dc five lottery

Dc five lottery

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The D.C. Lottery
Address: 2101 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20020
Phone: (202) 645-8000
Fax: (202) 645-3683
Population: .55 million
Executive Director: Beth Bresnahan
Year Lottery Founded: 1982
No. of Employees: 80
No. of Retailers: 418
Gross Sales FY 2018: $210,255,485
Per Capita sales : $424.42
Prize Return Instant (av):
Prize Return OnLine (av):
On-line Vendor: INTRALOT
Instant Ticket Vendor: Scientific Games
August 17, 2005 – March 31, 2013
Advertising: MDB Communications
January 4, 2011 – December 31, 2012
Games Offered: Instant, DC Lucky Numbers, DC-4, Hot Five, DC Daily 6, DC Keno, Hot Lotto and Powerball.
Proceeds: District of Columbia General Fund.


The country’s only fully-developed municipal lottery, the D.C. Lottery opened for business in the nation’s capital on August 25, 1982. The instant game Match 3 was the first offering, and sales reached an impressive $15.8 million by September 30, the end of the lottery’s fiscal year.
Just one year after its launch, D.C. introduced DC Lucky Numbers, its first draw game, two months ahead of schedule. The three-digit daily game was followed by a four-digit version two years later. In 1986, DC Daily Double became the first two-digit daily game in the country. The multistate jackpot game Lotto*America was added in 1988. And in another first for the industry, D.C. added mid-day draws to its daily games in November 1992.
The Lottery’s current draw games include Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, DC 3, DC 4, DC 5 and two monitor games, D.C. Keno and Race 2 Riches. Fast Play instant games played through the lottery’s retail terminals are also offered.
Clearly no stranger to innovation, D.C. was on the verge of becoming the first lottery in the United States to introduce Internet gaming in 2011, until the project was finally shelved. The Lottery’s forward-thinking leadership had hoped to offer poker and other games, outside the traditional lottery product, in order to provide strong sales and revenue growth.
Although that project did not come to fruition, D.C. is moving forward with the planned introduction of electronic instant ticket vending machines.
D.C. Lottery revenues are sent to the city’s General Fund, so the Lottery remains a vital component in aiding the city’s economy, benefitting residents, commuters and tourists alike. The General Fund supports services such as education, recreation and parks, public safety, housing, and senior and child services.

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Dc five lottery Want to know more than the headlines The World-Wide Lottery Guide is brought to you with the compliments of The D.C. Lottery Address: 2101 Martin Luther

Dc five lottery

DC5 is a 120-way box bet game that offers a top prize of $50,000 for a successful straight bet. Check the latest results below from the draws which take place twice daily. The Midday draw is held at 1:50 pm ET and tickets are sold until 1:49 pm. The Evening draw is held at 7:50 pm and tickets are sold until 7:49 pm.

How to Play

Essentially, you wager either 50 cents or $1 on a set of five numbers between 0 and 9 and the order in which they will appear in the drawing. After choosing the five numbers you’d like to play, you can then specify what bet you’d like to make.

Choose your own five numbers from 0 through 9, or let Quick Pick do the work and randomly generate the digits. Play up to five times on a bet slip; each board is one play.

Select the draw(s) you want to enter – Day, Night, or Both.

Determine your wager: $0.50 or $1. How much you bet determines how much you can win.

To play your lucky numbers more than once, there are two options. With Multi-Draw you can play to seven consecutive draws, and with Advance Play you can play up to seven days in the future; simply mark your chosen day and draw time. To play multiple draws, let the retailer know your start and end dates.

Pick one of eight bet types, based on how your numbers can making a winning match with the numbers drawn. You can win by matching two, three, four or all five numbers, depending on your play style.

  • Straight
  • Box
  • Front 4
  • Back 4
  • Front 3
  • Back 3
  • Front Pair
  • Back Pair

With Straight, Front 4, Back 4, Front 3, Back 3, Front Pair and Back Pair bet types, your numbers must match the lottery’s numbers in the exact order they are drawn.

With the Box bet type, your numbers can match the lottery’s numbers in any order.

Box may be 5-, 10-, 20-, 30-, 60- or 120-way, depending on how many of your digits are identical or unique, which affects how many ways you have to successfully match the numbers drawn.

The total cost of a ticket depends on the wager amount and number of plays and number of draws selected.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy a DC-5 ticket or redeem a prize.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Here’s a breakdown of what you can win on each type of bet, and what you need to match to win, plus the odds of taking home a prize:

DC-5 offers 120 ways to win, with a top prize of $50,000 and Midday and Evening draws held every day. Get the latest results and discover if you’re a DC Lottery winner. ]]>