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NFL Playoff Vegas Odds

Understanding, checking out, and comparing NFL Playoff Vegas odds is likely a prerequisite for making any bet, and certainly for making the best bets. Here we will show you the basics of NFL Playoff odds, where to find them, and how to make the most of them. The odds were last updated on November 6, 2020:

Is your team going to make it to the Playoffs
Arizona Cardinals Yes / No +175 / -240 TBD / TBD +210 / -290
Atlanta Falcons Yes / No +160 / -215 TBD / TBD +210 / -320
Baltimore Ravens Yes / No -1000 / +550 TBD / TBD -775 / +450
Buffalo Bills Yes / No -185 / +140 TBD / TBD -210 / +160
Caroline Panthers Yes / No +350 / -550 TBD / TBD +550 / -1000
Chicago Bears Yes / No +130 / -170 TBD / TBD +160 / -215
Cincinnati Bengals Yes / No +650 / -1400 TBD / TBD +500 / -1000
Cleveland Browns Yes / No +175 / -240 TBD / TBD +120 / -160
Dallas Cowboys Yes / No -200 / +150 TBD / TBD -230 / +170
Denver Broncos Yes / No +150 / -200 TBD / TBD +155 / -210
Detroit Lions Yes / No +245 / -350 TBD / TBD +300 / -450
Green Bay Packers Yes / No -300 / +220 TBD / TBD -200 / +150
Houston Texans Yes / No -125 / -105 TBD / TBD +150 / -200
Indianapolis Colts Yes / No +120 / – 160 TBD / TBD -165 / +125
Jacksonville Jaguars Yes / No +330 / -500 TBD / TBD +675 / -1500
Kansas City Chiefs Yes / No -2000 / +800 TBD / TBD -1600 / +700
Las Vegas Raiders Yes / No +245 / -350 TBD / TBD +200 / -275
Los Angeles Chargers Yes / No +140 / -185 TBD / TBD +170 / -230
Los Angeles Rams Yes / No –115 / -115 TBD / TBD +150 / -200
Miami Dolphins Yes / No +425 / -700 TBD / TBD +400 / -650
Minnesota Vikings Yes / No -125 / -105 TBD / TBD -135 / -105
New England Patriots Yes / No -160 / +120 TBD / TBD -165 / +125
New Orleans Saints Yes / No -700 / +425 TBD / TBD -400 / +275
New York Giants Yes / No +340 / -525 TBD / TBD +400 / -650
New York Jets Yes / No +200 / -275 TBD / TBD +330 / -500
Philadelphia Eagles Yes / No -200 / +150 TBD / TBD -200 / +150
Pittsburgh Steelers Yes / No -135 / +105 TBD / TBD -200 / +150
San Francisco 49er’s Yes / No -500 / +330 TBD / TBD -170 / +130
Seattle Seahawks Yes / No -180 / +135 TBD / TBD -150 / +110
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yes / No -145 / +110 TBD / TBD -275 / +200
Tenessee Titans Yes / No -170 / +130 TBD / TBD -135 / -105
Washington Redskins Yes / No +600 / -1200 TBD / TBD +625 / -1300

It’s never a bad idea to make a futures bet at Bovada, BetNow or GTBets. Odds are still available on the remaining playoff teams to win their conference or the Super Bowl. If you haven’t already bet your favorite teams, their odds will likely be lower next week if they continue to win.

More Speed, Lower Fees

The NFL Playoff odds are an entire world, a universe. There are so many facets that you can bet on, and odds for each kind of imaginable bet.

For example, one of the most common things to do before the playoffs start is to bet using the odds to make the NFL Playoffs. This is just the initial bet to get things started. This can be the start of a parlay too!

Another type of bet is to focus on specific players. You can bet on how many yards someone will run, for example. These bets typically require the eagle eye of experienced bettors. Or big sports fans, who know their teams well.

You can also make the big kahuna bet. There will be NFL Playoffs odds fairly early for the Superbowl. You can see who people think will make it or even win the entire NFL Playoffs. These bets will be worth more if you can predict them early.

How do NFL Playoffs Work

Once you understand the basic structure of the NFL Playoffs, then you can even start on NFL Playoff bracket odds. Bracket odds are extensive bets, that may seem similar at first to parlays, but are quite different. More on that below.

The NFL Playoffs are a single-elimination tournament. Lose once, and you are out. That makes the stakes for each NFL Playoff odds all the higher.

The odds for who will make the Playoffs come from a total of 32 teams. Of them, 14 will make it every year. Before the 2020-2021 season, only 12 teams made it. That makes two very lucky teams every year!

These teams are selected through a set system. The top team from each division will advance. Then wild card teams are selected based on their overall wins and losses. They are seeded according to their overall record, and the Playoff schedule is based on that.

This is why the odds for NFL Playoff brackets are so sensitive. If the odds of winning each NFL Playoff game are up in the air, just imagine this! Not only who will make the Playoffs, but also their seed.

This single-elimination tournament eventually culminates in the Superbowl, in late January or early February. There is always one team from the American Football Conference and one from the National Football Conference.

Types of NFL Playoff Betting with Odds

To understand the odds, you also need to get the basics of the different types of bets. Here are some of the most common options you will see when looking at NFL Playoff betting odds. You can quickly notice that they are very similar to the NFL regular-season odds.


Moneyline nets are the simplest. You are simply checking the odds and betting on who will win that playoff game. It is no more than that.

Playoff odds here are often expressed in a positive or negative value. The negative value is the favorite.


Parlays are much more complicated. These are compound bets. Essentially you are not betting one but many outcomes. You can bet on multiple sporting events or leagues. You might have to look beyond NFL Playoff odds to make the best parlay

If you lose even one fold, you lose the entire parlay. This is what makes it so much harder than the NFL bracket odds. In brackets, you typically compare several people’s brackets, to see who got closest to the truth.

Parlays, on the other hand, are like the NFL playoffs: single elimination.

NFL Playoff Over/Under Odds

NFL PLayoff over/under odds are one-off bets, similar to Moneylines. However, they require a little more accuracy in predicting. The sportsbooks will layout a prediction of how many points will be scored in any particular game.

Do not forget, this is the total number of points scored by both teams.

Your job is to bet on whether the total number of points scored will be over or under that number.

It is similar to an NFL Playoff point spread odds. This is the difference between the two teams. You can bet against the spread too, if you think they will be way off, go for it!

NFL Playoff Props

A “proposition bet” has nothing to do with the final score of the game. Will the quarterback throw for 300 yards? Will there be a safety in the game? How many receptions will your favorite receiver have in the playoff game? These are all prop bets. You get to try and choose the winning side.

NFL Playoff Futures

Before the season even starts, you’re just betting on the home team to win the Super Bowl. That is a great example of a futures bet. You have wagered on the outcome of an event which is to be determined at a later date. Division winners, conference champions or just qualify for the playoffs — these are all futures bets.

Where to Find the Best Odds for the NFL Playoffs

When making bets, you will need to find the best odds for the NFL Playoffs. If not, you will start at a disadvantage. Let’s take a look at some of the things to look for and where to find them when comparing Playoff odds for the NFL.

The teams with the best records arent guaranteed anything but home-field advantage. Its NFL playoff time. Check the NFL playoff odds now! ]]>