is facebook bonanza legit

What is Facebook Bonanza? Just Another Facebook Scam?

Wondering what is Facebook Bonanza? Is Facebook Bonanza another online scam promted on Facebook. Continue reading to find out!

Facebook Bonanza is a new scheme that has been popping up on Facebook, similar to other scams we reviewed in the past.

I’ll tell you right now; Facebook Bonanza is a scam and you should stay clear of it.

Its a lazy attempt to separate people from their cash. Let’s take a closer look.

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What is Facebook Bonanza?

Facebook Bonanza collects leads by disguising itself as a legitimate Facebook recruiter.

In other words, they pretend to be an official page on Facebook hiring new workers.

We all know Facebook doesn’t hire people like that.

Facebook will hire people for specific roles, if they ever hire in the first place.

Be weary of these type of programs!

On the surface, Facebook Bonanza does look rather official, but on closer inspection, things start to fall apart.

For example, their homepage contains a bunch of logos from well-known sites like CNN and BBC.

There are also a some “interviews” from the above sites to make it look even more official.

The problem is that none of these interviews are from actual representatives or reporters of any news channels.

In fact, anyone can make these kind of videos and slap a CNN logo onto it.

Yes, it is illegal.

Facebook Bonanza is a type of scam that pops up, runs for a bit, and then gets shutdown as people realize its a scam.

The owners don’t mind. They’ll rinse and repeat. Soon a new identical scam will come out.

So many scams use the same templates.

Where to Find This Facebook Bonanza Scam?

This scam is most commonly found on Facebook. Someone will share a status update such as, “Facebook is Hiring!” and send people to Facebook Bonanza.

On the site, the scam will request your contact information, telephone number, and credit card info.

Its common for these type of scams to only request your credit card number – not your bank account number.

Facebook Bonanza will offer to reveal the training material for a few bucks, sounds like a deal, right?

Unfortunately, once you enter your credit card info, after a few days you’ll see some interesting activity on your account.

Just one of the many complaints from this scam!

So it seems like the program charges a small fee first, then later adds on some more fees.

For what?

No one really knows.

Besides the additional hidden charges, its common for people who fell for this scam to be bombarded with telemarketers after enter their phone numbers.

And lets not forget about all the spam emails that will flood your inbox – with even more scams!

Is There Even a Product?

Well, there is, but the training is – well – horrible.

Their core product is called a Facebook Cash Kit.

The kit costs $47 – one time fee.

Unsurprisingly, there are tons of up-sells as well.

The training basically teaches you how to promote the same program as an affiliate.

Their recommended marketing strategy?

Yes, that’s right.

You’re told to share this link wherever on Facebook possible; messages, status updates, comments, in groups, etc.

Basically, the idea is to pretend to be someone who works for Facebook and “Hire” people.

Its never a good idea to promote anything that tells you to lie.

I mean, its just so much easier to promote a legitimate program, no need to lie about it.

Fun fact: This scam is so common, the anti-virus company Malware Bytes, thought it was worth writing an article about it on their official website.

If Malware Bytes tells you to avoid it…

Facebook Bonanza Fake Interviews/Testimonials:

When you see the same actors appearing in promotional videos for a bunch of different products, that should raise some eye-brows.

On the sales page of Facebook Bonanza you’ll find a few people gushing about how the program.

The problem?

You can hire the same people on Fiverr to say the same thing about… well, anything!

So with the right actors, its possible to make any product look like an “official” course.

And that’s why so many people do it.

These scams pop up on a daily basis.

They also die on a daily basis.

If something sounds a little too good and the testimonials sound a bit too far-fetched, its best to do a little research.

On that note, CNN and other news channels won’t do reports on these systems.

Neither will Facebook.

Facebook in no way endorses Facebook Bonanza!

Its just a common tactic scammers use; attach their product to another, well-known company to benefit from that company’s reputation.

What Do I Recommend?

I recommends staying clear of Facebook Bonanza.

But if you do want to make some cash, I recommend forgetting about these “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

If a program says you’ll be able to earn an “X” amount of cash within a few hours, avoid it.

Instead, a more profitable route would be to work on building a business where you can earn your own cash.

Create a website, write helpful articles, target keywords and build an audience.

Once you have an audience you can promote helpful products as an affiliate.

Yes, it will take some time.

But its worth it.

Remember, it will always be more profitable for you to promote a legitimate and valuable product.

When you promote a scam you have to lie about the benefits, and people can see through it.

Not to mention you probably won’t feel good lying for a living!

Conclusion on Facebook Bonanza Scam:

To conclude, Facebook Bonanza is a scam, and I suggest you stay clear of it.

In fact, stay clear of all programs advertised on Facebook that promise work at home opportunities.

There are so many similar scams, its best to avoid all of them.

Instead, invest in your own business!

You won’t regret it.

Stick to a plan and dedicate a specific amount of time a day to grow it.

Soon it will develop into a full-time business.

And you won’t have to worry about making cash ever again.

Have you tried Facebook Bonanza? What do you think about this review? Leave a comment below!

Wondering what is Facebook Bonanza? Is Facebook Bonanza another online scam promted on Facebook. Continue reading to find out!

Facebook Bonanza Review – Will Facebook Really Pay You Money?

You’ve stumbled upon Facebook Bonanza and got all excited about this opportunity. However, you made a wise choice to research this program to see if it’s possibly a scam. You have made the right decision because Facebook Bonanza is in fact a scam and not a real opportunity. I’ve been earning a living online since 2007 and there certainly are honest opportunities, FB Bonanza isn’t one of them.

Facebook Bonanza Review

So what exactly is Facebook Bonanza? I have been making money online since 2007 and I have seen a fair share of scams. All these scams have a few things in common. One of the things is never telling you what the program really is. Sure, there are legit programs that will teach you how to make money online but they would be straight forward with you. FB Bonanza promises you a bunch of money but they never bother to tell you what it really is. Be aware of such programs as they are scams and only want your money.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

Facebook Bonanza show you a video where they talk about two (2) very known people, the founders of Facebook and Microsoft.

The video goes on to tell you that they met to discuss economic stimulation and the result is this Facebook Cash Kit! I can tell you with 100% certainty that Zuckerberg and Gates did not come up with a Facebook Cash Kit. They do not endorse it and they have never heard of it.

Lately many scammers have been using this strategy. They illegally using images and sometimes even videos of celebrities claiming endorsement for their scam. The only reason for this is that most people will trust a celebrity’s endorsement. The truth it though that these celebrities don’t even know this scam is happening. Do you know if someone is using your image without a permission? You probably don’t.

The owners of Facebook Bonanza claim that Facebook and Microsoft are looking to hire people just like you. All you need to do is pay the $47 application fee. Seriously? Have you ever applied for a job and been asked to pay an application fee? This alone should be a huge red flag.

Fake FB Bonanza Testimonials

But what about Marin J. Peters, father of two who shares a screenshot of his $20,000 earnings. Well, the earnings screenshot is fabricated. Martin J. Peters is a fake name, that person simply does not exist. The man you see in the image is a “stock photo model”. He gets paid by selling his photo to different marketing agencies, this is common practice. However, scammers also use these stock photos to make up testimonials. A quick Google search reveals several websites where this photo is either used or sold:

If you look through other photos on the website they’re all stock photos with made up name attached to them.

The screenshot of earnings comes from Google Adsense. The funny things that it’s highly against Google Adsense rules to share this kind of information publicly and this kind of behaviour will get you kicked out and banned from Adsense. I know this because Adsense is one of my income sources (although a small one). There are even browser plugins that will let you input whatever numbers you want to create a fake earnings screenshot. However the fact that the screenshot is from 2011 makes me believe that FB Bonanza scammers were too lazy to even create their own fake earnings screenshot. They ended up finding the old image from 2011 somewhere and used it. It’s irrelevant if the earnings are real or not because Facebook Bonanza certainly didn’t help anyone earn any money.

More Facebook Bonanza Lies

At the very top you see logos of CNN, ABC, USA TODAY and others. This once again is fake. These companies never featured or endorsed this program. At a second glance I realized that it doesn’t say “As Seen On” but rather “Ads Seen On”, whatever it means. The site claims that millions of people are making money from home and this is probably true. However I can assure you no one is making money with this scam.

The advertised price is $47. The application fee as they call it. However you won’t see the real price until after you have entered your email address. When you try to close the page you’ll be offered a $20 discount. If you try to close their sales page a few more times they’ll bring it down to as low as $4.97!

As you can see, they will try to get any money from you. These scammers are desperate. If you give them $47, they’ll take it. However if you only have $5, they’ll settle on that. It doesn’t really make a difference how much people give them, it’s not like they’ll offer a real product or service for that money.

More Red Flags

Once you enter your email address for Facebook Bonanza you’ve already been scammed. Their disclaimer states this:

We may collect Name, Address, Phone and Email for marketing purposes with our third party marketing partners.

This means that they will spam the hell out of you. Also, they will sell your private information to other scammers. Many companies ask you for your email address and other info when you’re making a purchase and most have very strict anti-spam rules. Most if not all will never share your private information with other “third party partners”. Facebook Bonanza folks will sell your info to others and they’re almost bragging about it.

If we scroll down the page we’ll find another interesting disclaimer:

This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, and the comments. Thus, this page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story.

Boom! Right there, they are telling you that the whole site is a fiction story. Every single statement and “proof” is made up from thin air. Do you need any more proof that this is a scam?

Making Money From Home

As I mentioned previously I have been making a living online since late 2007. Over the years I have met hundreds of other online entrepreneurs all around the world who do that as well. It is possible to make honest money online but it won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to put in the work and time into it. I’ve been a member of this training platform form almost 10 years now and this is where I learned everything I know now. The good news is that you can join the starter training completely free so put your credit card away.

You've stumbled upon Facebook Bonanza and got all excited about this opportunity. However, you made a wise choice to research this program to see if it's ]]>