lucky p

Lucky P

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  • Detroit, US 2 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Toledo, US 2 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Chicago, US 2 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Atlanta, US 1 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Portland, US 1 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ


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Lucky P, Category: Artist, Singles: I Am Lucky Patrick, Take This Out, Top Tracks: SuperStar, Still the Same, All I Need, Flex, My Baby, Monthly Listeners: 10, Where People Listen: Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland

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Antonyms for lucky


“You must have been born under a lucky star, Robert,” said the merchant.

It’s lucky the captain knows nothing of my Wall Street speculations.

How lucky I did not write to my father that I had broken matters off.

“I’d say that I was lucky to have half of the half that’s left,” was Emma’s prompt retort.

Do not fret over this: it is so lucky that you will soon be well again.

The lucky alarm of an influenza decided what might not have been decided quite so soon.

Everybody agreed that it was a good match and that Sarah was a lucky girl.

You’re a lucky wee lad, so you are, to be getting paid to go to school.

Other times, when he was lucky, they would be waiting within a hundred yards of the barn.

“It’s lucky harvest will be over; silo filling, too,” was his only comment.

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