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Free Online Bingo

We all love getting something for nothing – a freebie of some kind, whether that’s online or off, and there are ways to play bingo for free too. We’ve scoured the web looking for the best places where you can play free bingo online. If you stick with us, you can find out where and how you can take advantage of free bingo.

Best Sites for Free Bingo

There are some terrific sites online today that allow you to play bingo free. Here are our recommended sites to choose. Don’t forget, always read the Ts and Cs before you play, whether for free or otherwise.

Pour a glass of bubbly and celebrate at Cheers Bingo. Up to 500 free spins can be earned with a £10 deposit.

Spin the wheel and win up to 500 Free Spins on 1st deposit!

mFortune is a great destination for desktop and mobile bingo! Join now and you’ll be rewarded with up to £10 on the house! Plus a 200% deposit bonus.

Deposit as little as £10 @ Tea Time Bingo and spin the wheel for up to 500 free spins!

Join WTG Bingo & get up to 500 free spins on your 1st deposit. Free spins on Fluffy Favourites or Irish Luck up for grabs! WTG, indeed!

Get some wins in your pocket! Unlock up to £10 no deposit bonus as soon as you join!

Lucky Cow Bingo

Enjoy 2 daily hours of free bingo for real money!

Mecca takes care of your bingo needs – both online and offline! Get £30 bingo bonus + £20 slots bonus on a deposit of £10 + £10 voucher to spend in any of their clubs!

Welcome Bonus over 1st 2 deposits up to £300 + up to 400 Free spins

As always, check the T&Cs before you play!

What are some of the Best Ways to Play for Free?

There are lots of ways you can play some free bingo whenever you are in the mood. We’re going to cover the best methods to use right here. If you’re new, you can get started in the best possible way, but even if you’ve played before, you might just find some new tips and tricks here.

We’ll also cover the pros and cons of each method. This should help you pick the best one to suit your needs, knowledge, and preferences.

Newbie Rooms

What are they? These are rooms that are only open for new members of a bingo site to use. Make sure you take advantage of them while you can, as you won’t be able to use them forever.


  • Some newbie rooms can be accessed without making a deposit
  • Real cash prizes and bonuses for other games are sometimes available
  • If there is a chat feature, it gives you a great way to say hi to other new players
  • Newbie free bingo rooms are a superb way to acquaint yourself with a site


  • You’ll probably only be able to play one type of bingo there
  • They’re only available for a limited period, i.e. seven days
  • They may only be available for specific hours each day
  • You may not get cash prizes, with bingo tickets and other non-tangible prizes more likely to be offered instead
  • Ts and Cs can be stricter than you’d find in other bingo rooms

Demo Modes

What are they? These are practice games that carry no risk. You’re not required to buy real bingo tickets or bets on the games. You can have the experience of playing without taking part for real.


  • Many bingo sites offer demo versions of their games for players to try
  • They carry zero risk, as you’re playing a practice version rather than the real thing
  • You can see how a game works before deciding whether to play the real version
  • There should be no limit on how many times you can try a demo game


  • You may still need to be a member of the site to get access to the demos; they are unlikely to be accessible without an account (even when no deposit is required)
  • There are no real prizes on offer
  • You may not get a proper sense of how a game plays out, as there are few other players taking part with you

You might not get demo versions for every bingo game, only a handful

No Deposit Bonuses

What are they? These are bonuses that are given to you just for signing up with a bingo site. You don’t need to deposit a penny to claim them. They used to be more common than they are now, but don’t fret – there are still some generous no deposit bonuses around.


  • You only need to sign up to receive the bonus – no deposit is needed, not even a penny
  • You can use the bonus cash instead of your own money to play bingo games
  • In many instances, you can use the bonus however you wish, i.e. on one game or spread over several games
  • If you meet the wagering requirement associated with the bonus, it’s still possible to net some real cash prizes


  • Most deals have wagering requirements attached to these bonuses, meaning they must be met before you can cash out anything won while using them
  • If there are zero wagering requirements, the amount you could cash out in prizes is likely to be capped (i.e. limited to a maximum amount)
  • You may only be able to play a limited selection of games
  • The bonus funds are often sticky, meaning you can’t withdraw them, only the funds you’ve won while using them

Free Tickets

What are they? Just as it sounds – free bingo tickets for one or more bingo games on the site. They are typically given away as part of a welcome package or loyalty schemes, and they’re hugely popular.


  • They are quick and simple to use on the applicable games
  • You may receive tickets for one or more named bingo games, giving you the chance to try a couple if you’re fortunate
  • Real cash prizes are up for grabs
  • Other potential prizes could be available too, such as other bingo tickets or bonus cash prizes


  • Read the Ts and Cs, as they could be stricter than you’d expect
  • Any potential winnings could be capped, so you’re limited on what you could receive in prize money
  • The wagering requirements can be stricter for free tickets than for regular paid bingo tickets

Hot tip for free bingo opportunities:

Whichever opportunities you decide to use, think about how you want to play, and which bonuses and freebies might be best for you. Always look out for opportunities to play some free bingo, as you never know when the next chance may arise.

Things you should know about the terms and conditions for free bingo

There are sometimes offers on bingo sites that seem a little too good to be true. The terms and conditions – i.e. the small print – may change the nature of the deal, making it less attractive than it first appeared. If you want to play free bingo, we suggest you consider the following factors.

Never forget – if an offer seems way too good to be true… it probably is.

Wagering requirements

If you want to win real cash when you play for free, you’ll need to be mindful of wagering requirements. If you want to swap your bonus funds for cash, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw those funds.

What are they? They are expressed as a percentage, and they are associated with the bonus amount you have been given on your deposit.

Example: a 4x bingo wagering requirement on a £10 deposit would mean you’d need to wager £50 before cashing out. A £10 deposit + £10 x4 = £50.

Oftentimes, wagering requirements can be much higher than this, so make sure you check the percentage in the Ts and Cs to confirm what is required of you.

What’s the latest on wagering requirements for online bingo sites?

Wagering is in a state of transition at present. Many bingo sites are starting to revise their policies in association with this feature. This makes it even more important to read the wagering rules and to understand how they work.

We have some good news though. A quick Google search has revealed a selection of sites that do offer bonuses with no wagering requirements attached. Some of these are on the Dragonfish network of sites, including:

  • Bounce Bingo – 105 free bingo tickets and 10 free spins offered upon signup with a £10 deposit
  • Lovehearts Bingo – 1,009 bingo tickets and 10 free spins upon signup with a £10 deposit

These are just two examples. There are others out there, both on and off the Dragonfish network of sites.

Minimum deposit/withdrawal amounts

What are they? Simply, the minimum and maximum amounts you can deposit and withdraw when claiming prizes gleaned from bonus funds.

Have you won a prize or two while playing a free game? If so, you may find you need to make a cash deposit before you can withdraw those winnings. You may also find you’re required to have a certain amount in your bankroll before you can withdraw.

This again shows how important it is to understand the terms and conditions on whichever bingo site you are using. The Ts and Cs should give you the minimum applicable deposit and withdrawal amounts for that site. Don’t assume all sites will be the same in this respect either, although most sites tend to offer a minimum deposit amount of around £5 or £10.

Expiry dates

What are they? A firm date given for any free bingo bonus you might collect. For example, some newbie rooms are only open to new players for a set period. Seven days seem to be quite common, but check the rules before you sign up, so you know for sure.

Top tip: Don’t sign up for a bingo site with an offer like this unless you can be certain you’ve got time to make the most of that deal.

For example, if you get 48 hours of free play in a newbie room, you may want to sign up on Saturday morning when you’ve got a free weekend to make the most of it.

This may seem trivial, but you’d be surprised at how many players don’t read the details on when these games and rooms expire. Find out more before you join and figure out the best time to sign up to max out this offer. You’ll only have it once!

Cash only games

What are they? Some games can only be played with cash wagers. This means you cannot access them if you’ve received free bingo tickets or funds to play with. Again, this should be clarified in the Ts and Cs for your welcome deal or other offer.

We know, we’re banging on about those pesky terms and conditions once again… but we cannot stress enough how important it is that you read the Ts and Cs and all that small print before you think about signing up. The welcome package will always be worded to present it at its most appealing. Knowing the details is vital if you are going to make sure the deal you are intending to claim is as good as it appears to be.

Summing up: Understanding free bingo online

We’ve covered lots of things to be aware of when playing free bingo games on the internet. Those terms and conditions form a crucial part of all these offers, so make sure you never forget to read them. This way, you can fully evaluate the deal before wagering with your own funds.

Want more tips and tricks for finding some free bingo?

We’ve got you covered. Now that you know where to find free bingo games and the different categories that exist, it would be good to list some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of these games. We touched on several areas above but claiming a welcome offer at the appropriate time is important.

  • If a bingo site offers you seven days of free bingo, make sure you sign up when you have plenty of spare time to make the most of it
  • Try and use no deposit bonuses on the most lucrative games you can
  • Think about using demo modes to build experience before using a bonus such as free spins on a slot game or free bingo tickets
When should you opt for a penny ticket or full-priced ticket for bingo?

We recommend you build a basic knowledge of bingo before you do this. You should also make sure you are comfortable using your selected bingo site. Remember, there are different variations of bingo too, so make sure you don’t wager for real until you are familiar with how a specific version works.

Once you have used your free bonuses and you feel ready to progress to paid games, find some penny bingo games to start with. These are cheap to play, of course, and they help you gain more experience when playing the bingo variants.

Budgeting for paid bingo games

Always think about your budget for playing bingo. Penny games are much easier to cover; even a £1 budget would get you 100 tickets for a penny bingo game. If you found a bingo game at 50p per ticket, however, you would only get two tickets from the same budget.

Prizes tend to be higher when playing for bigger prizes, too, so bear that in mind.

The future of free bingo

There have been many changes in the UK market in recent months and years. Fair play and regulation have become the watchwords. Player protection is important too.

The UK government has passed legislation that means bonus cash and offers are now taxed. Bingo brands must adhere to the new legislation, of course, and many of them have revised their bonus policies accordingly.

Fewer bonus cash offers are now available

We’re seeing fewer matched deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses online. While there are still no deposit bonuses out there, we suspect they may eventually disappear completely. Only time will tell.

However, it’s not all bad. Bingo players looking to sign up to a bingo site should look for the following deals:

  • Free bingo tickets
  • Newbie bingo rooms available for a limited time
  • Lower wagering requirements (always a bonus!)
  • Possibly even zero wagering requirements
  • Free spins (at bingo sites that offer slot games too)

Two or more of these can appear in a good welcome package, so there is still a lot to look forward to. Despite changes in the law, players can still appreciate the opportunity to play some free online bingo whenever they wish. We also expect to see more sites with zero wagering requirements… and that might just be the best deal of all.

Stay tuned…

… for more news and views on the state of free online bingo. We’ll bring you the latest developments as and when they happen. Until then… happy playing!

There are several ways to play bingo for free:

✅ No Deposit Bonuses

You can find more details about each of these methods on our website.

The advantage of the free bingo game is that you can read the rules and practice. But if you want to win real money, you will have to know the rules of bets and money withdrawals. To exchange the bonus money, you will need to meet the wagering conditions.

Look at this list and choose the game that suits you!

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