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6 Wedding Favors Your Guests Actually Want

How many times have you been to a wedding and conveniently “forgot” to take a favor because, well, you just weren’t that into them in the first place? Guilty as charged! To ensure your guests don’t do the exact same thing and throw your hard-earned money down the drain, invest in something they actually want and that won’t go to waste. Here are 7 favors that fit the bill according to guests who’ve literally seen it all.

1. Anything edible (as long as it’s high quality, that is)

“Quality is key! Nice chocolates would be my vote or something I can snack on that night or the next morning. If you’re going to buy cheap candy for simply the sake of having a favor, just don’t have one.” — Catherine

2. Alcohol

“You can never go wrong with mini champagne bottles or airplane bottles of your favorite booze. Even better if you have his and her options so guests can pick their drink of choice. It’s doubtful any will get left behind.” — Marisa

3. Scratch off lottery tickets

“We gave everyone dollar scratch off lottery tickets, and they were a huge hit. I decorated envelopes with our name, wedding date and colors to put them in, and the total cost per person wound up being something like two dollars, including the ticket itself and craft supplies. They were really cute and so easy to do! You can always buy more expensive tickets for everyone or mix some of the $5, $10 and $20 tickets in with the dollar ones to make it fun for people to pick an envelope.” — Caroline

4. Mini plants and hanging terrariums

“I’d love to get a potted succulent or a hanging terrarium. I’m always looking for little things to spruce up my home and office so something like this would be perfect. Pretty much anything else I would leave at the table, unless it was food.” — Jade

5. Something local to the area

“If it’s a destination wedding, it’s nice to get something I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else — a little taste of the culture or a souvenir of sorts. For example, we went to a wedding last year that had jam as one of the favors in a flavor that was native to the area and very well known.” — Summer

6. Caricatures

“My friend and her husband hired a caricature artist to work their entire reception. There was a line all night, which was slightly annoying, however, all our friends still rave about their portraits today and a lot of them even have hung them up in their homes.” — Andrea

Ensure your guests don't let your wedding favors go to waste by gifting them one of these most wanted things

Wedding Favor Friday: For Richer or For Poorer Lottery Tickets

Put a playful spin on your wedding favors by giving out $1 scratch-off lottery tickets to each of your guests who are 21 years of age and older. Add a witty label that reads For Richer & For Poorer, and don’t forget to personalize your labels by including the names of you and your spouse-to-be. Not only is this a clever idea that plays on the wording of traditional wedding vows, but it’s also an affordable wedding favor that your guests are going to love.

  • Customized Rectangle Labels
  • Customized Oval Labels
  • $1 Scratch off Lottery Tickets
  • Paper Favor Bags
  • Pennies
  1. Get your final headcount for guests who are over 21 years or older, and purchase your lottery tickets. Prepare a paper favor bag for each guest by attaching your personalized label to the front. Insert however many scratch-off lotto tickets you’d like, and seal shut with your custom label envelope seal.
  2. Place on a favor display table or at each place setting for you reception.
Used In This Project:
  • Rectangular Labels • I chose the “Garden Vines” style in navy & yellow.
  • Small Oval Labels • I chose the “Garden Vines” style in navy & yellow.
  • Paper Favor Bags

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Put a playful spin on your wedding favors by giving out $1 scratch-off lottery tickets to each of your guests who are 21 years of age and older. Add a ]]>