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“Live to Win”

Paul Stanly

“Live to Spin”

Crazy Dave

The Lyrics

Old witch said, spin all this, straw until you’re done
Sitting here, year by year, spinning gold from straw
You ask me how I do it all
What I tell you is a lie
You believe every word I say
But soon you will find out why

I live to spin, till I die, until gold thread reached the sky
Live to spin, spin it all, just keep spinning till I fall

I’m helpless, with the rest, Rumplestiltskin helps
Get to work, that witch jerk, will have a coat of gold
You ask me why I took the job
Daughter of the old widow
Sitting here day by day
Till there’s no more straw to go

Room by room, bigger every time, I will not cave in
Let another room begin, live to spin!
Yeah, live, yeah, spin

Room by room, bigger every time, I will not cave in
Let another room begin, live to spin!
Live to spin!
Live to spin!
Yeah, live, yeah, spin

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Live to Spin. Parody song lyrics for the song Live to Win by Paul Stanly

Spin to win song


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