man killed after winning lottery

Witnesses testify in relation to Cleveland man who was murdered after winning lottery

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Issac Carson, affectionately known as “Bookie,” was murdered back in June of 2018.

His mother took the stand Tuesday and spoke about the last time she saw her oldest son alive.

It was six days before police found him dead.

Carson had just won the lottery and stopped by to share his new wealth with his mother.

“He said he got part of his money from a bar owner,” Carson said.

Another witness later stated that Carson sold his $50,000 lottery ticket and walked away with $20,000 cash.

“To avoid all of the deductions and things like that were going to come out of it,” the witness said.

That witness said Carson was like a brother to him.

Days before his death, Carson came to the witness’s home with a lot of money asking him not to tell anyone he had won the lottery.

But the witness said there were a lot people who already knew.

“He just hollered, ‘Alright, I’m going to go over and holler at them, and then he took off,” the witness said.

Witnesses told prosecutors they saw two suspects in Carson’s car, arguing with him shortly before shots rang out in the parking lot.

Police found Carson dead outside of Lady Luck Lounge.

Officials called a crime scene detective, who gathered pictures, DNA, and a fingerprint from the crime scene.

Tuesday, the detective showed the courtroom the pictures that were taken the day of the crime.

The defense attacked the detective for what was shown in those pictures and how the evidence was collected.

They pressed him about possible DNA contamination and the amount of time it took him to take some samples.

“But in this case, for whatever reason, you didn’t do the inside a couple hours later, or even a couple days later. You did the inside eight days later,” the defense attorney said.

Michael Ward is charged with eight counts, including aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.

Was Wards DNA found at the scene, and if so, does the defense have a case surrounding contamination?

Issac Carson, affectionately known as “Bookie,” was murdered back in June of 2018.