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Life state A Ghost, a Mummy, a SimBot, a Vampire, an Imaginary Friend, and a Genie eating Salmon

A life state, a creature, or an occult is a kind of Sim or pet with a special appearance and abilities, mostly inspired by legends or science fiction.


  • 1 The Sims
  • 2 The Sims 2
  • 3 The Sims 3
  • 4 The Sims 4
  • 5 Trivia
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The Sims [ edit | edit source ]

Two alternate life states exist in The Sims and its expansions, though they are not well-defined and do not grant any changes in a Sim’s behavior.

When Sims die, they become ghosts. In Livin’ Large, pleading with the Grim Reaper may result in him bringing a recently deceased Sim back as a zombie. If Unleashed is also installed, these zombies can be restored by Miss Lucille, who can be found on community lots in Old Town, though she cannot restore their personalities. Also in Livin’ Large, Sims using the chemistry set might make a purple potion that can temporarily turn a Sim into a monster.

It could be said that witches and warlocks come with Makin’ Magic, but being magical is not treated as a life state in that expansion. Sims who take up magic still look and act the same, and the terms “witch” and “warlock” are not used.

In Makin’ Magic, one of the charms that can be made is Beauty or Beast. This charm allows a Sim to temporarily change his or her appearance, and some of the available choices resemble life states from later games, such as werewolves and vampires. While players may choose to treat this as a temporary transformation or an illusion, the in-game effects are the same either way. The Sim who has been “charmed” is still a normal Sim; the charm only affects the Sim’s appearance and does not affect the way the Sim behaves or the way other Sims react to him/her, and the Sim gains no extra abilities or interactions.

The Sims 2 [ edit | edit source ]

Life states in The Sims 2 All of the life states from The Sims 2 up to Apartment Life except for normal Sims, ghosts, and mannequins.

Most expansion packs for The Sims 2 added an alternate state in which Sims can exist. Some added sentient creatures which Sims cannot become, but which can be playable Sims. These states have unique triggering techniques, advantages, and disadvantages. These states are:

  • Normal Sim
  • Ghost(Not playable)
  • Alien
  • Mannequin(hidden)[1]
  • Zombie [ TS2:U ] [ TS2:FT ] [ TS2:AL ]
  • Vampire [ TS2:NL ]
  • Werewolf [ TS2:P ]
  • Servo [ TS2:OFB ] [2]
  • PlantSim [ TS2:S ]
  • Bigfoot [ TS2:BV ] [3]
  • Genie [ TS2:FT ] (Not playable)[4]
  • Witch [ TS2:AL ]
  • Spectral cat [ TS2:AL ]

Each life state offers new opportunities for the Sim, making certain aspects of play easier to handle and others harder.

The Sims 3 [ edit | edit source ]

Life states in The Sims 3 Families of The Sims 3 life states (except for normal Sims) up to Late Night.

The Sims 3 and its expansion packs, as of 22 October 2013 ( 2013 -10-22 ) [update] , features 15 life states. Official game text recognizes certain kinds of life state as “occult,” and occult Sims cannot be given makeovers by stylists. Prior to The Sims 3: Supernatural, Ghost was not considered an occult status according to the game files. With Supernatural, players are able to create some occults with a Supernatural Type selector in Create a Sim. These life states include normal Sims, ghosts, vampires, genies, werewolves, witches, and fairies.

If a celebrity woohoos with an occult life state, they may get the Publicly Disgraced moodlet. This can occur even if the celebrity is of an occult life state themselves.

Several states in Supernatural (i.e. Toad Sims, Tragic Clowns, and Zombies) are not considered to be occult. They are merely temporary [5] states and can only affect normal Sims. These states can be cured by removing the moodlet with the Moodlet Manager or drinking the Cure Elixir.


  • Normal Sim
  • Alien [ TS3:S ]
  • Ghost[6]
  • Mummy [ TS3:WA ]
  • SimBot [ TS3:A ] [7][8]
  • Vampire [ TS3:LN ] [9] [ TS3:SN ]
  • Imaginary Friend [ TS3:G ]
  • Unicorn [ TS3:P ] [10]
  • Genie [ TS3:ST ] [11]
  • Werewolf [ TS3:SN ]
  • Witch [ TS3:SN ]
  • Fairy [ TS3:SN ]
  • Zombie [ TS3:SN ] [5]
  • PlantSim [ TS3:UL ]
  • Mermaid [ TS3:IP ]
  • Plumbot [ TS3:ITF ]
  • Time Traveler [ TS3:ITF ] (hidden)[12]
Temporary state
  • Toad Sim [ TS3:SN ]
  • Tragic Clown [ TS3:SN ]
  • Zombie [ TS3:SN ] [5]

The Sims 4 [ edit | edit source ]

Life states in The Sims 4 Life states in The Sims 4, up to Discover University (excluding normal Sims).

Only the normal Sim life state was initially included in The Sims 4, but a patch reintroduced the ghost life state. With Get to Work, aliens were made available in Create a Sim for the first time in the series. In Cool Kitchen Stuff, Sims can obtain the appearance of a PlantSim by eating Plant Matter ice cream; however, the effects are only temporary. With Patch 49, PlantSims were properly added in with improvements, albeit still being a temporary state. With Vampires, vampires were made available in Create a Sim along with customizable vampire features and new powers. In Jungle Adventure, skeletons were introduced as a temporary life state with some special abilities. In Island Living, mermaids were made available in Create a Sim along with customizable mermaid features and new powers. In Realm of Magic, Spellcasters are introduced and are available in Create a Sim along with mystical attire and magical powers. The Sims 4: Discover University adds Servos, which are robots Sims can build with the robotics skill.


  • Normal Sim

Not to be confused with Life stage. A life state, a creature, or an occult is a kind of Sim or pet with a special appearance and abilities, mostly inspired by legends or science fiction. 1 The Sims 2 The Sims 2 3 The Sims 3 4 The Sims 4 5 Trivia 6 Notes and references Two alternate life states…

Something New

Sims 4: 10 Best Packs For Unique, Occult & Supernatural Gameplay, Ranked

From new life states to unique ways to play, we’ve ranked the best packs for Sims 4 players who love to dabble in supernatural and occult gameplay.

For Simmers who enjoy supernatural, occult or just generally different types of gameplay choosing the best DLC for The Sims 4 can be difficult. There are currently limited options for occults and as such players of this type may feel neglected. However, upon taking a more in-depth look at different packs there are some others which can add to your game.

Not all of these packs offer occult and supernatural gameplay but they all offer something which adds a unique dimension to your game. From mermaids to mayhem, we take a look at the very best packs for those who like to play in a more chaotic manner.

10 Tiny Living Stuff

This one may seem like an odd choice, and it is, but yet this pack has one of the most unexpectedly amazing additions for those who love occult gameplay, Murphy Bed ghosts.

The Murphy Bed death is an easy trigger and the ghost it produces is nothing short of amazing to play. They can lecture sims about the dangers of beds and sleeping, keeping them awake. They can also possess sims and generally torture them. If you want a ghost that’s a little crazy and a lot of fun, the Murphy Bed ghost is a great choice.

9 Seasons

Seasons is often considered a must-buy pack. For those who like their games a little more supernatural it can seem like a skippable expansion. However, it does have a couple of things that can tempt the occult lover.

The main draw is lightning powers, which can be gained from storms. Who wouldn’t want to summon lightning? You can also use the new calendar to properly schedule spooky parties in autumn and the pack also contains a few creepy bits of decor to celebrate with and the appropriate gloomy weather.

8 Spooky Stuff

Spooky Stuff isn’t the greatest pack but it does come with a number of great items to celebrate Halloween with and some excellent costumes. While it’s far from an essential purchase, occult players will no doubt appreciate a little more spooky in their lives.

If you’ve ever wanted ragged curtains and random outfits then this is the pack for you. It also adds the ability to carve pumpkins and host spooky parties, so you can really get in the mood for the haunted holiday.

7 My First Pet Stuff

Hailed as one of the worst stuff packs ever, My First Pet Stuff has frequently been so mired in controversy that it gets forgotten how awesome the core pack item is. We are of course talking about the ability to keep small animals as pets.

For those who enjoy crazy gameplay, this is a must. Not only can you adopt Voidcritters but your furry friends can also engage in weird activities like going to the moon. If this wasn’t mad enough, ignore them for a bit and you might just contract Rabid Rodent Fever, a contagious disease that can result in some weird behavior and a terrifying demise.

6 Jungle Adventure

While not occult-based, Jungle Adventure does offer a unique way to play the game through its temple exploration system. On your vacation, you can arm yourself against danger and head into different areas of the jungle.

Exploring temples will see you face fire, bugs, and traps to uncover the rewards of tomb raiding, assuming you survive that is. This pack offers a nice sideline in archaeology as well so you can finally have your sim become the Lara Croft or Indiana Jones of Selvadorada.

5 Strangerville

Strangerville is quite literally one of the strangest packs we’ve seen. The town is inhabited by weird-looking occupants. While they aren’t occult as such, there is a mystery to solve in this story-driven game pack.

Digging deeper will lead players on a unique journey to uncover the mystery. The town changes as you progress before reverting to a normal dessert town once the storyline is complete.

4 Island Living

Island Living gave us mermaids, and while the pack itself is beautiful, the inclusion of this life state leaves much to be desired. Quite simply mermaids feel like an afterthought.

For occult lovers, the life state alone gives this a reasonable ranking but playing as a mermaid falls short compared to other life states. They simply replace hygiene needs with hydration and have tails in the water. They look beautiful but there is no other depth to them (no pun intended).

3 Get To Work

Get To Work is the pack that gave us aliens. Yes, we don’t quite know why either but in The Sims 4 occult life states have been mostly been folded into expansions and aliens are bundled into being a scientist.

The active science career brings aliens, which can be created straight from Create A Sim. They can also be contacted via satellite or by visiting Sixam through a portal you can build. The world of Sixam, aliens and alien abductions are all added by this expansion, ranking this a little higher than Mermaids in terms of occult playability.

2 Realm Of Magic

The Realm of Magic game pack is simultaneously amazing and annoying. Magical gameplay is mostly well done and spellcasters can enjoy pursuing any or all of the three branches of magic. Casting spells is fun and the life state enjoyable to play. It also adds a new world, a magical realm, and some stunning scenery.

However, this pack is let down by its bugs, which include clipping, glitches and an excessive amount of magical townies. These take the edge off the immersion, pushing the pack down into second place.

1 Vampires

The top spot has to go to the Vampires game pack. This is without a doubt the best implemented and well-executed inclusion of vampires the franchise has seen. While there are a couple of niggles, like the sheer volume of plasma fruit needed to replenish thirst, the pack is very well rounded and thoroughly enjoyable.

Vampires have different skills and weaknesses, making each one more unique than any other occults in the game. The pack also comes with a new world, which looks amazing, even if it is slightly small, as well as an array of gothic furniture and clothing to help you create the right vibe. This is a must-buy for any occult lovers.

From new life states to unique ways to play, we’ve ranked the best packs for Sims 4 players who love to dabble in supernatural and occult gameplay. ]]>