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Illinois Lotto Numbers

On this page you’ll find Illinois Lotto winning numbers from the past seven draws. Check back for updated results just after the draw every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:22 pm CT.

Check your ticket and find out if you’re an Illinois Lottery winner. Click the “Prize Payout” link to view a breakdown of the prize amount per winner on each tier, number of winners, and the total prize fund value.

Lotto is an Illinois-exclusive game with a $2 million starting jackpot that keeps rolling until it’s won. Find out more about this player favorite on the Illinois Lotto page.

To see an archive of older results back to May 2009, scroll down and click “View Past Winning Numbers.”

The latest Illinois Lotto numbers from the past seven draws, with archive of older results. Check your tickets – you could be an IL Lottery winner