pick 3 secrets free

Pick 3 secrets free

Welcome to Pick 3 Mastery.

You can achieve mastery of the game if you learn the strategies contained on this website.

My approach to the Pick 3 game is new and different so rest assured that many of the systems you will learn here will be new to you. Or it can be a system that you are already familiar with – with a slight twist to it.

I have also brought into the Pick 3 arena concepts that have not been explored before in connection with this fascinating game of chance.

My unique approach to Pick 3 will make you a winner. My systems are direct and straight forward. I give clear explanations of how to use each of them.

If you are ever in doubt about something, send me an email and I will be glad to clear things up for you. I don’t hide behind an email address and I am not here to make a quick buck.

I am here to help you master the game.

I am here to help you WIN!

I have been studying Pick 3 for years and just like everybody else I have had my good days and bad days. I went through periods where I won a great deal of money and periods where I just could not win no matter what I tried.

Through it all I persisted and I am glad I did because after several years of studying Pick 3 and constantly improving my systems now I see how the game “works” and I am happy to share my discoveries with you.

There is a big question facing us now.

The big question now is: WHAT is Pick 3 mastery?

Is Pick 3 mastery being able to win every time you play?

Here is the practical definition: Pick 3 mastery is the practice of constantly improving your systems.

That is an extremely interesting definition but it’s probably not the definition you were expecting. It probably sounds a little too philosophical or New Age for some people.

The definition that most people were expecting was something like “Pick 3 mastery is hitting most of the time.”

Well, hitting or winning most of the time is actually an EFFECT.

I have just given you the CAUSE of that effect.

Hitting constantly is the byproduct of something else. There is something else you have to do before you win. That something else is always improving your systems.

The most important word in that definition is the word IMPROVING because that is something that you DO. That is something that you can actually control. You can not control which numbers will hit but you CAN control what you do. You can control your own behavior.

Constantly working on improving your systems is the essence of Pick 3 mastery. That is really the only thing you have to work on if you want to be a winner in the long term.

In other words, mastery is possible – but it is not a static thing. It is not something you achieve one day and then forget about it. It is something that you have to work at EVERY DAY.

Mastery is actually a dynamic process based on DAILY improvement.

That means that maintaining Pick 3 mastery is totally dependent on you always improving your systems.

The day you stop improving is the day that your ability to predict numbers declines.

Let me say that again: The day you stop improving is the day that your ability to predict numbers declines.

It’s just like anything else in life; the more you work at it, the better you get at it.

But before you can achieve mastery you have to first learn the basics.

I explore many different Pick 3 strategies on this website: The ABC system, Positional Dominance, Reference Box, Game Index, Pick 3 Journal, Key digit, the Grid, etc.

I will always place the hottest strategy I am currently working on at the top of the menu bar on the top left. So when studying the strategies on this website I suggest starting from the top (best strategies) and work your way down (secondary strategies and theories).

Feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.

Pick 3 genius finally reveals the SECRET to achieving Pick 3 mastery. Learn how to get STRAIGHT hits consistently with the Reference Box, Game Index, the Grid, and other advanced strategies.

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The secret to winning in the pick 3 lottery game is to study the previous winners of the past. You also have to know the facts about the pick 3 game. One of the most important facts you must know for the pick 3 lotto is that certain style of numbers appear more often than other styles. And let me explain.

How do I know this? Because I own a convenience store and I have sold tens of thousands of dollars in lottery tickets on a monthly basis month after month. And what I have seen is that for the pick-3 game, there are certain styles of numbers that appear more frequently than other styles.

Let me explain in detail here?

For the pick 3 game, all you need is 3 numbers to win. For example, 552, 543, 252. About 70% of the time, it has been proven and tested that winning pick-3 numbers have been what I call ?single combos?. ?Single combos? are pick 3 lotto combinations where each of the digits is different from one another.

For example, 567 is a single combo because all the numbers in the combination 567 is different from one another. Another example of a single combo is 392. That’s because 3 and 9 and 2 are all different from each other. There is a single digit in the combination. And from my years of research in the pick 3 games, over 70% of the time, the winning pick-3 numbers happen to be single combos.

You can use this fact for your own advantage to win more in the pick 3 game. That means you want to start playing the single combos for your pick 3 numbers. Do not play the less-occurring ?double combos? (such as 662, 227, 339 where two of the digits are equal to each other). And do not play ?triple combos? (such as 777, 333, 555 where three of the digits are equal to each other).

You do not want to play the double or triple combos because it occurs less than 30% of the time. That’s why you want to play the single combos for your pick 3 numbers. When you do pick single combos, you are playing the right type of combination because that type of combination will occur more than 70% in the winning drawings.

So stay away from the double combos and stay away from the triple combos. I understand that double combos do pay you more in your winnings. However, the chances of the winners being a double combo or a triple combo are very slim. That’s why you want to avoid playing the double combos and the triple combos.

Instead, start to focus and play the ?single combos?. When you do that, you will have much more success in the pick-3 game on a consistent basis. Applying the ?single combos? can greatly improve your chances of winning more in the pick-3 game.

When you do that, you will have much more success in the pick-3 game on a consistent basis. Applying the ?single combos? can greatly improve your chances of winning more in the pick-3 game ]]>