lucky’s card shop greensboro nc

Lucky’s Card Shop

3929 West Gate City Blvd, Greensboro (NC), 27407, United States

We are a WPN licensed store and proudly support Magic: The Gathering. We have Friday Night Magic every week as well as daily events on every day of the week we are open.

We Have Weekly tournaments for every card game we support including Pokemon, Yugioh, Force of Will & Cardfight! Vanguard. Check out our page for our weekly schedule including times & prize support.

Check out our group to chat with local players about your favorite card game.

We have a wide variety of singles for each card game, as well as sealed boxes, pack, starter decks & 2 player kits.

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Lucky’s Card Shop is Located in Greensboro, NC at 3929 Gate City Blvd We are a WPN licensed store and proudly support Magic: The Gathering. We have Friday Night…


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