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The very first thing you should do if you win the $800 million Powerball

But hold your horses.

One important piece of advice for lotto winners has nothing to do with spending.

According to this hall of fame Reddit post, the first step to take if you find out you won the lottery is this:

Do absolutely nothing.

Don’t even declare yourself as the winner. Tell no one — resist from texting or calling a single person you know.

After you’ve regained composure and made sure not to spill the beans, the next item on your to-do list is hire an attorney. “Get a partner from a larger, NATIONAL firm,” Reddit user BlakeClass says. “Don’t let them pawn off junior partners or associates on you. They might try, all law firms might, but insist instead that your lead be a partner who has been with the firm for awhile.”

Step two? Claim the winnings and take the lump sum. The lottery allows winners to choose either a large, one-time payment upfront, or a lifetime of smaller annuities. According to BlakeClass, winner’s should accept that they’re going to take a hit of at least 50% of the total jackpot in taxes, but this is the best way to go.

From here, the rest of the steps follow relatively standard advice regarding investments and responsible spending. Bonus anecdotes from BlakeClass includes lots of horror stories from past winners and their terrible current circumstances. Read up the full (and lengthy) advice from BlakeClass on Reddit. The steps include divvying up the money among family members into locked funds, investing in the S&P 500 and the US treasuries.

As one fellow Redditor aptly responded: ” That was the most useful thing I’ve ever read on how to do something that I will never do.”

This hall of fame Reddit post lays it all out. You're gonna need to lawyer-up.

Reddit lottery strategy

Jun 08, 2017 В· The most ideal manner of playing Western Lotto 649 and even the huge Lotto Max is using a strategy that has been proven, or what is known as a lottery system. The system you select to use should be determined by how effective it is for winning your specific lotto game. Lottery Systems. A lot of lottery systems exist for Canadian lotto 649.

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The overall chances of winning any prize are printed on the back of each PA Lottery Scratch-Off and vary by game. Overall chances are calculated in this way: the total number of tickets in a game is divided by the total number of prizes in that game .

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Nov 10, 2011 · TLDR: Here’s goes my first ever post on Reddit: Just hit $2.6M net worth at age 33 after discovering I was working towards FIRE without knowing what it was until stumbling across it online last year. Wife doesn’t care, but wanted to tell someone. My story, lessons learned, & how FIRE changed my strategy.

The desire to buy scratch tickets, play slot machines, and visit casinos aren’t necessarily signs of gambling addiction. But when the desire to gamble becomes overwhelming to the point you can’t stop thinking about it until you gamble on something, may be a sign you need help.

Yes. To keep things fresh, the Lottery introduces new Scratchers games to replace older ones. Replaced games are ended and you can no longer buy tickets for them. If you have non-winning tickets to ended Scratchers games, you must submit them into Scratchers В® 2nd Chance before the 2nd Chance submission deadline.

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