how to play jumbo bucks lotto

How to play jumbo bucks lotto

Jumbo Bucks Lotto is a Georgia lottery game. Drawings take place every Monday and Thursday. To play Jumbo Bucks Lotto you must select 6 numbers ranging from 1-47. Each play costs one dollar.

The Jumbo Bucks Lotto Jackpot is pari-mutuel and starts at 1 million.

Jumbo Bucks Lotto Odds:

  • Match 1 = 1 in 3
  • Match 2 = 1 in 8
  • Match 3 = 1 in 51
  • Match 4 = 1 in 873
  • Match 5 = 1 in 43,649
  • Match 6 = 1 in 10,737,574

Numbers Drawn: 6 Number Range: 1 – 47
Bonus Number: no Bonus Range: n/a
Total Number Combinations: 10,737,574 Download
Odds Of Winning: 1 in 10,737,574
Game Days: Mon, Thur

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Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto – Numbers Drawn: 6, Number Range: 1-47, Bonus Number: no, Total Number Combinations: 10,737,574. View more Jumbo Bucks Lotto information and resource links.

Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto

The Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto is your chance to win from one million dollars upwards, twice a week, with an extra chance to win up to $500 in instant prizes! The jackpot draws take place every Monday and Thursday at 11:00 PM.

How to Play Jumbo Bucks

You can play the Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto easily by purchasing your tickets right here online. Firstly, choose six numbers from 1 to 47. If you are stuck for numbers you can select the Quik Pik (QP) option to receive a random line of numbers to enter. Each lottery ticket has five play areas, meaning you can play five times on one ticket, and each play costs $1.

Consecutive plays are also possible, up to a maximum of 26 days. Simply make your selection in the multi-choice box at the bottom of the play slip. You must confirm that you are 18 years old or over before purchasing Georgia lottery tickets.

Cash Match

For an additional $1 per play, you can also choose to play Cash Match, by selecting this option in any of the five play areas that you’ve chosen numbers in . If your lotto numbers match your Cash Match numbers, you win cash prizes instantly! This means that you can have a number of Cash Match wins on a single ticket.

You will also receive multipliers when you play Cash Match that could increase any Cash Match winnings on your ticket. The possible multipliers are: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x.

Any Jumbo Bucks Lotto plays with the Cash Match option will be printed on separate tickets so that claiming Cash Match prizes can be done instantly.

Georgia Jumbo Bucks Lotto – how to play the GA Jumbo, including cash match and your odds of winning. ]]>