how to beat for the king

How to beat for the king

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Weave your own unique tales in a challenging single player or cooperative RPG adventure that spans across the realms. Trek across the perilous badlands, trudge through poisonous swamps, and brave the high seas in uniquely generated maps. Featuring a blend of Strategy, JRPG, and Roguelike elements, every play through offers new challenges, pitfalls,. Read More and rewards. Answer the call and help bring peace back to Fahrul!

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How to beat for the king

Edit: This game has changed quite a bit since this guide was written. Since it seems to be one of the few guides available people are still following it. Please know that there may be some suggestions here that are no longer optimal. I have not played in a while, and can not tell you which items are no longer valid. Please comment with udpated suggestions for those that are still looking for help.

You have the option between 4 different types of characters: Strength, Talent, Fortitude, or Awareness.

Strength Heroes:
Blacksmith – Available as a base character, Blacksmiths start with the skill Steady. This skill triggers Steadfast (sometimes) when attacked and prevents all damage and effects the attack would have done. The Blacksmith is the slowest character in the game, meaning that she will get less rounds of combat than other heroes.

Lumberjack – This character needs to be unlocked with 15 Lore before he can be chosen. He starts with the skill Justice, which sometimes triggers a single target attack to have an AOE splash damage equal to 50% of the main attack damage. This is an absurdly powerful skill early in the game.

Talent Heroes:
Minstrel – Available as a base character, Minstrels come with two special abilities. Encourage sometimes triggers an automatic success for another of your characters when in combat. Inspire triggers XP gain for your heroes that end adjacent to the minstrel on the worldmap.

Busker – The Busker needs to be unlocked with 12 Lore before he can be chosen. This character comes with three abilities of note. Entertain produces gold when the Busker ends his turn next to a town or a market. Distraction sometimes triggers an automatic failure of one enemy roll when in combat. Elite Flee allows the Busker to roll just once when attempting to flee, rather than the normal two rolls.

Fortitude Heroes:
Scholar – Available as a base character, Scholars start witih the skill Refocus. This skill can regenerate 1 focus at the end of each round. This allows you to spend focus a bit more freely – and since focus = guarenteed successes, this is a good skill to have. In my opinion at least, unfortunately for the Scholar, he competes against the.

Herbalist – The Herbalist needs to be unlocked with 9 Lore before she can be chosen. She comes with two skills, and both are massively useful. Party Heal allows, when in combat only, for the Herbalist to spend a Godsbeard (healing item) to heal the entire party what she would normally have healed herself. She also comes with the skill Gather Herbs, which allows for a chance at getting a free random herb at the end of each round. Herbs are pretty critical in this game, and towards the late game they become VERY expensive, so this is a huge benefit.

Awareness Heroes:
Hunter – Available as a base character, Hunters start with two skills. Energy Boost allows Hunters to occasionally get one more point of energy (movement) after they have exhausted their movement on the world map. The second skill, Called Shot, sometimes gives a full success bar of combat rolls when using a single target ability with a bow.

Trapper – The Trapper needs to be unlocked with 6 Lore before she can be chosen. She has three skills, none of them are combat active skills. First, Elite Ambush, reduces the number of coin flips needed to successfully ambush an enemy – a very useful action. Elite Trap Disarm, likewise, reduces the coin flips needed to disarm traps. Finally, the poorly named Counter Attack, which simply prevents you from being ambushed, turning those encounters into potential encounters to evade or ambush.

Take a Fortitude and Awareness Hero, then decide if you like Strength or Talent heroes for your last slot. I’ve had pretty good success with a Strength, Fortitude, and Awareness heroes, myself. I honestly find the unlockable heroes to be mostly superior to the base heroes, and every run I’ve had that has defeated the final boss has included an Herbalist.

Starting off:
Immediately take a quest from your starting town. I generally advise taking the bounty, as it is not very difficult and rewards a standard 24 gold, which goes a long way towards supplies. However, if offered an exceptional item or a greater amount of gold for similar effort, it may be worth taking another quest.

Secondly, keep your party together for fights. This is critical as it will help you avoid taking unnecessary damage. If there are fights within two tiles of your starting town, go ahead and take them with the first move. You will want to fight often, not only for the gold, but for the experience and loot that comes from them. Your goal is to have everyone level 2 with an upgraded weapon/armor of some sort before the Glittering Mines.

If there are nearby stones you can devote to, try to work those into your path. The benefits from the stones can be massive and last until the devoted character dies.

I reccomend searching around the Guardian Woods for the Black Cave and completing it for the additional experience and loot before entering the Glittering Mines. If you can find a Haunt, it may be worth completing. Under no circumstances should you fight Lucky’s Vault. The Leprachaun there will steal your gold and then run away and it is unlikely you will have enough damage to kill him before he does so.

Things to do before you enter the Glittering Mines
1) Buy all the Godsbeard in every easy to access town (generally only Oarton and Woodsmoke.
2) Have an upgraded weapon and one or two armor pieces for each adventurer

1) Buy teleport scrolls and/or portal scrolls from towns

It will be critical to have a store of items for the late game that you have acquired in the early game. This is because as you complete quests, the price of all items will rise in the stores. For example – during the first quest Godsbeard costs between 8-10 gold each depending on your difficulty level. By the time you are ready to encounter the final boss, the same Godsbeard will cost well over 200 gold apiece.

You will want to have a good supply of Godsbeard and especially Golden Root for the later game.

Finish the First Quest:
When you finally enter the Glittering Mines focus the Bone Mages and Green Jellies first in combat. You ideally want to kill Green Jellies before they get a chance to act, else they will do an AOE attack that will hit and potentially poison all of your adventurers. When you get to the boss focus the things your party is strong against.

Don’t hit the mage with your own magic users when there are bone warriors without magic resistance available. Try to knock individual enemies out before moving to the next as much as possible. If you are a strong physical team, focus the mage first. If you have better spell damage, focus the bone warriors.

Starting off:
Parid can spawn some distance away from where the Glittering MInes are. Do not hesitate to use the portal scroll dropped by the boss in the Glittering Mines to expedite the trip to Parid. You have precious few turns to waste in the Guardian Woods any longer. Hopefully you are about halfway through level 3 at the moment. You are about to enter what I would consider the hardest portion of this game.

To mitigate this, you should have at least one person on your team with Heal Party, either from an item or an Herbalist, who starts with this skill. That person should get both available upgrades for their pipe from a town (this will cost a total of about

100 gold). Go to services, and upgrade their pipe. When heal party is used, it uses the healing value of the user on everyone. A fully upgraded pipe heals 26 health to the entire party with one Godsbeard.

Monsters in the Golden Plains are all level 3-4, which will be quite a challenge for your budding party. Use Ambush, or find solo monsters, as much as possible until all your characters are all level 4. Do not consider chasing the objectives until this is done. Do not engage a level 5 objectiive until you are at least 3/4 of the way through level 4. Leveling during a dungeon is beneficial.

Your first task should be to find the Hidden Cellar. Use the time finding it to fight monsters to get to the requisite level 4. Once you do find it, enter with the character that can do the most damage in the smallest amount of time. You will be solo fighting an Acid Jelly. This monster can ruin your game by destroying worn pieces of gear. If you have gear you absolutely cannot lose, I’d reccomend changing it out for less valuable pieces before engaging the Jelly.

Mind Lord & Liche’s Cave:
Before attempting either of these, your whole party should have weapons in the 14-20 damage range. This will allow you to continue to do damage to the increasing armor & resistances you will encounter on enemies. Your party should also have armor and resistance of about 10 (depending on the class) to mitigate the scaling damage done.

The Mind Lord fight can be tempting to get done and out of the way. This is a mistake, as the fight can be extremely challenging. The Mind Lord himself is flanked by two minions who tend to spam stunning moves. The Mind Lord can easily wipe your party with AOE if you consistently have stunned party members. I reccomend fighting the Mind Lord last because of these difficulties.

One of the objectives will spawn in the Rogue Isles. This will require a ship. Ships cost 90 gold, so don’t spend everything before needing to get one. Ships are also one of the most efficient forms of movement. It is highly advisable to use one to travel to at least 2 objectives if possible.

If you happen to encounter the Kraken, your best chance is to focus all your damaging moves on the body of the Kraken. If you kill it, the tentacles die as well.

You should strive to be about halfway through level 6 as you complete the last of the initial three objectives.

King’s Maze
This is a level 6 dungeon, so you really need to be level 6 to survive it. Coming out of the dungeon, you should be roughly halfway through level 7. Your focus will be very important here, not only in combat, but also to make it through deadly traps without worry.

1) Search for The Gallows haunt. It is relatively easy for a Haunt (although the Executioner can insta-gib one of your characters – don’t do this one on Hardcore mode) and gives and EXTREMELY valuable item which should be placed on a big damage dealer. The Cursed Noose gives +50% damage against Humanoids. This isn’t as many things as you might think it would be, but it DOES affect the final boss, which can be extremely important.

2) Continue to buy all Godsbeard while it remains somewhat affordable. Remember to sell unneeded items in order to continue to purchase decent gear.

It will be critical to have a store of items for the late game that you have acquired in the early game. This is because as you complete quests, the price of all items will rise in the stores. For example – during the first quest Godsbeard costs between 8-10 gold each depending on your difficulty level. By the time you are ready to encounter the final boss, the same Godsbeard will cost well over 200 gold apiece.

You will want to have a good supply of Godsbeard and especially Golden Root for the later game.

Starting off:
Hasta will be across the ocean from the continent on which you started. You should be into level 7 by now, and as you cross the ocean should take advantage of a couple Sea Caves to hit level 8. You are not given a terribly large amount of rounds for this section, so I advise using a portal scroll, or series of teleportation scrolls, to advance to Hasta once landing.

You are approaching the end game, and your items will not be needed much longer.

All of your heroes should have fully upgraded pipes at this time, and you should be flush with Godsbeard. You are going to need it. Monsters in the desert and nearby lava fields range from levels 8-10, and will be a large challenge if you fight them in groups. Fight solo creatures where possible on the way to the newly revealed Demon Caves and Ambush when needed.

You will want to have roughly 20-30 damage weapons on each of your heroes in addition to resistances between 15-20 on average. Don’t be afraid to spend money at the towns in both of these locations as this is essentially the endgame.

Once you’ve reached Hasta, immediiately set out for the Demon Caves, especially if they happen to be seperated by some distance. In general, you will want to target mages first. In this case, target wisps early on as they will drain all your focus.

Once you have finished the two Demon Caves you will need to make it back to Hasta before the round timer is reset one final time and you are given access to the Airship.

1) Get about halfway through level 9, if you can manage it within the round timer. You will only need a few Godsbeard for the remainder of the game, so use it as necessary.

Starting Off:
You will want to acquire at least one lightning weapon. I find the lightning bow and lightning lute very useful for this. Although the tool tips don’t show it, the lightning bow second attack ignores armor, and the lightning lute main attack ignores resistance. I find that lightning weapons are usually for sale in at least one of the final four towns.

All your heroes should have

90 in their appropriate stat based on gear which will give you a very high chance of proc-ing any status ailments their weapons may inflict.

Ending the Game:
It is a simple thing to get to the final portion of the game at this point. Simply fly your Airship to the Tower and disembark. You will face four fights before encountering the final boss.

Your first fight will be against a generic mage and two henchmen. Second fight will be against an ice mage and two ice warriors. Third will be against a fire mage and two fire bowman. Fourth will be against a lightning mage and two lightning imps.

In general, I reccomend taking down the henchmen before the mages. The exception to this is the lightning mage. Kill him first. In my experience, if the imps are killed the mage starts to spam a skill that can easily do 40+ damage to all three of your heroes at a time. Once you have killed the lightning group, you will ascend the final set of stairs and be greeted with a chest. Inside will be 3 full heal items. Use them or save them as needed. Fill up your focus with items. Use lotus fllowers to prevent death and then cure the curse if needed using Hag’s Bane. Finally, proceed forward to face the final boss.

You will be facing a mage and two wolf henchmen. The mage counts as humanoid and will be affected by +humanoid damage items. All three enemies have mediocre resistances, but quite a lot of health. The wolves have around 140 each and the mage between 350-400. The big item to be aware of in this fiight is that none of the enemies has immuniity to any status conditions. (Edit: I’m told the mage is now immune to all status conditions.)

You will absolutely want to shock at least the mage, and likely the wolves as well. If you can apply freeze, it will boost your damage output by around 25%. If you have an orb that can boost party evasion, that is a useful item to use here as well.

The wolves have a group stun, and the mage can inflict a wide vareity of status conditions. Kill the wolves one at a time, then focus the mage down. If you keep shock on the mage, this should be a rather trivial fight.

Congratulations, you’ve beaten For the King.

Complete the optional level 9 tomb that opens prior to advancing to the tower. You will receive trinkets that make your party immune to enflamed, frozen, and shocked, respectively, for doing so. These amulets are useful in the fights leading up to the final boss, but are in no way necessary.

How to beat for the king Edit: This game has changed quite a bit since this guide was written. Since it seems to be one of the few guides available people are still following it. Please know ]]>