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Lottery Tips: What Works and What Doesn’t

Last updated on November 15, 2020

More than a dozen geniuses claim to have good advice to win the lottery. But all of these lottery tips are substantially bad advice for all players. It’s not easy to win the lottery, and that’s the whole truth.

The probability that you will win the next draw is monumental.

If you play the lottery despite the terrible odds, you might as well play it right. So I might as well share my two cents from a mathematical perspective.

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The Best of All Lottery Tips

The greatest of all lottery tips I can think of is to never look at the lottery as a path to a better life. 1 You play the lottery just for fun and winning the jackpot is simply a byproduct of being “in it to win it“.

Always remember that the lottery is a gambling activity. You have to realize that the lottery is designed to have a negative expected value. That means you will most likely end up spending rather than profiting in the long run.

Some people advocate the idea of frequently getting small lottery wins to keep you in the loop until you hit the big one. Of course, frequently winning small prizes is possible. But you have to understand that it’s also misleading and dangerous to your wealth. 2 People who support this idea pay attention to small wins but forget to take into account the majority of losses they incur. This thinking leads them to an illusion of control and puts them to look up to their strategy with confirmation bias. 3 , 4

Playing the lottery is always a losing proposition on the average, except when you win the jackpot. That’s why I always advise players to play as a lottery syndicate and don’t play solo. 5 If you want to play solo, then one ticket is enough.

Given the negative expected value of the lottery, you can never use the lottery as an alternative source for a full-time income. And given that numbers are drawn quite randomly, you cannot trick the lottery for you to win so easily. 6

The reason you want to play the lottery is for entertainment only. The tease of “what if” you win that comes with it will take you to a world of fantasy. And for me, the fun begins at the number selection process.

But even if you want to improve your number selection strategy, you don’t want to waste ten years of your life trying to crack the lottery code. 7

No one can claim to have a sure-fire hack to win the lottery. Not even the greatest of mathematicians. There will be no formula or math equation that can predict the next winning combination.

But that’s part of the fun. Right?

Taking it from a popular “Winning The Lottery vs. Getting Struck By Lightning” scenario, the odds always favor electricity. But that’s only true when you choose to be hit by lightning. You want to avoid lightning as much as possible because it’s not fun. And you play to win the lottery and have fun at the same time. It’s your choice that dictates what’s going to happen to you.

If you choose to play the lottery, you must accept that the odds are stacked against you.

But despite the odds, there is hope by which you can improve your winnability. And mathematics remains the only tool you can use to help you win the lottery (no guarantee, just the best shot possible).

Apparently, lotto players are the target of fake promises. And that’s the hard part because Lotterycodex cannot compete with false lottery tips. The most difficult challenge for me is how to separate the lotterycodex website from all these big leagues.

Lottery Tips Must Be Supported by Evidence

Unfortunately, new guys keep popping up online purporting to have a new winning formula with big talks about their shiny expensive car, a huge mansion, even a photo of a pretty lady next to them, etc.

Don’t lotto players deserve better proof?

Let me clarify some of the most important issues. Right here. Right now.

The “only way” to increase your chance of winning is buying more tickets, and Lotterycodex is built upon that foundation, and I go all the way to improve that strategy further with the use of mathematics. It’s not enough to have hundreds of lotto tickets, you have to have the right hundreds of tickets.

We can take advantage of the power of covering. Use advanced combinatorial design (combinatorics). And make use of probability measurement. (See The Lottery and the Winning Formula According to Math)

Now, let me tell you how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Lotterycodex method is derived from the fact that lotto combinations are not created equally. Combinations in the lottery are divided into combinatorial groups and each group has different compositions that define probability. Of course, this statement is controversial because, until now, many experts are resolute to the traditional belief. I can’t help it but to stand up firm and be different.

According to many experts, 1-2-3-4-5-6 combination has the exact equal chance of being a winner because each combination has an equal probability. Yet, you hear them advocating that players must avoid it. So it seems to me that they contradict their argument.

True, all combinations have equal probability because there’s only one way to win the jackpot.

P(win the jackpot) = One way to do it / All possible combinations in the lottery

But this way of looking at the lottery one-sidedly will kind of restrict you to understand the lottery’s randomness from a different perspective.

Many lotto experts suggest against betting on 1-2-3-4-5-6 because of the possibility of sharing your jackpot with others. The same answer you hear over and over from one guru to another. Of course, they are telling the truth, but that is not a mathematical proof of why you should avoid an all straight consecutive combination.

Mathematically, a better explanation is to show that odds and probability are not the same and they are not mathematically equivalent. Using combinatorics, we can calculate all the possible choices and finally make the right choice based on the ratio of success to failure. (See my article Odds, Probability, and the Lottery).

So when a true lottery strategy is involved, you don’t rely on the likelihood of each combination. Instead, you calculate the ratio of success to failure. That’s exactly what a Lottery calculator should do.

You see, the internet is overloaded with too many opinions. Anyone can lurk on lottery forums, memorize how other members answer those frequently asked questions, and a new lottery guru was born.

As usual, it’s easy to throw away nice-sounding sentences in English and make someone appear sensible. It’s easy to say this one or that one doesn’t work. But to show calculations and prove statements from a mathematical perspective is a lot harder.

As for me, sometimes you have to swim against the tide. Whenever I speak of a controversial statement, I use math to prove my point and kick it up a notch by comparing theory with the actual results.

And I am here to show you proofs (not a photo of a pretty lady next to me or a shiny new car).

Here’s the mathematical proof that combinations are not created equally. If that mathematical evidence does not change your belief, I don’t know what does.

Free Lottery Tips

This website offers a dedicated section where I show you the results of my lottery research for free. It contains a lot of premium information, and as I said, it’s not for sale. It can be accessible by the public without a password, and you don’t even need to subscribe using your email.

If you don’t agree with everything that I wrote in the lottery guide section, you’ll be glad you didn’t spend a single cent on it.

But I am an entrepreneur, and somehow I have to make things sustainable, so I created calculators to help lotto players generate a good list of combinations based on the mathematical principles that I preach.

My calculator is an optional tool. Some people don’t want to be bothered by the complex math calculation, so I offer my lottery calculator as a handy tool.

Buying Lotterycodex calculator is only a discretionary entertainment spending. It’s an extraordinary calculator as it comes with a unique lottery number generator program that separates the worst type of combinations from the best ones. This is the only lottery calculator that combines combinatorics and probability theory in one system. This program helps you play the lottery with complete awareness of what works. It’s your choice if you think my calculator is worth the price.

Either way, the lottery guide section is free. Love it or hate it, you have nothing to lose. How you use the information is all up to you whether or not you use the calculator.

Lottery Tips Must Not Be Based on Statistics

What separates my calculators from other lotto calculator is the method behind the calculation. I use the methods of combinatorics and probability. These two separate branches of mathematics are powerful enough to make your lottery wheel more effective. The calculator separates the best from the worst type of combinations. Now you don’t waste your money on combinations that are unlikely to occur.

I don’t use statistics as data gathered from past lottery results will only give out inaccurate conclusions. The vast majority of lotto players fumble around this particular approach as they think that the past results from this point to that point will provide the clue for picking good numbers. It won’t.

The finite structure of the lottery provides the ultimate key to understanding how randomness works. Understanding how numbers are combined and their corresponding properties will give a clue on how lottery draws behave in a random game. So no matter what your point of reference, the lottery always acts in the same way.

The Lottery Follows the Dictate of the Law of Large Numbers

Mathematically, each ball in the lottery’s number field has the same probability of getting drawn. In the same way, each lottery draw is independent so much so that the previous draws will have no direct effect on the outcome of the succeeding draws. In probability theory, this is called an independent event. 8

However, the lottery is also governed by another mathematical principle. When you analyze the lottery by a large number of draws, we are already entering the realm of the law of large numbers or LLN. Therefore each lotto draw being independent is no longer relevant.

The information provided by LLN helps lotto players understand how the lottery works from a big perspective. The information provided by the big picture will help lotto players take on combinations that are more advantageous to them in the long run. So the last thing you want to do with your money is to spend it on a useless combination.

The lottery is a long shot, and you need the persistence to win. But persistence is useless if you keep doing the wrong thing. You’ve got to look at the lottery in a different light if you want to get the best shot possible. Once you see how math works in the lottery, you’ll never play the lottery the same way again.

There’s More to the Lottery Than Meets The Eye

Lotterycodex exists to analyze the lottery from the perspective of combinatorics and probability theory. Other aspects of the lottery beyond that are way out of my expertise.

If you have been following Lotterycodex, you are probably already aware that I am not a native English writer. I write my stuff, but I decided to stick with what I do best.

So for other areas which I don’t cover, it’s a good thing that other lottery blog sites or lottery websites come to fill the gap.

However, lottery tips abound online, and theories are varying among experts. As you know, opinions differ even in the scientific community, and the lottery community is no exception. It’s you who will choose the best method that you think will work for you.

Below is a list of other lottery blogs or websites for further reading.

While some of these websites are affiliates, nonetheless, they offer you different choices to approach your game, and they educate you about the real stuff, lottery scams, and everything in between in the most ethical way possible. And to be honest, some of them are my competitors, but I don’t mind because it’s best to give you a lot of choices.

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate, and I don’t receive commissions or any benefits from the websites listed below. I believe that these websites will provide some perspectives. Use your discretion when interacting with these websites.

Here is the list:

LotoRainbow by Renato Gianella

Renato Gianella created the LotoRainbow website as complementary support for his combinatorics study of the lottery. In Gianella’s study called The Geometry of Chance, he proved mathematically that number combinations don’t have equal probability.

Lotterycodex derived much of its inspiration from Gianella’s work.

In Gianella’s method, the sets are grouped by tens. So, the first set is 1 to 9. Another is from 10 to 19, and another one from 20 to 29, etc. His method is impressive, except that it comes with a critical weakness. His system ignores the balance selection of odd and even numbers.

I created Lotterycodex to improve Gianella’s concept and offer a better balance between low-high and odd-even numbers.

The Tinkermen Lotto Report by John Francis

Here’s another lotto website that stands up against the crowd to prove that lotto combinations don’t have equal probability. The Tinkermen Lotto Report was conceived when John Francis observed predictable patterns in the past draw’s of the California Super Lotto in March of 2002.

Today he offers free Draw Pattern Predictions with number combination generators for five major lotteries, which include California Super Lotto, the Mega Millions Lotto, Powerball, Lotto America, and the Euro Millions Lottery. Watch his youtube video on How More People Can Actually Win the Lottery.

Let me remind you that matching the draw pattern does not win you anything. You only win when you match the exact numbers. But don’t underestimate the power of patterns. Understand that patterns can help you get closer to the winning combination.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery? By Jason Marshall, Ph.D. (a.k.a The Math Dude)

How long would you need to play before having a 50-50 chance of winning? Read to find out!

Lottery Books

Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins – This is a book by Dr. Iliya Bluskov. I don’t have a copy of his book. Still, according to the description from Amazon, the book is about advanced methods of combinatorics and optimization to design the most economical lottery system (wheel) for any given guarantee. If it is based on combinatorics, then it must be a good book.

Against All Odds – How to PLay Lotteries If You Must – Finally, a sensible book that is in line with the principle of “lose less” clearly explained by a mathematician. This book by G. Rubin Thomas, PhD explains the true nature of randomness from a mathematical perspective. The mission is to provide a clear understanding of a reasonable expectation of the lottery and eventually guide players on how to play the game with the right mindset. Check out Dr. Thoma’s website dedicated to lottery games.

Lottery System Reviews by Lottery-Guy

This guy, a.k.a. “the lottery guy,” makes a review of what he thinks are the bad guys and the good guys that sell lottery systems, software, and strategies. He pops the bubble, and he doesn’t care if a lot of people would hate him for that. The battle between good and evil continues in the lottery arena, and this guy will take you on the safe side. The only thing is that this lottery-guy seems to believe that all combinations are created equally, so obviously, we don’t share the same opinion. But that’s fine by me, in a world of random chance, any opinion is as good as any other. What matters is the opinion of the readers. At the end of the day, the readers will decide for themselves what works for them. Visit the site

Online Lottery Review Sites

Lotto Analyst – Lottoanalyst helps people make informed decisions regarding which lottery sites to play and which ones to avoid at all costs. Every site featured on Lotto Analyst has been researched and analyzed extensively to determine overall trustworthiness and reliability so that you don’t have to.

Lottery Critic – Lottery Critic, covers everything from basic lotto strategies to the stories behind the lottery’s most remarkable players to busting lotto’s biggest myths.

Lotto Exposed – LottoExposed has become one of the most trusted lottery review websites in the world. The website’s primary goal is to provide a safe environment for lottery players to enjoy their game without the fear of scams.

ACCC Scam Watch – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website dedicated to protecting consumers from all kinds of fraud.

ILS Lotto – Here are samples of typical Irish, UK, and European Lottery scams that you may receive in your email.

Lottery News Sites – The most up-to-date news in the lottery – This team has been in the lottery business for over 28 years, and they offer lottery tips, news, and stories on their blog regularly.

Lottery Apps

When people are forced to stay home due to COVID-19, now is a good time for players worldwide to get used to playing online and using mobile apps. – Stay up-to-date with your favorite lottery games with an app for Android phones and tablets! – Track your tickets, get alerts when you win, and play on the go.

TheLotter – This company is the biggest lottery ticket purchasing courier services app but cannot be used by US players.

Lottery Online Tickets for USA Players – In the US, Lotteries can be played in 9 US states right now, via two apps, and also 9 US states also allow people to buy tickets online through the states’ own regulated websites. Thanks to John Francis for the information.

Lottery Forum Sites

Lotterypost – This forum site is probably the most visited forum site on the internet, with lots of active members participating in the discussions.

Here are some lottery tips that really work. Find out what works, what doesn't work, and the best way to win any lotto game.