lucky 37

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“Lock the door,” he commanded.
“Hindi ka pa magaling, hon. ”
“I said. lock the door.”
Alanganing sumunod siya rito. The interior doors of this
suite had locks, except for the main door where hospital staff
were free to come and go during work hours.

“Now, come here. ”
Lumapit siya ulit dito, tumayo sa tapat nito. He opened
his legs and pulled her toward him, embracing her, burrowing
his face in her chest.
“I missed you so much, babe. ” he whispered raggedly.

siya nito papasok sa silid. Feeling how much he had missed
her only heightened her body temperature. Her inner muscles
clenched with that familiar ache.

“Luck, behave. You’re not strong enough.”
Bilang sagot, his hands cupped her breasts and squeezed
Hindi niya napagilan ang mapaungol. Her nipples
puckered to hardened points underneath the material of her
thin bra. Napaka-sensitive ng mga iyon lately.
“Luck. “

Hinila nito pababa ang elastic top ng kanyang damit,
exposing her bra-covered breasts. He surveyed them with
blatant male appreciation. “They are definitely much bigger
than before.”

“Ang lagay eh hindi ka kuntento dati?”
He grinned like a rascal. “Kuntento, siyempre, pero sino
ba ang ayaw ng bonus? Lalo na kung malaking bonus?”
She pulled his hair playfully and laughed. “Luko-luko!”
He released the front clasp of her bra. Her breasts were
indeed noticeably plumper than before, and they popped out
and bounced a little as they were released from confinement.
She sighed in relief. Ayaw na nga sana niyang magsuot ng bra
ngayong buntis siya dahil naaalibadbaran siya, pero ‘di
naman pwede ‘yon kung lalabas siya sa publiko. Ang sarap ng
pakiramdam nang walang bra, lalo na’t tinititigan ng lover
niya ang mga boobs niya na parang masasarap na pagkain at
gutom na gutom ito. It made her feel so beautiful and sexy.
He licked the undersides of her breasts, slowly working
his way around her nipples. One after the other, he
worshipped her breasts with his lips and tongue.
Napakapit siya sa mga balikat nito at napakagat-labi.
Ramdam niya ang pamamasa ng kanyang pagkababae dahil
sa ginagawa nito. Bakit napakabilis niyang ma-arouse
ngayon? Pakiramdam niya’y magka-come na siya from him
licking and sucking her nipples alone.
“Luck. ”
“What, my love?”

HIndi naman niya alam ang sasabihin. Natatakot siya na
baka masaktan ito dahil sa gusto nitong mangyari, pero sabik
na sabik naman siya rito.

Naglalandas ang mga palad nito sa kanyang mga hita,
humahagod pataas, dumako sa kanyang likuran. He squeezed

His fingers gently traced her slit. She was holding her
breath in anticipation of his fingers directly touching her down

“Your doctors.”
“I don’t remember them saying anything like I can’t fuck
my woman.”
God, he could be so crude. Palagi itong may F-bombs
kapag nagse-sex sila, pero mas naa-arouse naman siya ng
mga ganoong salita nito, lalo na ngayon. Alam na kasi niyang
he both desired her sexually and loved her with reverence,

too. She no longer felt overwhelmed and frightened by his

“Luck. ” Habol niya ang hininga. He was now touching
her bare flesh, her panties gone. Nahubad nito iyon nang
halos hindi niya namalayan.

His fingers sank into her wet folds, finding her throbbing
center. Napakapit siya nang mahigpit sa mga balikat nito,
nanghina ang mga tuhod.

“You were saying, my love?” He was rubbing her clit so
deliciously, sending her thoughts scattered all over the place.
Oh God, how she had missed this. It had been so long!

“Uhmmm, Luck. we shouldn’t–”
His finger entered her.
Napaliyad siya sa sobrang sarap. She was burning up now
from the inside out.
“Luck. oh god. ”
“I want you to come for me, baby. ”
Hindi na nito kailangan sabihin iyon. Her inner muscles
were clencing around his finger hungrily, gunning for orgasm.
Parang sinisilaban ang pakiramdam niya sa sobrang
pananabik. She was so close to the summit so fast!
He rotated his finger inside her, stretching her opening.
“Fuck, I’ve missed your tightness, babe. ”
Another finger found its way inside her, stretching her
even more. He sucked her nipples as he played with her pussy.
His fingers started moving in and out of her. Nakakabaliw na

As his lips became more ravenous on her nipples, his
fingers moved faster between her legs, too.

Gutom na gutom ang katawan niya sa ganitong
pagmamahal nito, at ilang segundo lang ay halos nasa
sukdulan na siya.

Hinila nito ang kamay mula sa kanyang pagkababae at
pinaupo siya sa kandungan nito. He adjusted their bodies and
fumbled between them.

him inside her like this. So thick and hot. So damned delicious
she might expire in extreme pleasure.

“Luck, oh honey, I want. please. ” she mewed feverishly
against his lips.

“God, baby, you feel so good. I’ve missed you…this tight
little thing. my love. “

Gripping her waist. He lifted her, her sheath releasing his
manhood almost at the tip, then sunk her back to the hilt.

She came hard with a sharp cry. “Luck! Her sheath
spasmed around him like she’d never let him go.

Nanlalambot siyang napahilig sa dibdib nito, ibinaon ang
mukha sa balikat nito. She was chasing her breath as her body
pulsed with bone-melting bliss. Sa sobrang sarap ng
pakiramdam niya, ayaw na yata niyang kumilos.

“Babe. ” she heard him murmur.
“Hmmm. ” inaantok niyang ungol.
“I need to come, too.”
Napangiti siya. Oo nga naman. How inconsiderate of her.
Dahan-dahang umangat ang ulo niya mula sa balikat nito at
tinitigan ang mukha nito.
His face was etched in hard planes, his eyes burning with
passion. She was winding down from her orgasm now, but she
could still feel him thick and throbbing inside her.
“I can’t move. You have to help me,” he said in a pained
Naalala niya ang kalagayan nito. Nakaupo siya sa
kandungan nito, and clearly, it was making him feel pain from
his still healing injuries.
“Sabi ko na nga kasi eh. ” She gently pulled away from
His manhood jutted out between them, wet and shiny
from her juices. Matagal-tagal na rin noong huli niyang makita
itong ganito. The past weeks, she had taken care of him like he
was a baby, his body still weak and recovering. But now, as
she stared at his massive erection, she knew he was almost
back to his old self, and it made her feel so happy and grateful.

Lumuhod siya sa paanan nito. His legs opened wider to
accommodate her.

She gripped him in her hand. Nahigit nito ang hininga.
Acting purely on instinct, she brought his manhood to her

tried to take his length inside her mouth inch by inch, not
quite covering all his length. But fuck, it was the hottest thing,
to see and feel her baby’s hot mouth loving his cock. He’d
never get enough of this.

Halos hindi siya makakilos. He may have prematurely
pulled a brace or a stitch or whatever, but the dull pain on his
side couldn’t contain the bursts of energy clamoring to escape
from his body as she pleasured him.

Sinuklay ng mga daliri niya ang mahabang buhok nito
palayo sa mukha nito. Ayaw niyang may makaligtaan siya.

Her hands and mouth worked in perfect tandem, sucking
the upper half of his cock, and pumping the lower half with
her hand.

In the few months that they’d been intimate, before shit
hit the fan, she was his eager pupil, inquisitive of his body and
his needs. She was putting everything she’d learned from him
to good use now. Fuck, how had she gotten so good at this?

She rotated her fingers as she moved her face to do a
counter-rotating motion with her mouth.

Jesus H.
His hands tightened on her hair. His balls drew tight. He
clenched his belly to stop the flood of release rushing to end
his pleasure too soon.
“Shit, babe, where’d you learn that?” he panted.
She grinned coyly while his cock was in her mouth. So
damned sexy he nearly came. She let go of his cock with a wet
pop and licked her lips. “I watched porn while you were in the
ICU, in prep for when we can do this again. I did promise you
we’d be doing this a lot once you got better.”
He chuckled. “Seriously. ”
Before she could take him in his mouth again, he held her
shoulder and hauled her to her feet again.
“I want to come inside you.”
Umusad siya sa kama at humiga. Smiling like a siren, she
climbed on top of him like a feline, sitting astride him.
She took hold of his cock again and raised herself on her

Hinila niya ang laylayan ng damit nito upang makita ang
ginagawa nito. She guided him to her super wet opening.

He held his breath as his cock was slowly swallowed by
her pussy again.

Visuals and sensations. Hot, so fucking hot! There would

squeezing them together.
Her hands wrapped around his wrists for support and she

started moving on top of him, grinding her hips. Alam na alam
na nito ang gagawin.

She rode him, her tightness milking his cock deliciously.
She was making these incoherent, sexy as fuck sounds,
and he knew she was gunning for her next orgasm by the way
her tight little cunt was milking his cock.
His hands fell away from her breasts and gripped her
hips, guiding her to ride him faster and deeper.
It was mad, mad pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby. yes. so good. come with
me. Kate. “

Her breasts jiggled as she bounced on him faster.
His cum churned in his balls, ready to erupt.
“Luck, I’m gonna cum. ”
He touched her clit, rubbed it in a steady rhythm as she
rode him harder.
She threw her head back, arching her body, giving him
another sweet orgasm.
“Yes, baby. Fuck, yes!”
His cum shot out, entering her body in hot, frantic spurts
that made him almost black out at the incredible pleasure of
He groaned helplessly as he rode the storm of his orgasm
and she writhed in her second peak, heightening both their
Breathing hard, they looked into each other’s eyes with
dazed vision, their bodies pulsing wildly in the aftermath of
their passion.
“We’d definitely do more of this,” she murmured in a
lethargic voice.
He grinned like a smug fuck and squeezed the cheeks of
her ass.
Damn. How did he get so fucking lucky?

KATE languished in blissful contentment in the arms of
the man she loved. Nakahiga sila pareho sa kama. Kalmante
na ang kanilang mga katawan, at normal na ang tibok ng
kanilang mga puso.

Himalang wala pa namang naghahanap sa kanila na

voice trailed off.
She sensed the worry in his voice. Hinaplos niya ang

dibdib nito. “Noon ‘yon, love. But fate gave me something to
be more scared about. My former fears are insignificant now
after everything that happened.”

He tipped her face so that she would look at him. “Pero
talagang natakot ka sa akin noon?”

She winced a little and shrugged. “Well. You were so
intense before. Yeah, medyo natakot ako, nasakal, na-

He really looked anxious now. “Pero alam mo namang
mahal na mahal kita noon pa, ‘di ba? That I would never
deliberately hurt you?”

“Yeah, I knew you loved me then, pero antagal kasi nating
super close friends lang tapos naging sexually intimate tayong
bigla. ‘Yong transition ng feelings ko for you, nakakalito,
nakakatakot. Parang hindi ko ma-trust ang sarili ko sa
nararamdaman ko for you. Feeling ko, ang babaw ko ring
magmahal. kay Nico. And yet, what I felt for you was
inexplicably intense after we became intimate, too. Alam mo
‘yong parang may sumabog sa heart ko. Ganun. So, I guess
pareho lang tayong intense.”

Ngumiti ito, hinaplos ang mukha niya. “Hindi ka na takot
sa akin ngayon?”

Umiling siya. “Intense ka pa rin naman ngayon, but the
difference is, hindi na ako takot magmahal ulit ngayon. Hindi
na ako takot na muling magtiwala. Hindi na ako takot sa
intensity ng feelings ko sa ‘yo at sa feelings mo sa akin. When I
almost lost you, I realized, ang iksi lang ng buhay para
mabuhay sa takot at kawalang tiwala.”

He nodded solemnly. “But you were right to fear me then,

Kumunot ang noo niya. “Yeah?”
“Inaamin ko, sobra akong na-insecure kay Nico noon.
Ilang taon akong lihim na nagtiis, naghintay, halos mawalan
na ng pag-asang maging tayo, at nang sa wakas ay nagkaroon
ako ng pagkakataon na mabaling sa akin ang pagmamahal
mo, nataranta akong parang gago. Takot na takot akong

mawala ‘yong chance ko. And in my desperation to bind you
to me in any way I could, I did things that made you lose your
trust in me. Imbes na makalaya ka sa mga alaala ni Nico, lalo
kitang ikinulong by subjecting you to the same ordeal you
suffered with him, the loss of your freedom and choice. I’m so

comforting. Kahit alam niyang mahina pa ito physically, she
could feel his inner strength. She felt safe. Loved. Truly loved.

“Si Nico. ” he started again, his tone uncertain.
Iniangat niya ang sarili paupo sa tabi nito upang
magkatinginan sila nang maayos. She touched his face, traced
his lips with her fingertips.
“Nico belongs in the past, my love. Minahal ko siya, pero
minahal din kita. At alam ko na ngayon, mas minahal kita kesa
sa kanya noon. At mahal na mahal kita ngayon. Ikaw na lang
at wala nang iba. You were my best friend then, but now, you
are my soulmate. My present and my future. My everything.”

He smiled, his eyes going moist. “Do you think. do you
think you’d want to marry me someday soon?”

Her heart swelled with overflowing joy. “Hmm.” Kunwari
ay nag-isip siya.

“Please, don’t turn down my 100th marriage proposal.
Baka hindi kayanin ng ribs ko.”

Natawa siya nang malakas at pinisil ang ilong nito.
Pero seryoso ito. “I promise to be less needy, possessive
and greedy for your time and attention,” sabi pa nito.
Awww. “I doubt that will happen.”
He sighed. “I can’t help it, babe. I’ve wanted you for years,
and I don’t think l’ll ever get enough of you.”
Ah, what woman could say no to that? Certainly not her
who couldn’t imagine life without him now. “If you put it that
way. Okay, ask me properly now.”
Tinitigan siya nito nang matiim, puno ng emosyon.
Ginagap nito ang mga kamay niya at dinala sa mga labi nito,
mabining hinalikan. “Will you make me the luckiest man on
the planet and marry me, Kate Deleste, the love of my life?”
Gosh, she wanted to cry. With joy. Nothing but joy from
now on.
His smile lit up her entire universe, and she just knew in
her heart of hearts with absolute certainty, like the sun, he
was at the center of her universe, and he in hers.
She bent her head and kissed his lips gently. “I love you.”
“I love you.”

Three months later.

IT WAS their wedding day.
His bride was walking down the aisle toward him at the

wanted, too.
They’d spent most of the past few months with each

other, secluded in the privacy of his penthouse, rarely going
out together. Itinalaga na ni Kate kay Ayna ang pamamalakad
sa boutiques nito habang buntis ito. Maingat ito sa katawan.
Siya naman ay humirang ng Chief Operating Officer para
patakbuhin ang mga hotels niya. Stealth Unlimited was in
good hands with Jett at the helm.

He was just a happily contented man the past months as
he completely recovered from his injuries. Kate took good care
of him like she was already his wife, and he couldn’t ask for

anything more. Well, except that God would provide them
with healthy children in the near future. Baby number one was
on the way.

Wala silang naging engagement party. Diretso kasal sila.
No press releases. He and Kate both agreed they were both
past those fancy things. Hindi nila kailangan ang mga
ganoong bagay para ipangalandakan sa publiko ang
pagmamahalan nila. They owed nobody any explanation.

This wedding was just a formality in deference to their
loved ones, lalo na sa kanilang mga magulang.

That day when he first saw Kate, he knew she was the
love of his life. It took quite a complicated journey for her to
realize she belonged to him, too, but looking back now, he had
no regrets. Things happened the way they did, to lead them
both to each other, where they truly belonged.

As he stared at his bride walking closer and closer, he had
never felt the rightness of time and place for their union.

Kate finally reached the foot of the altar. Bumaba siya sa
steps para salubungin ito at tanggapin mula sa ama nito. The
old man was teary-eyed as he delivered his only daughter to
his care. He knew what it took for the man to do this. Kate was
Tito Anton’s little princess, his only daughter. But Kate was his
queen now, his one and only, too, and he would take care of
her, protect her and the family they’d build together with his
own life.

“Thank you. Dad,” medyo emosyonal na sabi niya sa
ama ni Kate.

Tumango lang ito, ngunit nasa ngiti nito ang tuwa at
pagtanggap sa kanya bilang bagong anak nito.

Niyakap ni Kate ang ama bago humawak sa kamay niya.
Her smile was radiant behind her veil. His chest clenched
with overflowing joy, his eyes going moist as his emotions

“. I now pronounce you man and wife.”
Applause erupted inside the church.
“Lucky, you may now kiss your bride,” nakangiting sabi

ng pari.
Hinawi niya ang malambot na belo ni Kate. Tinitigan niya

nang buong pagmamahgal ang bagong asawa, ang babaing
tangi niyang minahal sa tanang buhay niya.

He framed her lovely face in his palms. “Hello, Mrs. de

“Kiss me already, husband.”

Buong pagmamahal na nilasap nila ang kanilang unang
halik bilang mag-asawa.

Muling umugong ang palakpakan sa paligid at maging
paswitan, malamang galing sa grupo ng barkada niyang in full
attendance sa araw na iyon. Umaalingawngaw naman sa
background ang malamyos na boses ng kanyang ina habang
kinakanta ang bersiyon nito ng paboritong kanta ni Kate.

“As endless as forever, our love will stay together. you’re
all I need to be with forevermore. “

IT WAS a match made in heaven.
And he was a bastard burning in hell.
A wedding was the last thing Nico wanted to witness right
now, but this particular wedding, he couldn’t afford to miss. At
the back pew of the church, he silently watched the idyllic
Alam niyang maraming nakatingin sa kanya. They were
all wondering what on earth was he doing here, of all places.
He abhorred gossip and shied away from public attention as
much as possible, but on a very important occasion like this,
he could make an exception. He owed it to Kate.
Hindi siya expressive na tao. Bihira siyang magpakita ng
emosyon. He hoped his bloody heart was not draped all over
his fucking sleeve right now for everyone to feast on, because
God, he was in the fucking pits.

As he calmly sat there trying to act like the Golden Boy
they all superficially knew, he was in fact a mass of rioting
feelings inside. He didn’t know he was capable of contrasting
emotions like this — very happy for Kate it was making him
literally breathless, and totally devastated he didn’t know how

The only thing that made him keep his strength as he walked
away from Kate was the thought that a person was waiting for
him somewhere. This person was everything to him, the love
of his life. She was the light in his suddenly very dark
existence, his sanctuary amidst the fiercest storm that was
ravaging his entire life in a mad swirl of wreckage.

He had lost everything.
No, not everything. She was there. Waiting for him. The
light at the end of the tunnel. And he followed the turbulent
path that led to her. Never mind the hatred of the people that

he betrayed in his quest for true love. It was worth it, he’d told
himself repeatedly to strengthen his resolve.

He was a broken man that day, disowned by his own
father, hated by his closest friends, but she would be there,
waiting for him with open arms, and everything would be all
right. She would be his savior in the wake of his banishment
from the world he had painstakingly built but turned away
from, in the name of love.

But in the end, she had been his ultimate destruction, the
last mighty blow that sent the whole universe crashing down
on top of him.

Masayang lumapit si Kate sa kanya. Naninikip ang dibdib
niya na nasaktan niya ang babaing ito. But her eyes were
dancing now, her face aglow with happiness. Bahagyang
naibsan ang guilt niya. She deserved a beautiful wedding, but
he was not the right groom for her. Some other man perfectly
deserved Kate than he ever would in a million years.

And it was meant to be.
Niyakap siya ni Kate. It was a miracle that she was even
smiling at him again, much less hugging him. He’d thought
that she would hate him forever, but Kate had a
compassionate and forgiving heart. He did not deserve even
her friendship, but he was blessed in this department despite
what he’d done.
“I’m so glad you could come, Nic.”
Pinilit niyang ngumiti. He’d missed her warmth, her
friendship. Kate, if not the perfect girlfriend, was a loving,
loyal friend. Even after everything that happened, she had

proven her strength of character. He, on the other hand, was a
terrible, terrible judge of character.

He would always treasure Kate’s friendship. “Of course, I
couldn’t possibly miss this. Congratulations, Kate. I’m so
happy for you.”

noon sa Lothario, naramdaman niyang nagbago na ang
pakikitungo nito sa kanya ngayon. Lucky no longer hated him.
It was more than he could ever ask for.

Lucky was the right man for Kate. She was in great hands

Hinapit nito si Kate sa baywang. “Thanks for coming,

“It’s my pleasure. I owe you, guys.”
“How are you, Nic?” tanong ni Kate, concern in her eyes.
“I’m good. Thanks for asking.”

He hoped he sounded convincing. God, where the hell
was the poker face he had mastered to an art form when he
badly needed it? He was inches from spilling his bloody guts
all over them. He didn’t want to dampen their joy by giving
them the smallest hint of how fucking miserable he really was.

Words seemed to fail them for a moment. It wasn’t
awkward. There were just no proper words to express what
they felt inside. The events that transpired between them a
few months ago were still fresh in their memories, and yet the
wound he had inflicted on them seemed to have healed.

Unlike his own wounds.
Yumakap si Kate kay Lucky. Her husband bent his head
and tenderly kissed his bride on the lips.
They became oblivious to his presence, so lost in their
love for each other.
Ni hindi namalayan ng mga ito na lumakad na siya
palayo. Palayo sa masayang lugar na iyon, at papunta sa
buhay na naghihintay sa kanya.
A life of nothingness.
Sa labas ng simbahan ay tumingala siya sa kalangitan. He
could see stars, winking at him, as if taunting him, a rare sight
at night in this city always ablaze with man-made
luminescence. It was beautiful, as beautiful as the love he had
witnessed inside the church. A stark contrast to the ugliness
reigning inside of him.
Yeah, he had it all coming. Karma was a major bitch when
it was payback time. Indeed, the adage was true. He was
reaping karma in spades.

Napakarami niyang mga taong sinaktan. Kate, the
woman who had loved him despite his shortcomings, and
there were many. His parents, who had adored him from the
cradle and who had given him all the privileges fit for a prince.
Kate’s parents who had trusted and treated him as their own

kotseng naghihintay sa kanya. One of his bodyguards opened
the door for him. He climbed in.

Seconds later, the car was moving away from the church.
It was just as well that this happened here. This was a fitting
end to a chapter in his life. A chapter he wouldn’t revisit again.