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Which Lottery Numbers have the Luck of the Irish?

The Irish Lotto jackpot is heading for an estimated €3 million tonight after no one matched all six winning numbers from Saturday to claim the €2,547,583 jackpot.

There have been nineteen jackpot-winning ticket holders already this year in the Irish lottery, and many players will be developing their own number strategies to see if they can become the twentieth. Many people play numbers which have a special significance to them, such as birthdays, anniversaries and house numbers, but other players rely on statistical data, such as how often balls are picked. This information can be found on the Irish Lottery’s Statistics page.

For example, 12 is the most commonly drawn ball, showing up in draw results 121 times since 2006, when the Emerald Isle’s lottery changed to its latest 6 from 45 format. This is followed by numbers 3, 38, 2, 15 and 36 which have all made over 100 draw appearances.

Conversely, wary players might want to stay away from number 43, which has cropped up just 76 times in Irish Lottery history. Following closely behind are balls 16, 14, 25, 8 and 19 which have all appeared fewer than 84 times.

Other players prefer to select the numbers which have had the longest dry spells, reasoning that these numbers are the most overdue. On that basis, number 17 has had the longest holiday having not appeared in the last 84 days’ worth of draws. Bringing up the rear are 11, unlucky 13, 26, 16 and 29, none of which have appeared within the last 56 days.

If you would like some help choosing your numbers for tonight’s draw, visit Irish Lottery Statistics page and choose your winning system. Good luck!

It’s a double-roller of an estimated €3 million to play for in the Irish Lottery tonight, but which numbers have struck it lucky the most times?

Lucky Irish lottery ticket hoarder finds EuroMillions docket worth €500k in her handbag

The player made the discovery after hearing her local shop had sold a winning slip

  • Lauren Kelly
  • 19 May 2017, 17:16
  • Updated : 19 May 2017, 17:19

A LUCKY Irish woman is celebrating after finding a lotto ticket worth €500,000 in her handbag.

The Co Meath punter scooped the EuroMillions Plus top prize on April 28.

She bought the Quick Pick ticket at Centra in Carlanstown, Co Meath on the day of the draw.

The delighted winner headed to Lotto HQ in Dublin today to collect her massive cheque.

And the self-confessed lottery ticket hoarder told how she only realised her new found fortune by chance when her friends mentioned the big local win.

She said: “I am notorious for buying lottery tickets and hoarding them in my handbag for months on end.

“Earlier this week, I was chatting with my friends and the conversation somehow turned to the fact that the Centra shop in Carlanstown had sold a winning EuroMillions ticket worth half a million euros and there was still no sign of a winner coming forward.







snow worries

“In my head, I frantically started retracing where I may have bought my tickets but I never truly believed that it would be me.

“When I finally got home, I told my mam to open her National Lottery phone App and we scanned the ticket together.

“There was an overwhelming sense of relief to see the winning message come up on the phone.

“That was a wonderful moment to share with my mother.”

The player plans to spend the cash on a house and fancy holiday.

She added: “It’s a big shock to the system to comprehend a win of this magnitude.

“I have been in work for the past few days and all of the talk in there is about the work syndicate for the €110million EuroMillions jackpot tonight.

“Little do they know is that they already have a EuroMillions winner in their syndicate.

“This is a fantastic prize to win and this will set me up for my future.

“I will be able to purchase a house mortgage free and maybe I’ll have a nice holiday as well.

“Family is important to me so of course I will take care of them.”

The local Centra shop is proving to be a lucky EuroMillions hot-spot.

Last August, the popular store also sold a winning EuroMillions Match 5 and Lucky Star ticket worth €436,958.

The player made the discovery after hearing a local shop had sold a winning slip ]]>