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By The Numbers: Songs for All Your Lucky Number Needs

Literally 68 of the BEST songs with numbers in the title

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Low on lucky number inspiration? We’ve got your back. Our new By the Numbers playlist on Spotify has inspiration for days. Or at least 4 hr 24 min worth. Curated by Tom, Creative Director at Jackpocket and dog dad to Maybelle. Hit it!

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Low on lucky lottery number inspiration? Here are literally 68 of the BEST songs with numbers in the title.

Lucky Number Music

Dream Wife – IRL (Live In London 2020)

Following their Top 20 charting second album So When You Gonna…, Dream Wife (Alice Go, Bella Podpadec and Rakel Mjöll) today announce the release of a live album, IRL (Live in London 2020), and share the previously unreleased “Cheap Thrills“.

Fortuitously recorded by their front of house engineer at London’s Peckham Audio this past January, it documents what was expected to be the band’s first of many shows of 2020. Featuring highlights from both of their albums, plus Cheap Thrills, the recording has undoubtedly captured a blistering performance that showcases the trio’s trademark ferocity.

Dream Wife say that: “The rock show is the beating heart of this band. We cut our teeth as a unit playing relentless DIY tours before ever releasing music. We often describe recordings as a snapshot of a song at a moment in time, but understanding them as living, breathing, transforming entities through the rock show. Kicking off this year we imagined 2020 to be seriously getting back to touring, to playing shows, to letting these songs live. But… 2020 has not been what anyone expected it to be.

When we put on this small intimate ‘sort of’ secret gig for fans & friends at Peckham Audio back in January we thought it was the first but, as it turns out, it was going to be the only for a very long time. We truly believe in the transcendental power of live music; that you have the power to go somewhere together. We can’t wait to commune with you IRL, at the rock show; to share sweat and joy and rage and grief and energy and love. But for now, we offer you a snapshot of our only rock show of 2020. We offer you a little bit of that energy and rawness and connection captured digitally. It’s not quite the same. But don’t worry we’ll be together, we will be loud, and we will be unapologetically present soon. Lots of love, Your Wives xxx

Also announced today, the bands explosive second album So When You Gonna… has earned a Top 10 spot in Rough Trade’s Albums of the Year List. Produced and mixed by Marta Salogni, the album deals with topics such as miscarriage and gender equality, and followed the band’s 2018 critically acclaimed self-titled release. The record debuted in the UK Album Chart at # 18, the only album in the top 20 that week to be produced by a womxn and non-male engineering team, as well as the only non-major label release, and at #1 in the Official Record Store Chart of Independent Retailers.

Middle Kids – R U 4 Me?

Middle Kids (Tim Fritz, Hannah Joy and Harry Day) have today released their first new music in over 18 months. Premiered last night on triple j, the propulsive “R U 4 Me?” was produced by Lars Stalfors (St Vincent, Cold War Kids, Soccer Mommy) and showcases the band’s capacity to pair unforgettable melodies with raucous, arena-worthy indie rock.

Lead singer and songwriter Hannah Joy explains the alienating inspiration for the song: “I was at university once and there were all these signs on the walls saying “BE NICE IT’S NOT THAT HARD”. The tone of the message itself actually wasn’t very nice or kind…. We are always looking around at other people thinking “are you on my team?”. I think this just results in us all feeling lonely.

“R U 4 Me?” has a frenzied energy. The band chose to include their own distorted yelling, wailing and laughter (captured candidly between takes in the studio) as the sounds encapsulated the spark and energy of creation at that moment. A little manic, a little wild, a little joyful.

“R U 4 Me?” is accompanied by a moving music video directed by W.A.M. Bleakley, portraying a story of youth, peer pressure, social isolation and the joy of finding a place to belong, which you can watch below.

Middle Kids new single is the band’s first release since their 2019 EP New Songs For Old Problems, which in turn followed on from their critically acclaimed 2018 Triple J Award winning debut album Lost Friends.

Middle Kids will also performing live in a Global Live Streaming Event on October 22nd. Tickets are available now.

Sunflower Bean – Moment In The Sun

Delighted to announce the return of Sunflower Bean with their new single “Moment In The Sun”, premiered by Radio 1’s Annie Mac as the Hottest Record In The World, their first new material of 2020. Produced by Dave Bassett (Vance Joy, Bishop Briggs, Fitz and the Tantrums) and Jacob Portrait (of Unknown Mortal Orchestra), “Moment In The Sun” is out now alongside an effervescent music video made in quarantine with VMA-nominated directors Andy DeLuca and Sarah Eiseman, co-starring Julia Cumming of the band and Marquis Rodriguez of Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us, which you can watch below.

‘Moment In The Sun’ is about finally recognizing what is important in one’s life, the people you decide to spend it with,” Sunflower Bean explain of the track. “All of these things we distract ourselves with, the never-ending mountain of career climbing, the pursuit of financial success, and the hope that after all that trying you could finally be cool. All of that is meaningless in comparison to one great day, hour, or moment with someone you really love.

The band further explain of the video: “While quarantining together upstate this summer we decided to make a music video for ‘Moment In The Sun.’ We thought the best way to visually represent the meaning of the song, while also taking inspiration from this isolating time everyone has been forced to live in, was to create two separate worlds. One world which exists totally inside a home, mostly in a lonely bedroom. The other world exists completely outside in the sun and is made up of memories of a summer love. We invited Marquis Rodriguez, who is one of Julia’s best friends since high school and also an incredibly talented actor, to co-star in the video. He was crucial in helping us tell the story of summer love and show those potent memories of tenderness coming to life. While living alone, the character Julia is portraying becomes flooded with memories and moments from the past summer, and as a result her bedroom starts to transform into the outdoor world. We built up the entire bedroom using real sod and flowers. Her memories are brought to life, just like the room.

Dream Wife – After The Rain

Dream WifeRakel Mjöll, Bella Podpadec and Alice Go – have just released their second album So When You Gonna…, earning Rough Trade’s coveted title of Album of the Month. Produced and mixed by Marta Salogni, the album deals with topics such as miscarriage and gender equality, and follows the band’s 2018 critically acclaimed self-titled release. The record has debuted in the UK Album Chart at # 18, the only album in the top 20 to be produced by a womxn and non-male engineering team, as well as the only non-major label release, and at # 1 in the Official Record Store Chart of Independent Retailers. Purchase, stream or download the record, HERE.

Today, Dream Wife share the music video for the emotive album closer “After The Rain”. Regarding the song and its subject matter, Rakel explains: “The song was originally a voice memo I recorded after having a conversation with my sister, she had just discovered she was pregnant, and she didn’t want to go through with the pregnancy. This was happening at the same time as The Human Life Protection Act/Alabama Abortion Ban last May. Going through these multiple waves of community shame, anger at these systems imposed by the patriarchy to own women bodies, lack of trust and feeling disconnected from your own body. And not being able to articulate those feelings.”

With the video, created in collaboration between the band and director Helga Katrínardóttir, they explain “We have used water in both the song and video to symbolize and explore the singular yet collective experience of abortion. Water is the fundamental for all life. We are 75% water. Water is all and all pain is shared pain. It is our choice to craft the narratives of our own lives and fight the restrictions put on us by a society attempting to control our bodies. It’s feeling all the feelings and knowing that the storm will pass.

Filmed across expansive Icelandic nature and intimate South London home the film takes the viewer on a journey from the internal to the external, from the singular experience to the collective. The dramatic differences between the interior and exterior shots also speak to the drastically different ways our home countries have mobilised in response to the current pandemic and how important it is to function collectively during times of dislocation”.

Hinds – Burn

Hinds released their glorious and triumphant third album, The Prettiest Curse, last month to widespread critical acclaim and now share the video for bombastic album track “Burn” . Directed by Mariano Schoendorff, it was filmed remotely as Madrid finally began to slowly ease out of lockdown.

Dream Wife – So When You Gonna… & Tour Dates

Dream Wife will release their explosive new album So When You Gonna…this Summer, and have now shared the album’s title track, accompanied by a music video directed by frequent collaborator Aidan Zamiri. “So When You Gonna…” follows the previously released singles “Sports!” and “Hasta La Vista,” and is accompanied by today’s 2021 tour date announcement and the release of episode five of the band’s womxn-centric podcast series.

Dream Wife on “So When You Gonna…”:

“It’s a dare, an invitation, a challenge. It’s about communicating your desires, wholehearted consent and the point where talking is no longer enough. It promotes body autonomy and self-empowerment through grabbing the moment. The breakdown details the rules of attraction in a play by play ‘commentator’ style, inspired by Meat Loaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’.

For the video for we worked with our favourite elf prince Aidan Zamiri who filmed around a free sweaty, sexy, gig we did for ours fans back in January – shot as a first person POV from the inside of a mouth. Performing live is the beating heart of this band and we miss it, so please take this video as a little love letter to the rock show”

Today the band also announce a UK and European tour for 2021. The tour kicks off in April with the final UK date at London’s Electric Ballroom before they head to Europe for a string of dates. Full list of shows below and tickets for all shows are available on their website.

Hinds – Just Like Kids (Miau)

All female force Hinds have shared their new single “Just Like Kids (Miau)” (meow in English) from their forthcoming third album, The Prettiest Curse, out June 5th.

The Madrid-based quartet snarl at the hilarious comments they’ve received over the years with lyrical wit on this new track. Their sound, just like their response, is untamed and fierce – a song that showcases the bands huge, uncompromised personality. The 90s inspired, all bold and eye-popping video directed by Keane Shaw perfectly captures Ana, Carlotta, Ade and Amber’s fun energy no matter how hideous the remark. Watch below!

Miau is a cocktail of all the comments and “advice” we’ve had to listen to during all this years in the band. From random strangers, “friends”, and industry. Oh wait…the guy sitting next to you in the bus probably has an opinion too! If you wondered how does it feel to be a girl in a band, here you go.

Dream Wife – Hasta La Vista + Podcast Launch!

Dream Wife have shared the second single from their new album So When You Gonna… with a homemade music video comprising video footage of the band as chidlren in the ’90s, watch and listen to the song below now:

The band have also launched their new So When You Gonna… Podcast series, listen and subscribe here.

Having always been outspoken about holding up other womxn and non-binary people in the arts and creative industries, the band have– as they say in the record’s first single “Sports!” –“put their money where their mouth is” with this new series. Each episode is a one-on-one interview with a different creative, connected with Dream Wife, about how exactly they managed to hone their craft. The band have interviewed friends, collaborators and people whom also inspire them across multiple fields and hope to encourage their fans and listeners to start something new, to pursue their creative interests and also to provide advice in navigating these industries.

With a gender divide in music production currently estimated at around ninety-five percent male to five percent female, it felt right for the first episode to feature the new album’s producer Marta Salogni discussing how to get into music production in an in-depth conversation with Rakel.

Dream Wife – Sports! + Album Announce

Dream Wife have announced their explosive second album, So When You Gonna…, dealing with topics such as abortion, miscarriage, and gender equality, and produced entirely by a non-male team of producer and mixer Marta Salogni (Björk, Holly Herndon, FKA Twigs), engineer Grace Banks (David Wrench, Marika Hackman) and mastering engineer Heba Kadry (Princess Nokia, Alex G, Beach House). While it touches on important themes, there’s also an immediacy, a ‘now or never’ excitement that exists right at the core of this record, that encourages you to stop waiting and start doing. The album title is a play on that central idea. “It’s an invitation, a challenge, a call to action,” say the band. So When You Gonna… will be released on July 3rd – pre-order HERE.

To celebrate the album announcement, Dream Wife share the album’s lead single “Sports!” Having played almost 200 shows across 2018, the band forgot how to sit still, and turned to playing sports together while writing the new album. “Sports!” an ode to those moments in which they needed to expel some post-tour energy. It’s an absurd, playful, moreish track, full of colourful guitar flourishes and winking vocal asides. The band self-directed and self-produced the music video, check out the song and incredible music video.

HMLTD – West of Eden

HMLTD’s debut album, the expansive, labyrinthine West of Eden, is out now. Several years in the making, the daring collection of songs created to incite conversation about proposed new visions of masculinity, the decadence of western capitalism and the violence of insecurity and repression. Across these 15 tracks the band realise their artistic vision in full technicolour, with all shades of their sonic palette used to create an album that is equal parts lush and abrasive.

The band describe the album thus, “West of Eden is a portrait of a civilization on the brink of collapse. This is the world our generation will spend its lives in, and we somehow need to find love and meaning within it. This album is about the struggle that we will all live, and about turning that struggle into joy.”

To celebrate the album’s release, the band have also shared an enigmatic new video, entitled the “West of Eden Chapter 0: Prelude” featuring a tantalising snippet of new unreleased music, and animated by their frequent collaborator Mike Raymond, who also designed the striking album artwork.

Lucky Number Music Dream Wife – IRL (Live In London 2020) Following their Top 20 charting second album So When You Gonna… , Dream Wife (Alice Go, Bella Podpadec and Rakel Mjöll) today ]]>