to 10% Discount on top lotteries
  • Payment options : credit card, e-wallets
  • Available languages : English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Deutsche
  • Customer support : contact form, limited availability live chat
  • Trustpilot score: n/a
  • Number of lotteries: 20
  • Mobile app: No
  • Ticket Scan: Yes

Unfortunately, BuyLottoOnline isn’t accepting new players. I recommend you try Lotto Kings, or check out the top lottery brands for US players.

BuyLottoOnline has been online since 2002 and has less than one hundred monthly visits and can be played only on the condition that the player is eighteen years or older. is a very user-friendly site where lottery games can be played online.

One essential aspect of this online lottery service is that it is available in seven languages to aid ease of use for players all over the world. The languages include; English, French, German, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish and Italian. They also suggest that players who are not satisfied with their quality of service are free to ask for a refund, although, no true evidence of the authenticity of this information has been shown on their site, there is also no time limit on this particular information.



Lotteries and Software

Buy Lotto Online is owned by Ledonford Ltd and its website,, and offers eighteen international lotteries to be played online. It has been observed that the site has a link which separates different lotteries from their countries and continents. Such countries / continents include; USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.

Some major international lotteries offered by include; New York Lotto, Irish Lotto, La Primitiva, Oz Lotto, Thunder ball lottery, Mega Sena Lottery, California Super Lotto, Euro Jackpot, Super Enalotto, French lotto, etc.

The site has a very good and lively looking mobile interface. The site is user friendly, and all the games are arranged sequentially together with the amounts to be won, in a well-organised manner for you to make your pick quite very easily without any hassles, the site does not offer any means for setting up or entering lottery syndicates, and the website also does not offer any special offers or bonuses.

Mobile does not offer any mobile app, though the site itself has a mobile interface which is compatible with most mobile devices. On their site, eighteen games are offered, and all these games can be played via mobile devices. BuyLottoOnline offers singly a mobile website and works on both Android and iOS.


Despite the numerous games offered by them and the numerous countries/continents where BuyLottoOnline is available, there are no promotions offered in


Deposits can be made directly through bank transfer, and there are no specific fees required. Other means of deposits include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, cheques, and eWallets.

For prices up to $600, the winner’s account will be credited and can be withdrawn by the winner. A special claim form will be sent to winners’ emails to fill to claim such prices. BuyLottoOnline receives the filled form and sends it together with the winning coupon to the head of the lottery operator, who in turn sends the cheque to the winner.

Customer Support

A definite point of weakness in’s user experiences is its user friendliness when it comes to clearing any concerns. There’s a FAQ page with very little content – far less than what I expect – meaning more questions have to be addressed to the site’s customer support. For those issues or needed clarifications, customer support is available through a contact form or an online live chat that is available during working hours – 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (GMT-3).

Is BuyLottoOnline legit or fraud? has a very straightforward interface through which numerous games can be played. Despite the fact that they have a comprehensive FAQ page, a live chat, and a contact form on their website, they leave no telephone number or physical address. Thus, they cannot be reached whenever players have any issues to be solved. From this simple indication, the site cannot be said to be legit.

With less than a hundred monthly visits by customers, despite being online for more than fifteen years, the reputation is not strong enough. No fraudulent cases have been recorded against the site, but most customers complain about not receiving replies from the customer service.

The site is protected by Google safe browsing, Norton Safeweb, and website antivirus. BuyLottoOnline does not have any accreditations and does not have any evidence of being licensed on their site.

The site certainly cannot be recommended for use by aspiring lottery players. There is no disputing the fact that the site is home to over fifteen international lottery games, and this could be quite tempting, but the site has no promotions or bonuses to offer, and the absence of substantial information on a means through which they can be contacted is another huge factor to consider.


With BuyLottoOnline, you never miss out on the best lotto games worldwide; you can purchase lottery tickets, play the biggest games, and check your results, all in one site and only one click away.

BuyLottoOnline is an online lottery site where lottery tickets for the biggest jackpots in the world are purchased remotely, played, and lottery results are checked, all at the click of a button.

Mixed feelings. Pricing is higher than the value I actually get from using them 3-4 times now. When I can pay $4 locally, they charge $10. I understand that someone goes out and buys the ticket in my name, inputs it back into their system, and tracks the winnings. I won a very small amount one time and it was accurately reflected, and the numbers posted for the drawings are the true numbers. I don’t worry so much about legitimacy, and I appreciate their software being up to date, but just doing the math, with the odds so against you anyway it’s a really bad value/dollar ratio. Unless you want to play another country’s lottery.

Joe Blow from Idaho

I’ve been purchasing tickets here, but I am a little skeptical about who the charges are being drawn by Talialshop Shen Zhen China is what I am seeing on my debit card. Hmmmm! Looked up Talialshop and it seems to be a store of some type. Anyway, it just doesn’t fit that a legit organization would use the name of a small store to withdraw your funds! Something seems fishy here. is a scam this site is worst. Please don’t buy at them if you don’t want to waste your money, if you attempted to buy 1 ticket 10 dollars they will charge more than that, like double or triple, and if wish to get back the money that they have over charge you they will never care about it, it will not happen to get your money back customer service really sucks worst than worst ever, they won’t cooperate you. I’m trying to get my money back from them because they have over charged me, then they won’t transfer back in my bank account or card, they tell to use Wire Transfer, Payoneer or Astro Paycard. I don’t have this thing. I have tried to wire transfer but it will charge me $70 this is crazy. Why I can’t just get my money back without charging me anything..

So guys, if you don’t want to be a victim of their site/ modus operandi SCAM 1000% DO NOT EVER MAKE A TRANSACTIONS WITH THEM.

Thank you for your comments.

Regarding your case, we would like to let you know that we have sent you an e-mail with all the information of your case for you to check.

We look forward to hearing from you soon to solve your case.

Customer Experience Consultant

I bought 2 lotto tickets and total was supposed to be $10, I was charged $150, so when I called their number it said this number hasn’t been assigned yet.

Thank you for your comments.

Regarding your case, we have verified that our Billing Department has been trying to contact you to solve your account issue.

Please verify your mailbox in order to proceed with the resolution.

Customer Experience Consultant

Just bought a few tickets. Good support. I didn’t win anything so I can’t say if they pay.
Prices can be lower.

I am lazy and don’t want to go out. I never check my paper tickets. Is it worth 3 times to 4 times the price? No. But I won something and I will try again. Got to be in it to win it. Good luck.

Bought 5 games for 30$, they charged me 3 tickets with the same numbers. Total 90$. Sent 5 emails, but no reply. DISPUTE MY TRANSACTION.

I just purchased tickets from them for the powerball on jan. 20th game. I paid for 1 game which was 3 tickets. The website claims my card would be charged only 15.00 and listed the charge name. However after reviewing my charge thru the bank I noticed they charged me 16 dollars and there was a foreign exchange fee as well. So they are not based in the country?? And they never did disclose they would charge extra by a different lender name. I never did get a scan picture sent to my email of my tickets either. Just a cheesy computer generated list of numbers claiming to be my ticket numbers. Very bad way to provide customer service. Let alone a way to let down first time buyers. This was my first time purchasing lotto tickets and maybe will be my last. Too many places with scams like this I’m afraid 🙁

Spent $160 on Powerball. Tickets were never scanned or emailed as promised. Truly believe they were never purchased. No replies to emails or messages on live chat. Scam.

I just bought 3 tickets for 15$ for Powerball, they never scanned my tickets so I couldn’t know if they actually purchased. Hated them emailed them several times no response.

Beware, the system wouldn’t accept my first credit card after several attempts and so I tried my girlfriends and hers worked. We each then got charged for the same numbers plus she got a cash advance fee applied. This site may be a scam, beware. Also, there is no customer service for me to have gotten answers.

SCAM SCAM SCAM DO NOT BUY — make sure that your site has a LOCK in front of the http: it needs to be a verified account, IF NOT, it is a scam – these people did not provide a scanned ticket nor did they ever bother to communicate with me – they take your money and do not give you anything for it — SCAM – I CALLED MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO REPORT THE FRAUD and disputed the charges . no phone number; address belongs to another company; no replies ever! no one ever communicates with you – PLEASE VERIFY ALL ACCOUNTS on internet – also I cancelled my credit card and asked for a new one right after dealing with them — BUYER BEWARE. NOT REAL..

Total scam, they did not reply to my emails nor customer service contact forms, I was not sent any ticket scans for the draw and when I called my bank, they said the debit was made by a clothing store out of China and immediately told me to go to the bank and get a new bank card. The bank froze my account immediately so I could rush to the bank. I will never buy another ticket online, this was a harsh lesson for me! I was a fool. Please don’t make the same mistake I made, this site is a TOTAL SCAM OUT OF CHINA.

I bought tickets from this site, the ONLY time I ever used the email address and now I am receiving sex emails and every other kind of email from all over with my NAME on them.
I had to shut my email box – DONT BUY THEY SELL YOUR INFORMATION.

its a complete con… no scanned tickets, after you give them your money

Hi, I think there is a lot of bias against this website, but for me the experience has been quite good. An image or an image link to the ticket is sent through e-mail and you can view the ticket from there. I have had no problems with the ticket being bought except one or two times, when they mentioned that the ticket was actually bought but was not loaded up into the scanned section of the account. The prices are good, a fair amount of lottery selection and a great interface.

Ticket Price (5 Lines X US$ 2.05) – Official superenalotto website
That means 10 tickets cost 20.05$
How I have paid them 17.50$ per 10 tickets?
They have 15% better price then superenalotto.

Something wrong here

Beware, they will steal your money! I have played 10 tickets and they charged my credit card for 40 tickets! They always told me to wait for the refund because they have to fix a “glitch” in the transaction… Still waiting. The website belongs to LEDONFORD Ltd, (77 Strovolou Avenue, Office 204, 2018 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus), which also owns Congalotto and WinTrillions. Stay away from them!!

I bought $15 for 3 tickets. One ticket got a powerball right, and according to the powerball website, the prize should be $4.00. But they showed it as $0.00, so I was not able to claim it. Will not buy from them again.

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BuyLottoOnline Exposed — International Lotteries and Syndicates

BuyLottoOnline Review

Looking at the little blue “BuyLottoOnline” mascot made me smile – he’s so cute. is an online provider for international lotteries for individual games and syndicates. This is a no fee, no commission on winnings provider for 20 international lotteries and a heap of syndicates and combo offers. This looks like a one-stop shop for all the games lottery enthusiasts want. Let me explain.

Games at offers individual draws, monthly subscriptions (with a discount) and 6 or 12 months (for a bigger discount) for 20 international lotteries. If you’re into playing some of these mega jackpot lotteries and don’t want to miss a draw, then this is a great option. This includes the usual US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions and other lotteries like Canada’s 6/49 and Oz Lotto. Players can use their favorite numbers or use Quick Pick.’s Syndicates

Buying into’s syndicates has different thresholds for each lotto with discounts for subscriptions. There are four options for syndicates. Their Power Combo includes 110 chances to win weekly on three international lotteries – SuperEnaLotto, US Powerball and Mega Millions. There are 150 shares in the syndicate. Monster Combo has 5 tickets in each of US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and Spain’s La Primitiva – all twice weekly draws – shared between 50 shares in the syndicate. World Combo includes 5 changes in each of US Mega Millions, La Primitiva, Brazil’s Mega Sena, Canada’s 6/49, Oz Lotto, UK Lotto, EuroMillions weekly shared with 200 members. Their SuperEnaLotto has 20 tickets in each of three draws per week shared between 250 members. There are also a bunch of other lottery specific syndicates.

Getting Your Winnings

Most importantly, takes no commission or fees on winning. Winnings up to US $600 goes directly into your account. Winnings over that amount will be made by cheque or bank transfer once they have collected the money. Okay – that is less any applicable taxes, especially regarding the US lotteries. BuyLottoOnline will send you an email if you win. For bigger prizes especially those mega jackpots, their “Winners Support Team” will personally call you.

Bonuses and Other Stuff offers daily deals discounts on tickets. There is also a gift voucher capacity so you can gift play to a friend. Their “Refer a Friend” gets you a free ticket for Mega Millions when your friend joins and plays. There are also VIP points you earn for discounts and free play. BuyLottoOnline also offers four memberships with different benefits – Gold, Diamond, Platinum & Titanium.

Who Can Play at

Are you a person on any excluded lists? That’s a list published by the Financial Action Task Force referring to a citizen or resident in a country that poses a risk. That seems to be the only restriction on who can play here. Well, that and you must be 18 years or older. Oh – and you must play by the rules.

Getting in Touch

BuyLottoOnline has an email address, phone number, and online form. They say there is a “Chat with us” though not sure the hours they are available. Legacy Eight Curacao N.V owns them though you won’t find this information out on their website.

The Bottom Line at

With 20 international lotteries and a heap of options for playing syndicates, this looks like a one-stop shop for any of the games avid lottery players are looking for. The VIP points offer a bunch of special benefits if you’re serious about playing lotteries. And best of all – anyone can play – well almost.


20 International Lotteries

Lots of Syndicate Options

No Fees or Commission on Winnings

VIP/Membership to Earn Additional Benefits


Not Sure When Live Chat is Available

Deciding What To Play

This site gets a thumb’s up. It’s nice to see so many lotteries available at one place especially those with the mega jackpots like US Powerball and EuroMillions. Check out their little blue mascot! received 10 reviews with an average rating of 2.4. Read BuyLottoOnline reviews before registering and consider what lottery players say about it.