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About Massachusetts MassCash

Massachusetts Mass Cash is a very popular game among Massachusetts State players due to the fact that of all lottery games it is the one with highest odds ofi winning a jackpot, making it a very good game to bet one.s money on.

The Massachusetts Mass Cash top prize of $100,000 might not be as appealing as Mega Millions or Power Ball.s millionaire jackpots. However, knowing that there is 1 chance out of 324,632 of winning it players rush for the Massachusetts Mass Cash.

To have an idea of the huge difference between these games, Power Ball and Mega Millions have roughly one in 175 million odds, the Lucky for Life game has one in 5 million and a Megabucks player has one in 13 million chances of hitting the jackpot!

However, this is not merely statistical data. The list of lucky players grows every week, especially now that drawings happen every day.

In the very first drawing, there were 10 winners of the jackpot prize of $100,000 and in its first month Massachusetts Mass Cash gave out 30 jackpot prizes.

In the entirety of FY2011 there were 181 grand prize winners.

Massachusetts Mass Cash made its debut in March 1991 was the fourth MSL online game and third Massachusetts in-state draw game, joining The Numbers Game and Megabucks Doubler.

Like in other Lottery Games, more than 50% of the revenue from the ticket sales of Massachusetts Mass Cash goes to the prize money. The remaining profit goes to administrative issues and operations expenses and to the important mission of supporting the communities (about 23%). Many towns and cities throughout the Massachusetts State benefit from the money raised by Lottery games.

In the beginning, there were Massachusetts Mass Cash two weekly drawings but an extra Sunday drawing was later added in January 2009.

In 2011 as the game enjoyed a steady popularity, the Massachusetts Lottery organization decided to make the Massachusetts Mass Cash a daily drawing game, thus allowing for seven opportunities a week to win $100,000 and also to increase revenue for social improvements all over the state.

How to play Massachusetts MassCash

The Massachusetts Mass Cash is one of its simplest lottery draw games to play. There is only one matrix of 35 numbers from which 5 must be picked.

    Go to a local Lottery Sales Agent and buy a Massachusetts Mass Cash bet slip. Each bet slip will cost you a $1 wager. Betting hours are from 5 am to 10:45 pm so you have plenty of time to hit your local retailer before the drawing.

Choose five numbers from 1 to 35 and mark them in the slip. Alternatively, the Lottery computer can choose five random numbers for you. For this you have to ask the clerk for a Quic Pic.

When the clerk gives you the receipt for your bet, check if all the numbers match the ones you initially picked.

The receipt is your only proof in case of winning so sign it on the back to guarantee your ownership. If you lose it or if it is stolen your signature will ensure that no one can claim your prize for you. Always make sure to know where you have your ticket.

  • Check the results in the next drawing, on the web or with a sales agent.
  • The Massachusetts Mass Cash drawings happen every day at 11:20 pm and you can watch them on TV or check later on the Massachusetts Lottery website.

    There is currently no possibility of purchasing a Massachusetts Mass Cash Season Ticket.

    How to Win Massachusetts MassCash?

    The game is a simple single matrix of 1 to 35 so there are only three possibilities to win.

    If the player matches 3 out of 5 Mass Cash numbers, the prize is $10.

    If the player matches 4 out of 5 Mass Cash numbers, the prize is $250.

    If the player hits the Massachusetts Mass Cash jackpot and matches all five balls, wins $100,000.

    All prizes are set and are paid in a lump sum. The only reason for values to change would be if the total revenues of a given drawing should not be sufficient to pay for the prizes awarded. In these cases a formula is used to calculate the values.

    If several players hit the jackpot, they all win the $100,000. Unlike other lottery games, there is no jackpot splitting for multiple winners which is another upside for Mass Cash.

    Top prize winners of the Massachusetts Mass Cash game must be claimed in the Massachusetts Lottery headquarters in Braintree.

    All other winners can claim their prizes at their local licensed agents.

    The Massachusetts Mass Cash jackpot is subject to tax but the $10 and $250 prizes are not. Prizes must be claimed in a year.s time.

    The Massachusetts Mass Cash has the highest odds for winning. For the 3 out of 5 match, the odds are 1 in 74.63. For the 4 out of 5, the odds are 1 in 2,164.21. For the jackpot, odds are 1 in 324,632.

    More about the Massachusetts Mass Cash

    The drawings are held in the Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters and a different number of tests are made to ensure the total randomness of the drawing. There is a computer that selects one out of three sets of colorful Lotto balls to be used in the drawing and the balls enter the drum in a random order. The drawing procedure for the Massachusetts Mass Cash is the same as for the Megabucks and Cash WinFall games.

    In FY2011, the ticket sales for the Massachusetts Mass Cash reached $47.4 million and were responsible for 1.1% of the total revenue for the Massachusetts State Lottery.

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