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How to use Keno Stats

Select a state and the number of recent keno games to search, then click ‘Get Stats’ to get the keno statistics. Review the stats of recent keno game results to help you make an informed decision on which numbers to play. Recent keno results are shown is several formats, You can see which numbers are ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ or view stats on a game sheet layout. You can also use kenostat to look up recent keno game results.

KENOStat is FREE for everyone to use. Try it on your web-enabled phone next time you play Keno.

Most states have live updates, some are delayed. Delayed lottery results are noted on the results page. Not all state lotteries have Keno. If you don’t see your state, try checking back soon. We are working on adding more states.

Daily Lucky Keno Numbers

Keno stat will generate daily lucky keno numbers.

Today’s “lucky” numbers are: 70, 6, 50, 8, 57

Check back daily for the 5 lucky keno numbers of the day.

Best Keno Numbers

Below is a table chart of the best keno numbers or the most commonly drawn keno numbers.

Number Frequency Drawn
27 3929 25.77%
33 3925 25.74%
65 3918 25.70%
12 3907 25.63%
69 3904 25.61%
47 3898 25.57%
35 3898 25.57%
32 3897 25.56%
63 3894 25.54%
40 3893 25.53%
3 3890 25.51%
50 3889 25.51%
42 3884 25.48%
2 3878 25.44%
10 3877 25.43%
59 3865 25.35%
49 3862 25.33%
43 3861 25.32%
78 3861 25.32%
52 3857 25.30%
67 3857 25.30%
34 3855 25.29%
9 3851 25.26%
7 3850 25.25%
60 3848 25.24%
13 3845 25.22%
6 3843 25.21%
30 3843 25.21%
23 3838 25.17%
31 3837 25.17%
73 3829 25.11%
26 3820 25.06%
39 3816 25.03%
37 3815 25.02%
68 3815 25.02%
16 3812 25.00%
80 3812 25.00%
75 3811 25.00%
45 3810 24.99%
29 3809 24.98%
64 3808 24.98%
21 3808 24.98%
76 3805 24.96%
22 3801 24.93%
55 3797 24.90%
28 3797 24.90%
46 3796 24.90%
5 3796 24.90%
19 3795 24.89%
4 3795 24.89%
62 3794 24.89%
53 3794 24.89%
38 3791 24.87%
14 3791 24.87%
58 3788 24.85%
72 3788 24.85%
25 3781 24.80%
15 3780 24.79%
8 3779 24.79%
71 3778 24.78%
77 3777 24.77%
18 3773 24.75%
48 3772 24.74%
1 3767 24.71%
24 3767 24.71%
61 3765 24.70%
20 3760 24.66%
44 3751 24.60%
11 3749 24.59%
41 3748 24.58%
74 3743 24.55%
54 3741 24.54%
79 3739 24.52%
51 3735 24.50%
70 3717 24.38%
57 3717 24.38%
56 3692 24.22%
66 3675 24.10%
36 3655 23.97%
17 3612 23.69%

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Many people are into lottery games nowadays. Why? The possibility of winning millions of cash instantly and becoming lucky for life has greatly contributed to the growing success of lotto games, in particular, those on the Internet. As compared to other gambling games, the lottery has attracted most of the bettors although there exists a slimmer possibility of winning the jackpot. Having numerous dollars at stake on each draw, a lot of people flock on betting stations to obtain an opportunity to win the important jackpot. Increasing the possibility of becoming an instant millionaire is not simple. However, you may still find solutions to analyze the winning odds and deduce the possible outcomes for one more draw. This is made possible with Lotto Method.

There are two various kinds of lottery players. The first sort of player hopes for living a life of affluence and plays lotteries offering the best jackpots, no matter what odds. If you are this form of a person, the best lottery agents to experience can be:

which is UK based and deal with these types of lottery games. That’s because the jackpots are huge, sometimes reaching to the vast sums of pounds level. But, naturally, the percentages of winning the jackpot, at approximately 1-in-76-million, can be bad but the prize payout is tremendous and offers you more than just a 2nd chance.

So why not take a chance to win the mega millions. Money goes in and money comes out. It’s simple, other than money there are other types of prize payout with these games as well for a very fun experience. There are lots of lottery offices located in many different cities and towns.

There are a few common lottery offices in the united states such as the Maryland Lottery and the Massachusetts state lottery commission. If you’re big into lottery news and watching keno monitors here at we developed a system to help you monitor different keno wagers.

Keno Bonus and keno wagers:

Keno is one of the games that numerous people walk past in casinos, then realize they’re setting up a mistake. The odds of winning the game don’t appear to favor a number of people, in the beginning, but those with the passion to get a chance at the keno winnings will take the chance no matter because life is full of risk, and making serious money. Chance drawing is simply that, a chance and each keno number or lottery draw are based simply on chance. However, there are a few mathematical strategic systems out there which can help you to choose numbers that have a higher chance and increase your draw game.

The whole function of teaching yourself to play Keno is just not to easily throw your money at the poker tables, pulling slot machine handles, or anything like that, it’s to generate income. The game play is fairly easy, just pick numbers it’s that simple. It might seem rudimentary, but people manage to ignore the reason they may be gambling, and that’s for the reason that casinos would love you to imagine it’s only “fun” and not serious business. The first tip before we launch into every other commentary with this game choice is to deal with gambling being a business, and you should generate income. Treat it like a “game” so you won’t win often, and you should wind up walking away broke. The following can help you learn Keno the correct way.

If you want to play keno, you have to have a ticket which has numbers 1 to 80 written on it. If the game is on video, you will find there are displayed simulated card about the monitor which includes numbers included on it. There’s no must hold an actual card. The rule of the game is that you pick out some numbers with the expectation that the selection will be randomly generated. In a gaming, simply click on the numbers you’ve selected. If you change your mind concerning the number you’ve got picked, you’ll be able to click it again to unselect it.

The Georgia (GA) Lottery Information:

The Georgia (GA) Lottery had started operating in 1993 also it contributes a significant area of its earnings to aid fund the educational programs in Georgia. The Georgia Lottery games include Powerball, Win For Life, Fantasy 5, Midday 4, Midday 3, Cash 4 and Cash 3. If you are lottery player associated with any of these games, remember strategies in which you’ll be able to enhance your probability of winning the game and prize. Here are a few lottery winning strategies which if learned and practiced will truly make you a success of Georgia lottery games:-

The pick 3 can be a lottery system wherein you would think of numbers from 1 to 9 and obtain three numbers and make use of them for the number combinations. And then you are able to place your bets. Another reason why the pick 3 may be the easiest way to win financial resources is that it’s played twice a day which means you could have two chances of winning the lottery on that day. But then, regardless of whether pick 3 may be the easiest game to play, the likelihood is still slim for the reason that ratio of winning is 1:1000.

It’s also very unlikely that their opportunity be described as a lotto win of amounts of a pattern (5, 10, 15, 20). Obviously, the larger volume of numbers you’re wanting to pick, (i.e. pick 3 versus pick 6) the reduced your likelihood is at winning. Stick to games that will fork out the highest quantity of money using the lowest amount of risk involved.

There was a time when I was very skeptical and failed to believe any of this. But, some nagging questions like the one in regards to the casinos banning computers bothered me. They lingered and may not vanish entirely. Finally, during a summer break between semesters, I spent my summer writing a lottery application to respond to my questions and satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to find out if there were any situation that I could do to improve my chances.

If you alter the numbers, you then don’t understand the machine and about that period, a set will really come up. Do not use combinations in sequel including 21-22-23-24-25-26, because they rarely hit. There are thousands of combinations honestly that men and women play not aware they’re bad combinations that will never make a winning ticket.

Playing Keno How to use Keno Stats Select a state and the number of recent keno games to search, then click ‘Get Stats’ to get the keno statistics . Review the stats of recent keno game