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How to Get the Most Chances to Win at Keno: 5 Tips

Table Of Contents

  • 1. Choose Casinos (and Games) With Better Payouts
  • 2. Play For Free to Get a Hold of The Game
  • 3. Select Between Four and Eight Numbers
  • 4. Choose Consecutive Numbers or The Cold Ones
  • 5. Play at a Reliable Casino
  • This is the most complete collection of Keno tips on the web
  • It’s a perfect article to know how to get the best odds to win at Keno machines
  • It covers also topics like ‘the best Keno numbers’ and the ‘top bonuses you can use to play Keno online’

Keno is probably the most underrated casino game out there because it is too controlled by luck.

While this is somehow true (it’s a gambling game), there are some tips that can help you figure out optimal play. Especially if you play the game correctly and apply some smarts to the way you manage your money.

Use these Keno strategy tips to play the top Keno games online. Sign up for free to access all games.

This isn’t an article that promises you’ll win at Keno every time you play.

Whether you win at Keno or not is a matter of luck, like it happens with all gambling games.

If you are looking for misleading content on ways to win at Keno, I am sure you can find plenty of Keno strategies that are created to make you lose every time.

You can’t really beat the house edge at any casino game, and playing not realising this is a big mistake.

Nevertheless, I prepared a few tips for you that actually work to increase your chances to win at Keno.

It’s not a betting system with a funny name. Neither it is a strategy cheatsheet to win every single bet. Also, these are not the kind of tips that would get you kicked out of a casino in Las Vegas.

These are the Keno strategy tips that were proven to work by many players worldwide. And there’s no harm in trying them yourself, especially since you start by playing Keno for free online here.

1. Choose Casinos (and Games) With Better Payouts

This may seem obvious to you but you’d be surprised for how many players it’s not.

Even when you have your favorite online casino to play slot machines or other casino games, it may not be the perfect fit to play Keno there.

You need to check how many variants of Keno they have and what are the payouts for guessing the right numbers.

In most online casinos you can either choose up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers to bet on and 20 numbers out of 80 are drawn.

The best payouts online usually look like this.

How many numbers chosen How many of them get drawn & Payout
One One 1 to 1
Two One 1 to 1, two 9 to 1
Three One 1 to 1, two 2 to 1, three 16 to 1
Four One 0.5 to 1, two 2 to 1, three 6 to 1, four 12 to 1
Five One 0.5 to 1, two 1 to 1, three 3 to 1, four 15 to 1, five 50 to 1
Six One 0.5 to 1, two 1 to 1, three 2 to 1, four 3 to 1, five 30 to 1, six 75 to 1
Seven One 0.5 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 6 to 1, five 12 to 1, six 36 to 1, seven 100 to 1
Eight One 0.5 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 3 to 1, five 6 to 1, six 19 to 1, seven 90 to 1, eight 720 to 1
Nine One 0.5 to 1, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 2 to 1, five 4 to 1, six 8 to 1, seven 20 to 1, eight 80 to 1, nine 1200 to 1
Ten One 0, two 0.5 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 2 to 1, five 3 to 1, six 5 to 1, seven 10 to 1, eight 30 to 1, nine 600 to 1, ten 1800 to 1

This progression can follow further if you can choose more than ten numbers. For example, if you can choose 15, for guessing all of the right you’d be paid out 10000 to 1.

Not bad, right?

These are the optimal payouts when playing Keno online. Don’t go for anything offering less.

As a rule, online casinos have better payouts than brick-and-mortar ones. Thus, it’s always better to play online.

The best payouts I’ve seen are available at Quickfire (Microgaming) Keno platforms. One I really like is a simple classic platform to play called Monkey Keno.

If you play Monkey Keno, the numbers are not drawn but thrown to the board by a monkey. And they come in the form of coconuts.

The return to player ratio of Monkey Keno is 94.9 percent, and the game features the following special features:

  • you can choose games randomly instead of selecting individual numbers
  • you can choose to autoplay the game
  • it shows hot and cold maps (the numbers which were drawn most and least in the game)

2. Play For Free to Get a Hold of The Game

Keno is not a complicated game. Thus, many Keno players dive right into real money play. And they lose, a lot.

No matter what casino game it is, always play it for free first to get a hold of the game.

There may be some major differences in payouts or minor differences in the game platforms. Casinos may be lagging a lot and thus restarting the game before it’s finished.

While it makes little difference when playing for free, it may cost you lots of bets when playing for real money.

And even if you learn the best tips on how to improve your chances to win at Keno and you’re 100 percent sure of your skills, still practise for free first. You never know what can happen.

But it’s always better if something wrong happens and you don’t lose your cash in the process.

3. Select Between Four and Eight Numbers

When you have an option to choose up to 15 or 20 numbers with the same wager, the logical question is how many numbers is the right number?

Many Keno beginners believe the more, the better. It makes sense, considering the more you choose, the better chances of getting more of them correct you have.

But keep in mind that the payouts change depending on how many numbers you choose in total.

If you guess five out of five chosen, your payout may be of 50 to 1. That’s really sweet. But if you guess five out of 10 chosen, that reduces to 3 to 1.

So, what’s the optimal number?

Choose between four to eight numbers.

Think about it. When you choose less than four, any chance of winning is extremely low. There are 80 numbers in the Keno machine (or RNG), after all.

Then again, if you choose more than eight, you will always need to hit at least four or more numbers to get any extra money above what you’ve already spent for the wager.

And that’s not that easy either.

Though, if there is a progressive jackpot attached to the game, it may be worth to choose more numbers. If you can afford that, of course.

4. Choose Consecutive Numbers or The Cold Ones

The next tip related to numbers is which numbers to choose when betting. A common advice is to choose the consecutive numbers.

When it comes to playing video Keno, the numbers are drawn by a random number generator, thus the outcomes are random. But many Keno players researched the outcomes and believe playing consecutive numbers can help you.

Same goes for the cold numbers – the numbers that haven’t been drawn the longest period of time.

Does it work betting like that? No.

Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s 100% down to chance. If you don’t have a different betting strategy, you may as well try it.

If you play for free, you have nothing to lose. And maybe you’ll discover what Keno numbers are most worthy of betting on.

When it comes to betting on cold numbers, or the opposite, choose a platform that shows what were the most and least drawn numbers in the game.

One of such platforms is Monkey Keno.

5. Play at a Reliable Casino

If you want to know how to get full chances to win at Keno game, many of your choices need to be related to a specific game platform and casino. Since we talked about the payouts and platforms already, it’s time to cover the casinos.

The casino needs to be trust-worthy. Even if you discovered a brilliant Keno strategy, it’s pointless if all your money will go to the illegal casino and you’ll never see your winnings.

My advice?

Not only it has both of the Keno platforms mentioned (the classic game of Keno and Monkey Keno, of course), but there are also great Keno variants you can try for free and for real money.

Yes – you can play all of these games FREE. No registration or deposit necessary.

And once you’re ready to play for real money, check out this surprise bonus!

So – you only have one decision to make:

What Keno game will you play first?

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.

No-nonsense read: only the best tips on how to get the highest chances to win at Keno that actually work.

There are plenty of Keno strategies online that will make you lose. It’s time for a no-nonsense guide on how to win at Keno. Only tips that actually work.

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Saturday, 28th November, 2020

Superball Keno – Play Online

Superball Keno is one of the classiest games in the online keno industry and it features a neat and clean gameplay. Developed by SED Gaming, it is an 80-number keno board game.

Gameplay: The general rules of Superball Keno are pretty standard. You can put up to 10 spot bets and choose any number from 1-80 for each single bet. The machine generates 20 random numbers and you win if they match the ones you pick up.

The big difference is the 20th number that the machine generates. It is the superball and the number it contains carries special bonus payout. If you can predict or strike luck with the 20th number, you win a jackpot of 4 times the normal win amount. (Get 20 free spins on the Mariachi 5 slot, win real cash. Click here and use code DANSPINS20 during signup.)

Superball Keno Interface:

The interface is both stimulating and balanced. The main keno board takes a major portion of the screen. The control panel is on the left-hand side of the screen and consists of a bet increase/decrease tabs, a quick pick tab and a wipe card tab. You can change your bet between $1 to $5 and it is shown just above the Bet tabs.

Apart from clickable tabs, there are three digital indicators; your bank balance, your bet amount and your win details. Underneath the digital indicators is the Max Bet button, which sets the bet on to the maximum value. At the very bottom of the left side is the Play Game button which starts the keno game. A series of 20 balls, each with a number, rolls down a pipe and falls down on a space separating the board and the control panel. The 20th ball falls last and carries the jackpot number.

The board itself is color coded with 80 green blocks. The numbers you choose are marked red and each time you hit a match the block turns yellow. Rest of your choices are marked purple. The overall graphic design is pretty self-explanatory and simple. There is also accompanying music with each match that you get.

SuperBall Keno Strategy

Superball keno offers a lot of fun and you can expect to make some basic returns if you play logically. Though the machine is random, you can increase your chances of winning by taking an optimized number of bets. A risky player will naturally go for quick money and go for the maximum number of spots and bet with 10 numbers. This may seem to be the best strategy to maximize your chances by maximizing your bets, but it proves unprofitable in the long run. Conversely, taking small bets of one or two shots is also not a good strategy, as if it hard to predict 2 numbers from a list of 80. The best way is to go long and play with 5-7 fixed numbers. The golden rule is that the machine will churn out all 80 numbers in equal probability, so stick to your set of numbers. Keep those numbers as your default value and engage in small bets. You have the option of saving up to 10 numbers as your lucky numbers, and every time you click on Play Game, the bet is locked on those fixed numbers.

SuperBall Keno offers you smooth gameplay and instant fun. If you are an avid follower of Keno, this game will surely be your new addiction.

# Online Casino Reason Visit
1 WinADay Casino Amazing Multi Card Keno Game
2 Slots.LV $22 No Deposit Bonus just for registering, Fun Keno Game

Additional Superball Keno Questions:

Superball Keno Review

Superball Keno is a video Keno produced by SED, also formally known as Vision Gaming. Superball Keno is a favorite for many Keno players for good reasons. In this article, we will explore a few of those reasons and more.

One of the most enticing reasons to play Superball Keno is because it gives you the opportunity to win big. Like any Keno game, you will have to pick numbers that you think will win. With Superball Keno, the choices will range from 1 to 80.

As the name suggests, Superball Keno has a feature known as the “superball,” which is the last ball that is going to be dropped in one betting cycle. The “superball” has a multiplier effect. Specifically, it will multiply your winning by four times. For example, if your chosen number spots would normally pay you $50 if you win, with the superball as part of the combination, you will get paid $200 instead.

Superball Keno features a simple and straightforward visual theme. The board mimics the look of a real Keno board. Game statistics is to the right portion of the screen. Superball Keno is also easy on the eyes as it features a lot gray and white shades, which is less straining and good if you want to sit down and play for extended periods of time.

Superball Keno features what it calls “Keno Spots,” but it’s just a name of the Keno numbers chosen by the player. Players have a wide variety when it comes to their “Keno spots.” You can either choose to spot bet a single number or a choose a combination of numbers that you hope will win.

Keep in mind that like many most Keno games, you will have to do a bit of personal balancing between odds and payout. The fewer numbers you choose, the higher your odds of hitting. On the downside, the payout won’t be that big compared to spotting a lot of numbers. On the other side of the extreme, Powerball Keno allows you to spot 20 numbers and the payout is huge. The caveat is that the odds are abysmal. It’s up to you find the balance between payout vs. higher odds of winning. Although it’s best that you pick at least 7 numbers as it’s the minimum to hit the progressive jackpot.

After you have placed your bets, you can press the “play” button. Then, the first ten balls will drop, and a brief pause will follow. During the pause, the game offers you the option of raising the bet by pressing “raise bet.” If you don’t want to raise, then you can press “keep bet, ” and the next ten balls will be dropped. Don’t forget, the last ball will be the superball.

Superball Keno has the elements of a great Keno game. The mechanics are simple and straightforward so newcomers can easily grasp the game. It also features multiplier bonus which is the “Superball.” Plus, it also features a progressive jackpot. The last two features are attractive to the experienced players. It’s uncomplicated and pays big, no wonder it’s one of the most popular Keno games around.

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