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The best ways to use Birthdays as Lucky Lottery Numbers

Using birthdays as “lucky numbers” is one of the most popular lottery strategies. And for good reason – they really are lucky, according to the ancient traditions of numerology and feng shui.

A video explaining how to use Birthdays to generate your own lucky lottery numbers

The strategy is as simple as it comes: just enter your birthdate as numbers on your lottery board! If you were born on 23rd, pick the number 23. If that was in June, then also pick the number 6 for the sixth month. And take the last two digits of the year as the third number.

Problems with using Birthdays as a Lottery Strategy

Using birthdays limits the range of numbers to choose from – for example, your birth date can only be between 1 and 31. Also, it’s a common system, meaning lots more people will be picking those numbers as well, so you may have to share your prize.

How do you overcome these disadvantages of using birthdays?

The answer is to simply use a system which combines birthday numbers to get above 31, giving you a better chance of not sharing the prize.

Working example of using birthdays for Powerball or MegaMillions

For two of the biggest lotteries, you pick 6 numbers in total:

  • Powerball: Choose 5 numbers between 1 and 69 and one Powerball number between 1 and 26.
  • Mega Millions: Choose 5 numbers between 1 and 70, and one bonus Mega Ball number between 1 and 25.

How do you use a birthday to pick numbers in these lotteries? Let’s look at a few creative strategies using the example of a Leo baby born on July 30, 1965.

You can use this date to pick the numbers 7, 30, 65. But you still need three more numbers to get a total of six.

You could add month plus day to get a higher number. For the birthday July 30, add 7 + 30 to get the higher and more commonly drawn 37.

You could also split your birth year into two numbers, 19 and 65.

This gives you 6 numbers: 7, 30, 37, 19, 65.

What to Do if You Were Born After 1969/70

Of course, using your birth year in this way won’t work if it’s over 69 (Powerball) or 70 (Mega Millions). In that case, you should add the numbers together.

For example, if you were born in 1984, you could add the last two digits: 8 + 4 = 12.

To get a higher number, add all the numbers as single digits: 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22.

To get one of those more commonly drawn numbers over 31, try adding the two examples above together: 12 + 22 = 34. Easy!

How to get your Bonus Ball (Powerball or Mega Ball)

Here’s an easy way to reduce your entire birthday down to one number you can use as the sixth bonus number (Powerball or Mega Ball).

Let’s take our example birthday of July 1, 1965.

Add the number of the month (7), day (1), plus year (1965):

7 + 1 + 1965 = 1973

Then reduce this to a single number by adding the digits of the result (1973) together:

Voila! 20 is your lucky Powerball / Mega Ball number.

Double the Luck

If your birthday is lucky, then it makes sense that someone with two birthdays must be doubly lucky, right? A Maryland man who has two official birthdays would certainly answer “yes”!

The 79-year-old from Gaithersburg said a clerical error after his birth in Louisiana mistakenly listed his birthday as April 23. Official records were only corrected recently to list his real birthday, April 21.

He considers both dates lucky and used them when he bought a Multi-Match ticket. He certainly got lucky in the May 7, 2018 drawing, winning $1.9 million!

How did he learn he had won? “I was scanning the newspaper and flipped to the lottery section first, and when I saw the numbers my eyes just grew bigger and bigger,” he said. He immediately called his wife to share the good news. “When I told her how much we had won, at first she didn’t believe me!”

Birthdays are often used as lucky lottery numbers, but there are problems with them as a lottery strategy. Learn smarter ways to use birthdays to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Baby. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream baby. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

baby 1
Meaning of the dream: desire to have a child

beautiful baby 2
Description: optimistic forecasts

baby or toddler 1
Interpretation of the dream: desire to have a child

crying baby 40
Translation: happiness reached

cradle with a baby 19
Dream description: protection at work

baby in swaddling clothes 60
Meaning: sad period

falling asleep with a baby 7
Translation of the dream: receipts of money

little baby eating 35
Interpretation: good prediction in summer and bad in winter

make baby fall asleep 9
Sense of the dream: you will have a very positive period

big baby 33
What does it mean: dangerous illusions

Mother dressing baby 52
Meaning of the dream: harassment by neighbors

little baby sleeping 17
Description: You re lucky in business

baby in cot 18
Interpretation of the dream: feminine coquetry

baby kiss 11
Translation: you’re missing something in your life

baby clean 46
Dream description: trepidation for a child

cradle a baby 41
Meaning: confidence in the future

apron baby 47
Translation of the dream: knowledge important

heat a baby 26
Interpretation: to overcome prejudices

baby sucking 48
Sense of the dream: You want to have good luck

baby baptism 5
What does it mean: donation from elderly person

baby messy 23
Meaning of the dream: illusion lost

baby item 1
Description: long-term projects

baby in bath 17
Interpretation of the dream: disputes difficult

chubby baby 54
Translation: next joys

dead baby 14
Dream description: morbid thoughts

bought baby 27
Meaning: joyfulness

wax baby 83
Translation of the dream: failure

baby dancing 10
Interpretation: health being improved

swaddle baby 69
Sense of the dream: avoided damage

baby mouse 74
What does it mean: need for affection

coat baby 78
Meaning of the dream: heightened sensitivity

ugly baby 31
Description: restlessness

shit baby 3
Interpretation of the dream: fruitfulness and abundance

baby headband 39
Translation: concerns for the future

little baby crying 9
Dream description: useful request to be accepted

the baby’s throat 4
Meaning: spirit dreamer

baby dress 13
Translation of the dream: Late repentance

baby cap 70
Interpretation: Good news coming

the baby’s skull 65
Sense of the dream: eased the concerns and will return more serene

Baby range 69
What does it mean: person loves you

see fall baby 71
Meaning of the dream: problems in the affections

see the birth of baby or child 22
Description: bode well for their business

hair baby 1
Interpretation of the dream: error that you have to pay

2 – Smorfia classic: the baby 2

pajamas baby 27
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

baby laughing 14
Meaning: meandering thoughts

little basket of baby 41
Translation of the dream: betrayal of friends

naked baby 18
Interpretation: noble feelings

baby burr 8
Sense of the dream: excessive confidentiality

baby shoes 44
What does it mean: social elevation

face of baby 51
Meaning of the dream: interesting revelations

Baby Scratch 87
Description: solitude

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