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Welcome to All-Star Gaming (ASG), a licensed charitable gaming distributor in Ohio. All-Star Gaming is a full service program that helps nonprofit organizations that hold a Type III Charitable Bingo License address the complexities of charitable gaming accounting and regulatory requirements in Ohio. Additionally, we provide a convenient service that locates businesses that wish to sell instant bingo tickets on behalf of local charities.

Our unique program is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations that want to benefit from charitable gaming, but do not necessarily have the resources to locate businesses to sell instant bingo tickets on their behalf and/or to manage the day to day accounting and treasury responsibilities required by the regulations.

Through our partnerships with the CPA Firm of JC & Company and a select group of members of the Ohio Coin Machine Association, a statewide organization that provides the vending equipment (i.e., pool tables, darts, jukeboxes, etc.) to many of the state’s hospitality businesses including, but not limit to, bars, taverns and restaurants, we are able to extend these partnerships to charities that may otherwise not have resources to benefit under charitable gaming laws. Nonprofit organizations that hold a Type III Charitable Bingo license and who wish to maximize fundraising opportunities will greatly benefit by ASG’s program.

Customers contract directly with JC & Company, and for a small monthly fee, they will handle the accounting and regulatory transactions that allow nonprofits to extend their fundraising efforts without adding additional volunteer resources. JC & Company ensures payment for product is made to ASG and the 6% reimbursement of expenses is paid to businesses on your organization’s behalf.

Get started now with All-Star Gaming by calling us today! Our ASG Sales Reps will walk you through the process and help identify locations in your area that are ready to fundraise on your behalf!

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If you are interested in making money and helping a local charity, the All-Star Gaming program may be for you!

We’ll work with you to get licensed, locate and partner with a charity, train you and your staff how to make money for your business, your staff, and a local charity, all while bringing in new players and creating an exciting environment for all of your customers!

Working with the All-Star Gaming team will make your efforts to raise funds for your partnered charity much easier and more successful.

Why sell pull tabs?

• You make money!
• Players love playing pull tabs!
• Brings in new players/customers!
• Creates customer loyalty
• Prizes are paid ONLY at your location
• Prize money will be spent at your business
• Players love the interaction with your staff
• Pull tabs mean bigger tips for your wait staff
• Promotes a fun and exciting atmosphere
• Money stays local and benefits your selected 501 (c) (3) organizations
• Offers an alternative to lower-paying lottery games

How’s it work? Businesses request product from the website, available only to ASG customers. Payment is made via credit card on the website and the product is shipped directly to your business, free of charge!

FAQs for Businesses

How do I make money?

You are reimbursed for expenses up to 6% of the Gross Receipts of a game. Reimbursable expenses include such things as accounting services, rent, property taxes, and advertising, to name a few.

What does it cost me?

There are no fees to the location for selling pull tabs. You do pay the profit up front to the charity, by credit card. Prizes are paid out from what is collected from selling the pull tab tickets.

Do I need a license?

There is a license requirement that the charity obtains for you to sell at your location. You fill out a few forms, and the charity submits those with their own information and obtains the license for you to sell pull tabs on their behalf. ASG will walk you through every step of the process.

Is this legal?

Absolutely. Ohio HB 386, passed in the spring 2012, makes it legal to receive up to 6% of game gross receipts.

What’s in it for me?

All prizes must be redeemed the same day at the place the tickets were purchased. This means more money for your customers to spend in your location and bigger tips for your wait staff!

C an you really make money selling pull tabs?

Recently pas sed legislation (HB 386) allows businesses like yours to become licensed and sell instant bingo tickets (pull tabs) for local charities. For selling these tickets, you make up to 6% of the Gross Sales/Revenue. For example, sell 2 boxes per week and make up to $18,720 per year; sell 3 boxes per week and make up to $28,080 per year! That’s additional cash in your pocket or to reinvest in your establishment! Compare these numbers to lottery profits!

See a sampling of games and profits, below:

WELCOME CHARITIES Welcome to All-Star Gaming (ASG), a licensed charitable gaming distributor in Ohio. All-Star Gaming is a full service program that helps nonprofit organizations that hold a Type

Used Pull Tab Machines For Sale

Where Can You Buy Used Pull Tab Machines?

Pull tab machines are not cheap. There is a lot of work that goes into the manufacturing of a pull tab machine so a lot of organizations would rather buy them used to save a money on the front end, similar to buying a car.

A pull tab machine loses its “brand new” value fairly quickly so it definitely makes sense to shop around if you are in the market to buy. This page will let you know where you can get used pull tab machines and where you can get new pull tab machines. Plus we will discuss the pros and cons of buying used.

Pros Of Buying A Ticket Machine Used

We put together the reasons why you should try to find your ticket machines used:

  • Save Money- You will definitely save money by purchasing your pull tab ticket machines used. The value declines right after the first game of tickets runs through a machine, but definitely not as fast as the decline in value of a motor vehicle. We have had clubs buy a machine, use it for a few months, then change their mind and return it. This obviously turns into a good deal for another organization that decides to buy it from us since we cannot give the full value in credit back to the original club that decided to sell the machine back to us.
  • Everything Is Refurbished- When we are preparing a used pull tab machine for sale, we refurbish 95% of that entire machine. We replace everything inside of the machine, except the actual casing of the machine. The circuit board, LED lights, bill validator, wiring, plugs, the columns, and everything else is replaced during the refurbish process. Not everyone will do that so be careful when purchasing your machine used.
  • Brand New Warranty- Now used ticket machines do not come with a warranty by default so check with who you are purchasing your used machine from and check their reputation before buying it. We put a one year warranty on every used ticket machine we sell, unless otherwise stated. The reason we do this is to back up our work. We don’t want to stick anyone with a used machine that does not work, so we back them up for an entire year.

Cons Of Buying A Used Ticket Machine

Here is why you may want to purchase your pull tab machine brand new:

  • Write Offs- Every state handles the profits of your charitable gaming department differently but a lot of them will allow you to deduct the money you spend on a ticket machine towards your net income from your tickets, allowing you to sell more gaming tickets that month. If you have an excess of net profits from your small games of chance tickets, then you may want to spend the extra money on a brand new machine and not worry about saving some money on buying used.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty- Buying used does not guarantee a warranty. It comes down to who you purchased from and what their policy is. Yes, we offer a one year warranty on our used pull tab machines but not everyone does. Buying a brand new ticket machine comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.
  • Hard To Find- Finding used ticket machines is actually a lot harder to do than you think. Machines last for many years and when we get a used machine in from one of our customers that decides to upgrade, we usually refurbish it up and sell it very quickly. Our work and warranty we give to our customers on our used machines leads to very quick sales of our used machines. If you want a machine soon and you can’t find a used one right away, it will probably not be worth waiting for one to pop up.

Where Can You Find Used Pull Tab Machines For Sale?

Good luck! No seriously, good luck. They are extremely hard to come by these days. We usually get a handful of used ticket machines in each year so the best thing to do would be to get on our list so we know you want one. You can also call us at 717-238-1701 and get added on our list over the phone.

That way, when we get a used ticket machine in stock, we can reach out to you and see if you want it before someone else puts their name on it.

We sell to wholesalers and retail organizations so we have a lot of different organizations reaching out to us each month asking for used pull tab machines. Manufacturers of the actual machines do not sell used machines so you would have to either go direct to someone that already has one and uses it to sell tickets or you would have to go to a distributor of the machines like us.

You Can Buy Local Or Nationwide

We are located in Harrisburg, PA and we do ship nationwide but buying local is obviously the best bet. Freight is not cheap on these machines because they usually take up an entire skid and they cannot be delivered through ground. That means you will save a couple hundred bucks on buying local if you can.

The problem is that you may not have a used machine in your area so you may have to buckle up and buy from across the country.

Unfortunately, people do not advertise used machines online so we may be your only hope. Not to cut down your chances but we really don’t know anywhere else you can go. You can check on eBay though and try to get lucky.

Buy New Or Used?

It really doesn’t matter which type of machine you want to purchase. The most important thing is that you get a machine in your building that helps you sell more tickets.

We can definitely help you with purchasing either a used ticket machine or a new ticket machine. Just make sure you give us a call at 717-238-1701 so we can answer your questions and check our used and new machine inventory for you.

Hopefully you got some value from reading this post. Feel free to comment below with anything that we missed. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Pull tab dispensers are perfect to vend your tickets. We sell new and used pull tab machines and we even buy them. Call us at 717-238-1701 today! ]]>