can i watch the powerball drawing live

Watch the Powerball Drawing Live

Powerball drawings are broadcast live on television across America every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59pm EST. The table below shows you which station and channel you need to tune in to for a chance to see the winning Powerball numbers as they are drawn.

If you’re unable to catch the drawing live, head over to the Numbers page to see the latest results, or use the Ticket Checker to find out if you have won a prize in recent draws.

TV Stations

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Players must be 18 or over to participate in online lotteries.

Watch the Powerball drawings live every Wednesday and Saturday, with a list of TV stations that broadcast the draw in each state available here.

Lottery Results

Wednesday and Saturday Powerball drawings, as shown live on WRAL.

favorite jackpot game. This is Powerball. Good Evening, America. I’m Sam Arlen. Tonight we have another life changing jackpot for you. It’s worth an estimated $204 million. Good luck. Here are tonight’s winning numbers. First number down. We have 57. And right after that is the number two. Tonight we’re heading to Minnesota to meet Team A PG. They won $1 million playing Powerball. Next number down is 65. That’s followed by 58 we’re gonna wind it up for you with the number 60. All right, now for your winning Powerball number. It is 26 tonight. And that power play multiplier is too. Take another look at tonight’s winning numbers. Don’t forget to double check your tickets. There are multiple ways to win. We’ll see you back here this Saturday night. Everybody. Thanks. Good evening. And thank you for joining us on this Thanksgiving Eve. I’m Gerald Olin and I’m Debra Morgan. We begin

Wednesday and Saturday Powerball drawings, as shown live on WRAL. ]]>