i hope you win

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Don’t matter if you lose Hope for the best! hope you win ! Help other candidates.

Really hope you win , you deserve it.

Hope you win that gold bracelet, David!

“I hope you win ,” he wrote.

I hope you win the Oscar this year.

I hope you win that billion.

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I hope you win

They’re both correct, it matters when the game happens.

If the game happened in the past: I hope you won the game.

If the game will happen in the future: I hope you win the game

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  • I think I’m going to win this game does this sound natural?
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  • “I’m not feeling it” I feel like there should be like after feeling. but I hear people say it wi.
  • Woman: I live in New York with my husband of 35 years and one dog. Does this mean the husband .
  • he said. what??
  • I always listen to podcasts to while the hours away. doe it sound natural?
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@Pistachio21 yes |You say the first one before the game is ends. You say the second one after the game ends.|1|1 if the games hasent been played yet|it depends on the situation|They're both correct, it matters when the game happens. If the game happened in the past: I hope you won the game. If the game will happen in the future: I hope you win the game ]]>