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Texas(TX) Two Step Prizes and Odds

What does Texas Two Step offer its players

The Jackpot prizes in Texas Two Step start at $200000. This amount will increase in the next draw until someone wins the Jackpot.

These prizes are paid in one single payment, this include the Jackpot prize.

The probability of winning any prize in Texas Two Step is 1 in 32 which is very high.

There are 2 draws in a week. These take place every Monday and Thursday.

This game includes a bonus ball feature which is very advantageous. You can win $5 guaranteed if you match only this bonus ball.

The Multi-Draws feature in Texas Two Step allows a player to play 10 draws in advance.

The game consists of two steps

Step 1: Pick a Texas Two Step playslip for any Texas Lottery retailer if you want to play. Use the playslip to mark 4 numbers from 1 to 35 under the .Pick 4. section of the playboard. You can mark .QP. if you want the computer to select the numbers for you automatically.

Step 2: Use the same Texas Two Step playslip to select one Bonus Ball from 1 to 35 under the .Pick 1. section. You can use the .QP. box even in this section.

Multi draw option

The Multi Draw option in Texas Two Step can be enabled by marking the Advance Play box. You can play 10 consecutive draws using this option. It will cost you $1 each time you play a draw.

How to claim a prize in Lotto Texas

Any prize below $599 can be claimed by going to a retailer. Prizes above this amount must be claimed at a Texas Lottery Claim center. Prizes above $1000000 need to be claimed personally at the Texas Lottery Headquarters at Austin.

Texas(TX) Two Step Prizes and Odds lists all the prize levels and the odds of winning for each prize tiers. ]]>