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New Jersey Pick-6: Schedule, Prize Tiers, Results

New Jersey Pick-6 is the official lottery of the state of New Jersey with one of the most active playing audiences in the U.S. This lottery is also popular abroad on a par with Powerball, MEGA Millions and Super Lotto Plus. Want to know more about the amazing game? Let’s start from the very beginning!

Rules of New Jersey Pick-6

Winning numbers of the New Jersey Pick-6 lottery are drawn on Mondays and Thursdays. These days you can choose your lucky numbers and win the Jackpot from anywhere in the world. In order to hit the Jackpot, you will need to match 6 numbers out of 49. But even if you match less than 6 numbers, you can still claim one of the secondary prizes. The game has 5 prize divisions. New Jersey Pick 6 winning odds are 1 out of 49, which is fairly high odds.

About New Jersey Pick-6

For the first time, New Jersey Pick 6 was introduced in 1980. Unlike other American lotteries, which are held in several states, this game is held only in New Jersey. The draws take place in the capital of the state Trenton.

The minimum Jackpot is as big as $ 7.000.000. If none of the players have matched all six numbers, then the Jackpot rolls up and goes to the next draw. The rollover amount is $ 200.000 and even more. There’s no limit for the maximum Jackpot.

Schedule of New Jersey Pick-6

There are two drawings of the New Jersey lottery a week: on Mondays and Thursdays at 8:00 pm (EDT). The NJ Pick 6 results are available for free viewing shortly after the end of the draw. The draws are broadcast on a variety of channels throughout America and also can be found online the next day after the end of the draw.

How to play New Jersey Pick-6 online

To take part in New Jersey Pick 6, players must pick 6 numbers out of 49. No bonus or additional balls are applied. When you fill in a lottery ticket, you can choose the “Easy-Pick” option and the system will generate random numbers for you. One play slip can hold up to five draws; however you can choose up to 20 draws in one entry if you play online. You have an opportunity to buy as many slips as you want.

If you want the same numbers to be played for the next consecutive draws, choose the “Multiple Draw” or the “Subscription” options.

If you want to multiply your winning odds, choose the “System” option.

Don’t forget about the “XTRA” option. This is kind of a multiplier, which is able to increase any of your winnings except for the Jackpot up to 5 times.

How to collect prizes of New Jersey State Pick-6 Lottery

If you were lucky enough to become the winner of the Jackpot, you will need to claim your prize on your own (in person). The NJ Pick-6 game results can be found in the results section. Why not to take part in this draw Thursday morning? Play New Jersey Pick-6 if you want to be a dollar millionaire.

Taxation applied for New Jersey Pick-6

If you win more than $ 599.50, you must pay an income tax, both federal (30% for non-residents and 25% for residents) and state (8%).

New Jersey Pick-6 draws are held each Monday and Thursday: play now, view the results and claim your winnings online. Yes, you can play New Jersey Pick-6 in the Internet even if you’re not a US-resident. It’s not a problem in the age of information technology!

New Jersey Pick-6 for non-residents: learn the schedule, find out how to play online and collect prizes, calculate taxes. Find out everything you wanted to know about the American lottery in this article.

New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto

New Jersey Pick-6 has been played since May 1980, with the cost of a ticket remaining steady at $1 despite inflation. The value of jackpots has also increased as well as the number of balls that players need to match in order to win the top prize. The minimum jackpot for a draw is $2 million which swells by at least $100,000 every time there is no top prize winner, leading to regular eight-figure amounts on offer.

How to Play New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto

Players must pick six numbers from a choice of 49. In order to win the jackpot, all six numbers must match the winning line drawn on a Monday or Thursday night.

Ticket holders can win prizes ranging from the fixed $3 award for matching three balls up to a potential payout in the tens of millions for matching all six numbers drawn. The amounts for matching four or five balls are dependent on the number of tickets sold and how many other players find themselves in that prize tier. You can learn more about the prizes on offer when you visit the New Jersey Pick-6 Prizes page.

If you’ve bought tickets for Pick-6, you can check how they fared by visiting the Numbers page.

Buy New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto Tickets Online

Lottery players who live in New Jersey can buy their Pick-6 tickets from any of the authorised retailers in the state. If you are outside of the USA or are otherwise unable to visit the Garden State, then you can take advantage of an online lottery concierge service which will purchase the ticket in New Jersey for you. You will receive a scan of your ticket and notification after the draw of any prize that you are due, plus your winnings will then be placed into your lottery account, ready for you to either spend on future lottery games or withdraw.

Tickets do need to be bought a little earlier through a concierge service, as sales can close up to three hours before the scheduled draw. Don’t miss out on a multi-million dollar haul; buy your New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto tickets right away!

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