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Lucky Day Lotto

Lucky Day Lotto is a game you’ll only find in Illinois. It features a jackpot that starts at $100,000 and the best odds of any IL Lottery draw game. You’ll never miss out on the chance to win a great cash prize with draws twice a day, seven days a week – Midday at 12:40 PM and Evening at 9:22 PM (sales close at 12:35 PM and 9:15 PM). Today could be your lucky day!

How to Play

All you need to do is pay $1 per line and pick five numbers from 1 to 45 or opt for a Quick Pick.

Choose whether to play the Midday or Evening draw, or both.

Win a prize if you match at least two of your numbers to the Lucky Day Lotto numbers drawn by the Lottery. If you match all five winning numbers, you’ve hit the jackpot!


If you’re looking for an instant win of up to $5,000 before the draw even takes place, add EZmatch to your ticket – it offers you a shot at snapping up some cash while you wait for the Lucky Day Lotto numbers.

When you pay an extra $1 per play, you’ll have a second set of numbers generated on your ticket and each number will have a cash value assigned to it. If any number in the second EZmatch set matches any of your Lucky Day Lotto numbers, you’ll win cash right there and then!

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Check the table below to find out how much you could win with Lucky Day Lotto and the odds for each prize level (scroll down for EZmatch details):

Lucky Day Lotto Prizes and Odds
Winning Tier Prize Won Odds
Match 5 Jackpot 1 in 1,221,759
Match 4 $200 1 in 6,109
Match 3 $15 1 in 157
Match 2 $1 1 in 12
Odds of winning any Lucky Day Lotto prize are approximately 1 in 11

If you added EZmatch to your play, match any EZmatch number to any of your Lucky Day Lotto numbers to instantly score the cash prize shown – here’s what you could win plus the odds:

Information on the Lucky Day Lotto game with EZMatch – find out how to play, draw schedule for Midday and Evening, and prizes and odds for this IL Lottery-exclusive game.

Lucky Day Lotto Illinois (IL) Lottery Results & Game Details

Lucky Day Lotto Illinois Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers

Cold Numbers

How to Play Illinois Lucky Day Lotto

Pick Your Numbers

You can use the Quick Pick option and the computer will automatically choose your numbers for you, or you can pick your own numbers by filling out a play slip and selecting a five numbers from 1 to 45.

Buy Your Ticket

You can buy Lucky Day Lotto tickets from authorized retailers in Illinois. Online play is also available via the lottery’s official website or mobile app.

Lucky Day Lotto costs $1 per play.

Illinois Lucky Day Lotto Drawing Schedule

Lucky Day Lotto drawings are held twice a day at 12:40 PM and 9:22 PM CST.

Illinois Lucky Day Lotto Payout and Rules

To win the top prize of at least $100,000, you must match all five of your numbers.


You can also enable EZmatch for an additional $1. With EZmatch, a second set of 5 numbers are automatically chosen and printed on your ticket. If you match any of your numbers with the EZmatch numbers, you instantly win the amount indicated.

Illinois Lucky Day Lotto Payouts and Odds

Numbers Matched Prize Odds
5 of 5 Jackpot 1 in 1,221,759
4 of 5 $200 1 in 6,109
3 of 5 $15 1 in 157
2 of 5 $1 1 in 12

Illinois Lucky Day Lotto Claiming Your Prize

For prizes up to $600:

  • You may cash in your winning ticket at most retailers.
  • If you played online, your winnings will automatically be credited to your player account.

For prizes above $600:

  • You may fill out a claim form and mail it along with your winning ticket to the Illinois Lottery’s Springfield office.
  • You can also visit any of the other prize centers to receive up to $25,000 immediately. If your winnings are over this amount, your claim will be forwarded to the Springfield office.

For online players:

  • Winnings of $600 and below are automatically credited to your player account.
  • If you win a larger amount, you will be contacted by the lottery with instructions how to claim your prize.

All winners have 1 year after the relevant draw to collect their prize.

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