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Kerala Lottery Results: 09-08-2019 Nirmal NR-133 Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal (NR.133)

Today Result: 09/08/2019 to 23/08/2019

കേരള സംസ്ഥാന

ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

Today Nirmal Lottery

Nirmal is one of the seven weekly lotteries. Nirmal lottery draw is held on every Friday at 3pm. Every lottery is represented by an alphabetical code and Nirmal lottery code is “NR” representation contains draw number along with the code.

കേരള സംസ്ഥാന ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

NIRMAL Lottery Result NR-133 Today

Date of Draw: 09/08/2019

Consolation Prize
Rs. 8,000/-
NN 291535 NO 291535
NP 291535 NS 291535
NT 291535 NU 291535
NV 291535 NW 291535
NX 291535 NY 291535 NZ 291535

2nd Prize
Rs :500,000/-
NP 702129 (PALAKKAD)

3rd Prize
NN 604027 (WAYANAD)
NO 105384 (KANNUR)
NU 901452 (WAYANAD)
NV 663967 (PALAKKAD)
NW 369901 (IDUKKI)
NX 305164 (THRISSUR)
NY 775018 (THRISSUR)
NZ 791282 (KOLLAM)


4th Prize
0470 1936 2683 5958 6961 7453 7560 7581 7996 8347 8798 9075

5th Prize
0082 0088 0350 0558 0885 1069 1597 1604 2047 2242 2319 2408 3075 3276 3814 4453 4978 5064 5739 6011 6338 6729 7013 7536 7550 8458 8519 8992 9423 9696 9948

6th Prize
0018 0175 0389 0852 1145 1194 1268 1424 1505 2093 2482 2551 2554 2560 2642 2728 2802 2829 3354 3523 3719 3833 4008 4233 4304 4330 4448 5028 5229 5376 5426 5777 5886 5965 6136 6383 6442 6717 6776 6886 7059 7462 7566 7647 7736 7904 8032 8052 8266 8482 8566 8626 8737 9349 9510 9595 9628 9731 9736 9796, Government Results; 09-08-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR 133, 02-08-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR-132, 26-07-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR-131, 19-07-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR-130, 12-07-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR-129, 05-07-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR-128, 28-06-2019 Nirmal Lottery NR-127,, “kerala lottery result 09 08 2019 nirmal nr 133”, nirmal today result : 09-08-2019 nirmal lottery nr-133, kerala lottery result 9-8-2019, nirmal lottery results, kerala lottery result today nirmal, nirmal lottery result, kerala lottery result nirmal today, kerala lottery nirmal today result, nirmal kerala lottery result, nirmal lottery nr.133 results 09-08-2019, nirmal lottery nr 133, live nirmal lottery nr-133, nirmal lottery, kerala 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