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961 Mass. Reg. 2.65

Consecutive Games. The number of successive JACKPOT POKER games (i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30) for which a player may make a selection on a single JACKPOT POKER ticket.

Exchange Ticket. The ticket issued to replace a consecutive game ticket that is validated prior to the last game on the ticket.

JACKPOT POKER. An on-line Lottery game in which a player selects five numbers from a field of 52 numbers. The Lottery randomly selects 52 numbers ranging from number one to number 52 where each number corresponds to a playing card from a standard deck of playing cards. Depending on the cards corresponding to the numbers selected by the player and validation of the ticket, the player may win a prize.

Progressive Jackpot. A feature by which a bettor may place an additional wager on the jackpot element of the game. Rules regarding the Progressive Jackpot shall be set by the Director in an Administrative Bulletin governing the game.

Quic Pic. A function that allows an on-line terminal to automatically and randomly select JACKPOT POKER numbers for a player.

Winning Hand. The five numbers selected by a bettor corresponding to the playing cards randomly selected for each drawing.

(3) Valid Bet. Except as otherwise provided in 961 CMR 2.65, a valid bet on the JACKPOT POKER game using the Lottery’s computer processing system shall be a bet which is: (a) Placed with and accepted by a sales agent licensed to sell the JACKPOT POKER game or by a Lottery facility specifically designated for the purpose. (b) Paid for in full at the time and place the bet is placed. (c) Recorded correctly on a computer terminal generated ticket in accordance with 961 CMR 2.00 . (d) Represented by a ticket generated by a computer terminal. The ticket must contain the following information: 1. The number selection; 2. The amount wagered; 3. The number of games played; 4. the date or dates of play; 5. A terminal identification number; 6. An 18-digit ticket serial number; 7. A machine readable (bar code) ticket serial number; 8. A verifiable numeric representation of the information contained on the ticket consistent with the information contained in the Lottery’s computer records. (e) Accepted by the Lottery Computer prior to the selection of the winning numbers for the game(s) on the ticket. (f) In the event of an apparent contradiction between information as printed on the ticket and as accepted by the Lottery Computer, the bet as accepted by the Lottery Computer shall be the valid bet. (4) Placing Bets. (a) Bets may be placed by the bettor orally instructing the Lottery sales agent of his or her number selections or requesting a “Quic Pic” and the sales agent then registering the bet via the terminal keyboard or by preparing a betting slip which is then entered into the terminal. Betting slips shall be prepared as follows: 1. Marking of Betting Slips. In completing a betting slip for the JACKPOT POKER game the bettor MUST: a. Use only pencil or blue ballpoint pen for marking the slip; b. Select the amount bet per game; c. Select the number of games played; d. Select the five numbers he or she wishes to play; or e. Select the Quic Pic box. 2. Only official bet slips issued by the Lottery and hand marked by the bettor(s) may be used to place bets. The use of mechanical, electronic, computer generated or any other method of marking betting slips is prohibited. 3. Bet slips shall have no pecuniary or prize value, or constitute evidence of purchase or number selections. (b) The terminal must generate a ticket as described in 961CMR 2.65(3)(d) which is given to the bettor as his or her receipt. (c) A single game bet may be canceled on the day it is placed prior to the close of betting for the game for which the bet is eligible. A consecutive game bet may be canceled on the day it is placed prior to the close of betting for the first game for which the bet is eligible. Consecutive game bets cannot be canceled after the first game for which the bet is eligible takes place. A bet must be canceled at the on-line terminal in which the bet was placed. Bettors shall be entitled to a full refund of their bet upon cancellation and in no event shall a canceled ticket be entitled to a prize. (c) Bets may be placed with any Lottery JACKPOT POKER agent operating a terminal or at any Lottery operated facility accepting JACKPOT POKER bets. (d) Bets may be placed at any time during the day at such time or times as will be determined by the Director, but all bets must be placed and accepted by the Lottery computer prior to the close of betting for a game. In the event that a bet is placed subsequent to the close of betting for a game, that bet shall be void and the Lottery’s liability shall be limited to a refund of the amount of the bet. (e) The bet as represented by the ticket produced by the computer terminal is the only bet on which a prize may be claimed. Bettors are cautioned to examine their bet ticket at the time it is issued prior to the close of betting for the appropriate game in order to ensure that the ticket accurately represents the correct number selections, amount wagered and games for which it is eligible. (f) In the event that the sales agent or the computer terminal errs when the bet is placed, it shall be the responsibility of the bettor to determine that an error has been made and to request cancellation (provided betting for the game has not closed) of the bet and the return of the purchase price. The Lottery shall not be liable for the payment of a prize because of sales agent or computer terminal error when the bet is placed. (g) The Lottery shall not be liable for the payment of a prize in the event that the bet is canceled intentionally or through inadvertence of the sales agent. (h) It shall be the responsibility of the person who collects the prize to make certain that he or she is receiving the correct sum of prize money. The Lottery shall not be liable for any underpayment except that the Director in his or her discretion may direct that an additional prize payment be made in order to correct an obvious mistake. (5) Betting Tickets. (a) The betting ticket is a bearer instrument unless signed by owner and prize may be claimed by anyone in possession of unsigned winning ticket. (b) Sales Agents may pay claims up to and including the sum of $600.00. Any claim of more than $600.00 shall be made on a claim form supplied by the Lottery at all sales agent locations. The procedure to be followed for claims in excess of $600.00 and 961 CMR 2.00 governing each procedure shall be pursuant to 961 CMR 2.38 . (6) Lost, Mislaid or Stolen JACKPOT POKER Tickets. The Lottery Commission may pay a prize to the holder of a JACKPOT POKER ticket and the payment of such prize shall absolve the Commission of any further liability with respect to such ticket. In determining whether a prize has been paid on a JACKPOT POKER Ticket, the Commission may rely solely upon its computer records in determining whether or not a particular prize has been paid and the status as determined by the Lottery’s computer shall be binding on the holder. In the event of a lost, stolen or mislaid ticket, the Director may order an investigation, and if he or she is satisfied that the claimant in fact is the owner of the lost, stolen or mislaid ticket and it has not otherwise been paid, he or she may in his or her discretion pay the prize to the claimant thereof. All payments of prizes on lost, stolen or mislaid tickets shall not be made for a period of 90 days in the case of a prize of $200.00 or less and shall not be made for one year if the prize exceeds $200.00 unless the Director in his or her discretion shall decide otherwise. (7) Sales Agents. Sales Agents are required to pay to the Lottery all sums due on the date established for payment. Failure to make payment when due or upon notice from the custodial bank that funds are not available will result in the immediate shut down of that Sales Agent’s terminal and the Sales Agent’s license to sell the JACKPOT POKER and/or any other Lottery game shall be subject to revocation, suspension or non renewal pursuant to the provisions of 961 CMR 2.13 . (8) Prizes. All prize amounts shall be set by the Director by Administrative Bulletin. The Administrative Bulletin shall detail the total field of numbers to choose from, establish minimum prizes, rules for rounding payments to the nearest dollar or otherwise, rules for subtracting overpayments from a pool from subsequent pools and adding underpayments from a pool to subsequent pools, and such other matters as may be necessary or desirable for the proper operation of the game. (9) Multiplier Feature. The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission may offer a multiplier feature, which may be known by an associated trade name, for the JACKPOT POKER. This is a feature by which a bettor, for an additional wager, may increase the prize amount by a factor depending upon a multiplier number that is drawn prior to a game. Rules regarding the multiplier feature sh all be set by the Director in an Administrative Bulletin governing the game. (10) The liability, whether by negligence or otherwise, of the Lottery and its licensed Sales Agents for invalid bets is limited to a refund of the amount wagered. (11) Termination. The JACKPOT POKER game shall terminate as an active On-Line Number Selection Game as of June 30, 2016. All of the provisions of 961 CMR 2.65 shall remain in effect for one year from the time of the last drawing. (12) Miscellaneous. All other provisions of Lottery Rules and Regulations (961 CMR) shall, if applicable, apply to the JACKPOT POKER.

Amended by Mass Register Issue 1317, eff. 7/15/2016.

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Mass. Lottery to replace ‘Jackpot Poker’

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By Katie Lannan

State House News Service

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Lottery plans to launch a new electronic monitor game this summer to replace its existing “Jackpot Poker” game, Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said Tuesday.

Goldberg announced the new game, called “All or Nothing,” during testimony before the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, in which she requested an increase in monitor games funding in next year’s budget. Gov. Charlie Baker has proposed just over $3.1 million for the monitor games, the same amount as was allocated this year.

“I know you’re all going to be running to play it,” Goldberg told the committee. “We hope you will consider supporting this new game with sufficient resources to ensure its success.”

The game, which is still under development, will give players a chance to win a top prize by matching either all or none of 12 numbers drawn, said Edward Farley, the Lottery’s assistant executive director and chief administrative officer.

The Lottery’s only other monitor-based game is Keno, which “All or Nothing” is intended to complement, Farley said.

Mass. Lottery to replace ‘Jackpot Poker’ Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) By Katie Lannan State ]]>