massachusetts keno numbers

Massachusetts keno numbers

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Mass Keno Tracker

This is a single page real time data visualization web app for the Massachusett’s Lottery’s Keno game built in javascript using Backbone and Require. It uses data from the Massachusett’s Lottery’s daily Keno data object which I’m serving as JSONp data from an S3 bucket to prevent undue load to the lottery’s website.

By default the app shows data from all of the day’s Keno games. However, using the text box in the heading area you can adjust it to poll a subset of games. As new games are drawn the updated data is loaded into the browser.

“Hot” and “cold” numbers are calculated based on the number of games being polled and indicated with blue and red borders.

Draw frequency is also inidicated with opacity. The darker the background of a number the more often it has been drawn. If polling a small number of games (

This project is a pretty straightforward Backbone and Require single page web app. Basically a bunch of Backbone views tied together via a single “app” view that manages the eventing. Collections and models all provide a hefty dose of helper functions to make working through the data as clean as possible.

Optimized files are generated via grunt. To build new optimized files for this project simply clone it, run npm install to setup grunt, and issue the grunt command. The default task lints the code and builds with the r.js optimizer.

If you’d like to hack around on this code, it would probably be easier to do so without having to optimize everytime you make a change. Just comment out the optimize block and uncomment the require block in index.html .

Front end chores in no particular order:

  • Fix UI
  • Allow lookup of a specific keno draw by game number
  • Maybe support keno bonus calculations if a good UI can be worked out
  • While this works on mobile, the ratio is all off for most screen sizes.

The Server Side

There is a very simple backend responsible for writing JSONp data to S3 so the app can get realtime game data. The code for this backend exists in the server directory.

The app is configured to read from my S3 bucket by default, so using the app does not require you to set up your own server. If, however, you find yourself interested in giving it a shot, here’s what’s going on.

I have a m1.small server booted in EC2 configured to run the realtimeKenoService via cron every minute.

The server side code has been pulled into its own repository and is currently deployed on Heroku. The scheduling is accomplished with Heroku Scheduler instead of CRON. As a result the data coming from S3 is less than realtime, but Heroku doesn’t support CRON and I’m too cheap to keep an EC2 server running for this.


Realtime visualization of the Massachusett’s Lottery’s Keno game built in JS with Backbone and Require.

Realtime visualization of the Massachusett's Lottery's Keno game built in JS with Backbone and Require. – MattSurabian/mass-keno-tracker

MA Lottery 17+

Massachusetts State Lottery

Designed for iPad

    • 4.6 • 1.7K Ratings
    • Free



Download the Official Massachusetts Lottery App and get into the game! You can check Winning Numbers on the homepage, watch Keno and All or Nothing in View Mode for a simple drawing replay, or use Ticket Mode to get a personalized game experience that automatically calculates your winnings. Find a retailer near you quickly and easily using search, interactive map, and filtering options. Must be 18 years or older to play.

What’s New

– Past Results just got that much better! Now you can view winning results by date range for more games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and Mass Cash!
– View more information about games in the new Game Details page!

Ratings and Reviews

Massachusetts lottery

Such a great use of the common mans money. So much victory with little chance of losses. Available to 18+ with a a valid identification from any state. Good luck and may the force be with you.

No more Keno for me

I hate hate hate this update and everything about it.
Did I mention I HATE IT?
The colors are dark and depressing
Olive green on a plum colored board on a black background? Really?
The freaking balls are bouncing off the walls and making your eyes go wacky just trying to figure out where the hell they landed!
Don’t even get me started on how small they are.
No settings for you to change colors or sizes to make it easier to see!
The only settings are arrows you can push a million times and get Carpal tunnel of the fingers trying to find the games you want to watch a drawing for if you’re not going to watch it the second you buy your tickets!
All I can say is you just saved me ALOT of money because I’ve stopped playing and I will not enjoy playing using this less than mediocre update !!


The colors are AWFUL.. it is hard to see with all of the dark colors.. the only thing i like about the update is that it tells you how much you won but would trade that to go back to the old version.. there are no settings and no way to change anything and the “music” is obnoxious sounds and it should be automatically off with an option to switch it on.

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