hidden units lottery defense

Hidden Units

Hidden Units are units not listed as possible combinations at the bottom of the map.

higher and have 90 or higher armor. SK is also 50% affected by zerg upgrades and 50% affected by terran bio upgrades.

Terran Mech

Sunken Colony is the building spawned by a Drone.

Omegalisk must be X rank or higher.

Omegalisk must have 90 armor or more.

Brood Lord must have 90 armor or more.

Tassadars must be X rank or higher.

Both must have 90+ armor.

Both must be level 11.

Both must have at least 200 armor.

Karax must be X rank or higher and have atleast 150 armor.

Hidden Units are units not listed as possible combinations at the bottom of the map.

Hidden units lottery defense

Forum search revealed nothing! It’s just a sub-game, but it’s basically the entire way I play Starcraft 2 now.

Reason for this post:
This game’s pretty hard to penetrate, but it’s a lot of fun and I’d like to make it more accessible to you lot because you’re some cool people who enjoy fun things and I think you’d enjoy this.
I haven’t really found any guides, and there’s blessedly little information out there, so everything here I’ve learned from trial and error or from asking questions to people who learned from trial and error.
Let me know if you have any corrections or addendums or clarification requests, I’ll edit them in and be super grateful as there are lots of things I don’t understand but would like to.
I also think it would be nice to have a place to discuss this.

Those crazy letters are Korean! I don’t know what they say. The programmer’s Korean and the translation is hit or miss. Most of it’s English, but there’s very little explanation.

Lotto Defense is a playermade game, built into Blizzard’s official Starcraft 2 engine using tools and assets made available by Blizzard, and is playable using the free version of Starcraft 2.
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the dudes on the Hot Dog Network talk about it, and you’ve definitely heard about it on Red Pages Podcast.
It’s tower defense with random units and unit crafting. There’s a co-op mode for two or four players (three seems to force you into solo games on the same map, I don’t know why you wouldn’t just play on your own at that point) that adds global resources and trading, and collaboration as creeps run down every player’s lane, and subtract from every player’s health if allowed to survive the timer.

Mineral and gas currencies:
You get minerals (for buying unit lotteries) and gas (for upgrading units; gas for kill bonuses end after a while) by killing creeps, and there are three tiers of unit lotteries (one mineral, three minerals, five minerals), with different trade-offs (I personally like making lots of the lowest tier so I have better chances to craft up to the units I need for recipes).
You can sell units (by typing @sell with units selected) to get one mineral back for every two units sold.

Unit creation:
The thing in the center is where you get units. The key options are Cheap Lottery and later Expensive(?) Lottery and even later Masterpiece Lottery, but you can also do things like buy gas and upgrade all of your units divided by four categories, Terran Bio, Terran Mech, Zerg and Protoss. Some units don’t fit in any category and don’t get bonuses. Only the mans made by Stukov don’t fit in a type, maybe. Quez says bio and mech are broader than “terran” so that they include things like Stukov, who is a human dude who has been Zerged. Kind of a blurry line anyway though.

Upgrade gets its own section:
This is a very important aspect of dealing damage. One Raynor with 20 points in Bio is worth SOME MATH (but significantly more than, say, x Raynor-sized units).

The thing at the top is the Merging Station. The basic recipe is two units for one better unit. Yes, that unit has better damage output than the two that went in, and this is true all the way up (excepting, it seems, for any recipe that takes three of a unit to make two of another unit, so only craft up to those if you immediately need them for a recipe). Be careful that you don’t accidentally craft away your dudes! Hold Position gets cancelled whenever you give a unit any other orders, including their special abilities, so just basically constantly hit F2+H. Or, you can turn the merge station (and the send stations in co-op) off by clicking the On button on the left side of the screen, and only turn it on when you intend to craft. You can find a list of secret recipes here, but that’ll spoil your game if the reason you play games is to explore them for yourself.

Crafting recipes:
The three islands at the south of the map are your recipes. Each island has two columns and each column has a left side and a right side of the equation. An example is:
Marine + marine = warmonger.
Sniper + sniper = ghost.
Marauder + marauder + marauder = 2x hammer securities.
Warmonger + hammer securities = death’s head.
Ghost + hammer securities = spectre.
Spectre + death’s head = Jim Raynor.
So, with two marines, two snipers, and three marauders, you can make a significantly powerful Terran bio unit with a special ability. It’s also a part of more complicated recipes, as found on the third island.

The things along the one side in Co-op will send units to the specified players, but you have a limited number of sends, so hit the button that disables the merging station to disable the send stations too.

Playing the game earns you experience points, and your level determines your in-Lotto Defense avatar and how many Special Points you can put into unit stat improvements or other bonuses each game. Spend Special points at any time by clicking the Specialty button at the top-left of the screen. You get your SP back each game, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Every certain number of levels there’s a horse race that you can bet on, and, staggered with this is a gold card for each player that grants a unit at random.

You occasionally get artifact fragments, one from each lottery tier and two for crafting special tiers, and collecting all of them grants some fantastic bonuses. You can sell these by typing @sa# (where # is 1, 2, or 3 (4 and 5 can’t be sold)) for some quick cash.

Getting to level 40 (and later, 70) gives you a shot at a rune, which grants various awesome effects. My current rune gives something like +10% attack speed, +5 critical hit rate, +12 gas. It’s cool.

You get bonuses for having complete sets of things, for example

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