sa powerball plus hot numbers

PowerBall Plus Hot and Cold Numbers

These statistics use data from all PowerBall Plus draws since the game was first introduced in 2015. Discover the most popular PowerBall Plus numbers over all previous draws, or find out which numbers are most overdue. Applying this information to your numbers could secure you a multi-million rand prize!

PowerBall Plus Hot Numbers

These are the PowerBall Plus numbers that have been drawn the most often overall – find valuable information on the frequency of each number, and use the data to create a potentially jackpot-winning set of numbers.

PowerBall Plus Cold Numbers

The numbers below have appeared the least in PowerBall Plus draws overall. Probability states that these numbers could be due to make more appearances in future draws.

Most Overdue Numbers

Here are the PowerBall Plus numbers that haven’t been drawn for the longest periods of time. Consider how long it has been since each of these numbers appeared when choosing your numbers.

Here you can find information on every number in the PowerBall Plus pool – whether it’s how many times they have been drawn, their last draw date or the number of days since they last appeared. You can view this information in chart or table form, allowing you to compare the frequency of main PowerBall Plus numbers.

View the PowerBall Plus Hot and Cold numbers along with other statistics including, most overdue numbers, number frequencies, jackpot trends and more.

South Africa Powerball + Latest Results

Latest Results


  • 11
  • 17
  • 29
  • 47
  • 49
  • +
  • 02

These are the latest South Africa Powerball + results drawn Friday, November 27. The highlighted (darker background) numbers are the ones from our best prediction. Click/tap the numbers above to find out the interesting story of the South Africa Powerball + numbers.

The next results are scheduled for 01 December 2020 @ 19:00 UTC


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Facts about these latest results

  1. Based on the South Africa Powerball + results history, here are the numbers that have been drawn the most after these latest results.
    • Numbers 22 and 01 came out each 4 times after number 11
    • Number 32 came out 4 times after number 17
    • The following South Africa Powerball + numbers: 21, 04 and 05 came out 3 times after number 29
    • Number 37 came out 3 times after number 47
    • Number 37 came out 4 times after number 49
    Check out the other following numbers
  2. Take good note about these numbers: 15, 38. They are all due numbers because they were not drawn after any of the numbers in these latest results.
  3. South Africa Powerball + number 13 is one of the hot numbers at this point. (unchanged)
  4. While 38 is one of the cold numbers. (unchanged)
  5. And one of the most overdue numbers is 44. (unchanged)

Note: The above is based on the latest 100 results.

The latest South Africa Powerball + results drawn on Friday, November 27 2020 have been posted. Some of them are 【11, 17, 29…】 Step in to see the missing ones. ]]>