michigan daily 3 evening results

Michigan Daily 3 Evening Winning Numbers

Here you’ll find the latest Daily 3 Evening winning numbers for the past seven drawings. Results are updated on this page right after the draw, so come back and check every time you play to see if you’re a winner!

Daily 3 draws are held twice a day, at 12:59 PM (Midday) and 7:29 PM (Evening) EST (CST is one hour earlier). Visit the Daily 3 Midday winning numbers page for up-to-the-minute Midday results.

Maybe you’ve already won and you just don’t know it yet! Check the previous Daily 3 Evening winning numbers to see results back to April 2010.

Find out the most recent Michigan Daily 3 Evening numbers here. Check the results to see if you are a lottery winner.

Michigan (MI) Daily 3 Evening Past 30 Day Winning Numbers

How to Play Michigan Evening 3?

To start, pick any 3-digit number on panel A of the play slip. That is one “play” upon which you can wager either $.50 or $1. You must also choose whether you want to play your wager straight, boxed, wheeled or two-way (see explanations below).

1. You can play up to 10 panels per ticket.

2. If you don’t want to choose your own numbers, mark “Easy Pick” on the play slip and the computer will randomly pick your numbers.

3. When you’ve filled out your play slip, take it to any Daily 3 retailer with the amount of the wager. Your numbers will be entered in the next drawing and you will receive a game ticket.

4. ALWAYS check your ticket(s) before leaving the terminal to ensure dates, numbers and drawings are printed exactly as you requested.

5. You can play the Daily 3 game for up to 20 consecutive drawings. Just mark the number of drawings you want in the multiple-draw wagers area on the play slip.

Play Your Wager Straight

When the number the Lottery draws matches the number you picked in exactly the same order, you win $500 on a $1 bet or $250 on a $.50 bet.

Play Your Wager Boxed

When the number we draw matches your number in any order, you win. The amount you win depends on the digits you choose — the lower the number of possible combinations, the higher your winnings.

When you box your bet, the 3-way or 6-way bets are determined by the total number of potential combinations for those digits.

A number with two of the three digits the same (for example: 455) will be considered a 3-way (3 possible combinations) boxed bet. And, if it matches the winning number drawn in any order, you win $166 on a $1 bet or $83 on a $.50 bet.

If the number you select has three different digits (for example: 456), that is a 6-way (6 possible combinations) boxed bet. You can win $83 on a $1 bet or $41 on a $.50 bet.

Play Your Wager Wheeled

A wheel bet offers the easiest way to place a straight wager on each possible combination of the number you select. Your total bet will depend upon how many combinations there are.

For example, a number with two of the three digits the same will have three different combinations. A $1 wheel bet will, in turn, cost $3. A $.50 wheel bet will come to $1.50. If the number you select has three different digits, there will be six possible combinations.

If the number the Lottery draws matches the number you picked — in any order — you will win $500 on a $1 wheel bet. On a $.50 wheel bet, you will win $250.

Play Your Wager Two-Way

Two-way betting is really two games in one. Your $1 wager is split — $.50 straight and $.50 boxed. With a two-way bet, you collect on both the straight and boxed set when the number drawn matches your number in exact order.

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