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Multi-Match Numbers

Check the latest Multi-Match numbers – you could be a Maryland Lottery winner! Updated results are posted a few minutes after the draw is held every Monday and Thursday night at 11:22 pm ET. Check your tickets with results from the last seven draws.

Multi-Match offers players a sweet jackpot that starts at $500,000 and keeps growing until it’s won. To learn more, visit the Multi-Match page for game details.

Check your numbers all the way back to April 2010 by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “View Past Winning Numbers.”

Get the latest Multi-Match numbers from the Maryland Lottery – check results from the past seven draws, and older winning numbers back to April 2010.

Maryland (MD) MultiMatch Numbers & Results

Check Maryland (MD) MultiMatch winning numbers and results, monitor MD lottery jackpots, and see the latest news on all your favorite MD lottery games with our mobile lottery app!

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Latest Maryland MultiMatch Results

Maryland Lottery Games

Game Name Entry Close Time Possible Numbers Prize Type Draw Time Draw Days
Powerball 9:59 PM EST 5 from 1-69 and 1 from 1-26 Jackpot 10:59 PM EST Wednesday and Saturday
Mega Millions 10:45 PM EST 5 from 1-70 and 1 from 1-25 Jackpot 11:00 PM EST Tuesday and Friday
Multi-Match 11:17 PM EST 6 from 1-43 Jackpot 11:22 PM EST Monday and Thursday
Cash4Life 8:45 PM EST Top Prize 9:00 PM EST Daily
5 Card Cash 7:52 PM EST QP 5 cards from 52 Top Prize 7:56 PM EST, 8:22 PM on Sunday Daily
Bonus Match 5 7:52 PM EST 5 fro, 1-39 Top Prize 7:56 PM EST, 8:22 PM on Sunday Daily
Pick 3 Midday 12:24 PM EST 3 from 0-9 Top Prize 12:27 PM EST, 12:28 PM Saturday and Sunday Daily
Pick 3 Evening 7:52 PM EST 3 from 0-9 Top Prize 7:56 PM EST, 8:22 PM Sunday Daily
Pick 4 Midday 12:24 PM EST 4 from 0-9 Top Prize 12:27 PM EST, 12:28 PM Saturday and Sunday Daily
Pick 4 Evening 7:52 PM EST 4 from 0-9 Top Prize 7:56 PM EST, 8:22 PM Sunday Daily

Maryland Lottery FAQs

Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Maryland?

Yes! Maryland is one of the few states that allows winners to remain anonymous and does not release winners’ names or photos without written consent.

How much is the MD Lottery today?

You can find the latest MD Lottery jackpot amounts for all of your favorite games here on the Maryland Lottery Jackpots page.

How much will I pay in taxes if I win the Maryland Lottery?

For prizes greater than $5,000, the MD Lottery is required by law to deduct the following taxes from your winnings: 24% for federal tax, 8.95% state tax if you are a Maryland resident, or 7.5% state tax if you are not a Maryland resident.

Can I buy a MD Lottery ticket online?

At this time, tickets must be purchased at an authorized retailer.

About the Maryland Lottery

The Maryland Lottery was started back in January 1973 after the approval of a constitutional amendment to begin a government-run lottery. Since then, its core mission has been to generate revenue to support important state causes, such as education, public safety, public health, and the environment, which they’ve done successfully: Maryland has brought in $16.7 billion in revenue for the state since its inception.

To learn more about the Maryland Lottery please visit the official website.

Information on responsible gaming and problem gaming is available here. Or call 1-800-522-4700.

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