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Is Lotto Dominator a Scam? Review of Richard Lustig’s Method

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The Lotto Dominator method is a website that’s been launched by a guy named Richard Lustig, a guy you might actually have previously heard of. The reason you’ve possibly heard of him is that he’s been lucky enough to win the lottery 7 times.

Richard though claims that his fortune has been acquired on more than just luck – he believes he has an exact formula for winning the lottery, and he claims to share this with you through his website…

But is it actually legit, or is the Lotto Dominator a scam?

I’ve done the digging & in this review, I’m going to be uncovering everything there is you need to know about it, including whether or not it actually works & if you can really win the lottery by using his “method”.

What Is The Lotto Dominator Method?

Richard Lustig, the man behind the Lotto Dominator website is a 7-times lottery jackpot winner. It’s impressive to say the least, and you might think “what a lucky guy”, but Richard claims that it’s not just luck… He claims that he has figured out a formula that he has been using to win the lottery on purpose.

And now after winning the jackpot 7 times already for himself he claims he is ready to share his secret so that other people can employ his strategy to make money as well… But despite his fortune, he is not willing to give away his secret for free – oh no, instead he wants you to pay him $49 to get access to it.

This is where it all starts to sound a little suspect… I mean if Richard really has developed a proven method for winning the lottery then why does he need to sell his secret to make money? Why doesn’t he just, you know, win the lottery again?

The other suspect thing about this program is that it isn’t actually the first time I’ve come across it. For some reason, Richard keeps on changing the name of his program & re-launching it… Not so long ago it was called the Lottery Winner University… Before that, it was called the Lotto Crusher.

So why does he keep changing the name of his system?

Well it’s likely that he’s doing it to avoid all of the negative reviews. It seems that despite Richard claiming his system to be the next best thing since sliced bread, the members who’ve tried it out don’t really feel the same.

Take a look at some of these reviews (or should I say complaints) that have been left online:

Out of all of the reviews, the majority of which ranked 1 or 2 stars, only one of them ranked 5 stars & this comment was extremely suspicious as it gave immense over-the-top praise to Richard Lustig.

Anyway, I did some further digging & you should know that even Business Insider warned about this program too.

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The Red Flags With This Program

Well, the obvious red flag is the fact that this program has received many negative reviews & as a result has changed names several times. As I mentioned earlier in this review not so long ago this Lotto Dominator system was in fact called the Lottery Winner University system.

But on top of that, there are a couple of other obvious problems with it…

First of all there’s the fact that you actually have to pay for it – that just makes it seem like the typical get-rich-quick style scam where you’re promised the world then after you hand over your cash you find out that you’ve just been misled & lied to.

Secondly there’s the fact that this program is actually being sold through an affiliate network named ClickBank. This basically means the online marketers can sign up & promote the program, in return for doing so Richard Lustig is paying them commissions…

So we have to ask 2 questions here… Why is Richard paying people to promote this program for him? And why are people wasting their time promoting it? Because surely if the method inside is sound then they could just use the Lotto Dominator & win the lottery rather than fool around promoting the system to people…

I think the obvious answer here is that it doesn’t really work as promised.

Which brings me right onto my next point…

Is Lotto Dominator a Scam?

Deep down you know as well as I do that the lottery is exactly that, a lottery. You can come up with all the formulas in the world but there is no way that you are ever going to predict which numbers are going to come out because it’s completely random…

If it was actually possible to do as Richard says then I’m pretty sure he’d have won more than 7 times by now – and why was his last win way back in 2010? That’s an awfully long time to go without a win if you have a proven strategy.

The more likely story here is that Richard is either just an extremely lucky guy & has won 7 times down to pure chance, or alternatively he’s a guy that’s addicted to playing the lottery and bought an insane amount of tickets. For all we know he could have gone into insane debt trying to win – not once does he mention how many tickets he bought on any of his sites.

Who’s to say that he’s not still in debt now? We just don’t know… But that could certainly be why he’s decided to create these “systems” in an effort to take advantage of people & make money at their expense… Because as far as I’m concerned that’s all he’s doing.

He’s just playing off the fact he’s won it 7 times (whether that be through luck or a crazy addiction) and now he’s milking it. Sadly there will be thousands of people falling for it & that’s likely why every so often he keeps launching a new system under a different name.

People want easy money & people want to win the lottery, so if somebody gives them any hope that they’ll be able to do it then they’ll likely be glad to hand over $49 to find out more… It seems to me that Richard Lustig is just preying on this.

Anyway overall as you can probably figure out I won’t be recommending this program to you because as far as I’m concerned it’s just complete nonsense & in my opinion it’s been built to take advantage of you.

Have you heard of anyone winning the lottery & attributing their success to the Lotto Dominator system? Nope, me neither… Sadly it just appears to be a whole load of hype that’s been designed to make Richard wealthier at your expense.

If you do happen to have any further comments or questions then don’t hesitate to leave them below but hopefully, you’ve found this review useful & hopefully, it’s provided you with the insight that you were looking for into this program.

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Lotto Dominator: The Secrets Behind the Formula

In this article, we’ll discuss Lotto Dominator – a popular eBook that’s been generating quite a bit of buzz especially among lottery enthusiasts.

We got our hands on a copy to give you an accurate review of the product and see if it’s worth your money. We’ll also show you how to get a copy for yourself below.

Towards the end, you’ll also find other software that bear an uncanny resemblance to Lotto Dominator. We’ll be talking about how they’re all similar, and what connection can be found there.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Lotto Dominator System

The Lotto Dominator system is not really a system. It’s an eBook – one that claims to provide readers with lottery-winning secrets. It’s widely known to be written by seven-time lottery winner, Richard Lustig. (That might not be the case, though. More on that later.)

Anyway, Lotto Dominator is designed to work with any lottery out there. That means you can use Lotto Dominator to snag all the biggest jackpots – at least that’s what it claims to do.

What Is The Lotto Dominator Formula: The Method Revealed

Some of Lotto Dominator’s promotional materials advertise a surefire method for winning the lottery.

The idea is simple. You input the winning numbers from the last few draws, and run it through a formula to predict the most likely combinations for future draws. While it may not guarantee immediate success, you can use the same formula as many times as you’d like.

However, we can’t actually reveal the formula here. You’ll understand why in the next section.

In-Depth Review On Lotto Dominator

Let’s talk about our experience reading Lotto Dominator. The moment it loaded up, it became immediately apparent that not a lot of care was put into writing this thing.

The entire eBook is 181 pages long, divided into 20 chapters, and is all very difficult to read. Formatting is inconsistent, fonts are all over the place, and navigation is a complete nightmare – especially if you like jumping to different chapters.

As for the actual content, it’s just as bad.

There’s some helpful tips to be found, but none of them represent anything novel. You can get all of the information elsewhere, and for free.

Some tips are contradicted in later chapters as well. In one section, the book tells you to use your winnings on more lottery tickets. Further down, it also tells you not to spend your winnings at all. Seriously?

Other tips seem to be there for no real reason. In one section, the book suggests that you meditate to increase your chances of winning. While we are firm believers that a clear mind does wonders for your quality of life, we fail to see the connection there.

That’s just one example of the amount of unnecessary fluff you’ll find. Even worse, a lot of its contents are recycled throughout the book – making multiple appearances in different chapters. In complete honesty, the entire thing could’ve been condensed to just a few pages.

And that supposed secret formula that this book advertises? It’s not even in there! Lotto Dominator doesn’t have a formula because – and we’re sorry to burst anyone’s bubble – it doesn’t exist. The eBook is just a bunch of random tips strung together to resemble something remotely readable.

The bottom line is that Lotto Dominator isn’t worth your money. If you really want to increase your odds of winning the lottery, take the money you would’ve spent on this eBook and use that on tickets instead.

So Is Lotto Dominator A Scam?

We did some digging around and it appears that Lotto Dominator is just another internet scam. We gathered some compelling evidence to lead to this conclusion, which we’ve highlighted below.

  • Richard Lustig might not be connected to Lotto Dominator at all. That’s right. The man whose name is associated with this book probably had no part in its creation. For one thing, Lustig’s official website makes no mention of Lotto Dominator. Lustig has never talked about the book in any of his interviews, either. Internet records also show that Lotto Dominator’s website was registered in Panama, which is weird since Lustig is from the US.
  • Lotto Dominator is grossly overpriced compared to Lustig’s real book. A digital copy of Lotto Dominator comes with a $300 price tag, marked down to a perpetual “sale” price of $147. By comparison, Lustig’s actual book (which you can find on his official website) is priced at $40, and ships as a physical copy.
  • The official Lotto Dominator website is now closed. At least to new members, that is. People who have previously purchased the book can still access it, but the fact that the website no longer accepts new members should serve as a warning to its legitimacy.
  • Lotto Dominator has undergone at least two name changes – perhaps as a way of escaping all the negative reviews it has undoubtedly received. It was first released as Lottery Winner University, then renamed to Lotto Crusher before switching to its current name.
  • Amazon has since removed Lotto Dominator from its catalog. No surprise here, to be honest. While Lotto Dominator’s (very bad) customer reviews can still be read on Amazon, the actual product page has been taken down.

All of that, plus the fact that the contents of Lotto Dominator aren’t useful and definitely not paying any significant amount of money for, we really don’t recommend it.

As it turns out, Lotto Dominator is another typical cash-grab disguised as a legitimate product, designed to take advantage of unknowing customers.

Do not be fooled. Stay away from this book.

Lotto Dominator Book Resources

If you’re still interested in checking out Lotto Dominator even after everything we’ve discussed, you might have trouble obtaining a copy. As already mentioned, the official website is closed, and the book isn’t available on Amazon anymore.

That’s why we’re providing you a link to a free copy via the official website. The website might be closed to new members, but the PDF can still be downloaded freely.

Simply do a Google search for Lotto Dominator PDF, and it should be one of the first results to appear. Or you can just click here for a free download: Lotto Dominator PDF.

Learn more about Lotto Dominator, the popular eBook allegedly written by seven-time lotto winner Richard Lustig; and find out if it’s worth your money. Also read about Auto Lotto Processor and other similar software. ]]>