lucky lapine invite code

Lucky lapine invite code

Lucky Lapine is a small, yet growing browser-based SIM breeding game, where the goal is to breed the best animals. The game is run and owned by June.

Lucky Lapine was opened in 2012 and has been through many changes over the years. In late 2018, a complete revamp of the game is planned, however no official release date has been given. Many things are to be added in the revamp, which will include new breeds and items to put a fresh new spin on the seven year old game.

Choose Your Breeds

From the petite Dwarf Hotots to Flemish Giants to a variety of guinea pigs, there are over 30 breeds to choose from. Pick your favorites! Start your own lines from pet store rabbits and perfect their breed, or purchase rabbits from other players and continue to improve them! Which ones will you choose for your herd?

Realistic Genetics

Lucky Lapine strives to have the most realistic and accurate system of genes and alleles that work like they would in real life. If you are looking for a fun way to learn rabbit or guinea pig genetics, Lucky Lapine can be an engaging learning tool.

Pick of the Litter

Breeding is an essential part of Lucky Lapine gameplay, especially for improving your breeds. Breeding rabbits will result in a newborn litter the next day, or in two days if breeding guinea pigs. You can choose your favorites or the best ones to continue to improve your lines.

Compete in Shows

You are able to enter your rabbits into shows to compete against those of other players. Official in-game shows are sponsored by Lucky Lapines’s own rabbit breeder’s organization, the Rabbit Fanciers Association (RFA). You can also show rabbits in group shows, which are great for rabbits that are not accepted by the RFA’s standards. Rabbits are jugded based on the RFA breed standards, along with their stats.

Welcome to the Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki made by Niabi (#7829) of the SIM game, Lucky Lapine! We are always looking for help, so feel free to contribute to this wiki. Users are free to add pages and make edits, however we ask that you notify Niabi before doing so as we would like to stray away from duplicating pages.

Whether you’re completely new to Lucky Lapine, or a returning user from years past, or someone who plays every day, we hope that this Wiki will have useful information for you that you may not be able to find on the site.

If you see any incorrect information or notice something missing on any of the pages, please either contact Niabi (#7829) in game or edit/add pages to fix the problems.

Much of the information comes from players experience, along with two other guides that have been made for Lucky Lapine, both of which are outdated and/or are hard to navigate.

Run your own rabbitry or caviary in this fun rabbit and guinea pig breeding SIM game. Choose your specializations and how you want to improve your lines. Enjoy playing with advanced and realistic genetics, beautiful artwork, a small but wonderful and polite community, and your favorite pets…

Lucky Lapine : Around the Coffee Table

Rabbits for profit… Rabbits for fun… Rabbits for just about everyone… has a new visual style and some new features!
It’s a big change, and it’ll take a bit for everybody
to get used to, but we hope you will love it!

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The amazing response to our recent donation campaign has
allowed us a significant upgrade to the type of hosting we can purchase.
The new server is performing wonderfully so far!
Thank you to all who have helped!

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So I found this online bunny Sim game went to join and found dead out I need an invite code. Now I am sad as … ]]>