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Bingo Out at Texas Station, Others May Follow

The COVID-19 shutdown is shaking Las Vegas to its foundation, and casinos are expected to look very different when they reopen, at least temporarily.

Some changes will be permanent, however. We’re told reliably Texas Station is closing its bingo room for good.

Texas Station is owned by Station Casinos, and it’s unknown which, if any, other casinos in the Station Casinos family may follow suit.

This is a bingo “dauber.” The most popular dauber color is purple. That’s going to win you a bar bet someday.

Bingo is popular with many Las Vegas locals, and Station Casinos uses its network of bingo rooms to offer generous progressive jackpots.

There are no bingo rooms on the Las Vegas Strip. The last casino with a bingo parlor, Riviera, closed in 2015.

Bingo tends to provide a great value for players. It’s social, easy to play and there are often free cocktails involved.

Could bingo parlors go the way of Vegas buffets? Also, ever notice how asking things in the form of a question sort of covers your ass, predictionwise?

It’s actually surprising there are still bingo rooms at all, as they tend to not be a moneymaker for Las Vegas casinos.

Bingo parlors are more of an amenity for guests, like sports books and poker rooms.

The typical bingo parlor in Las Vegas pulls in a meager $1,000 a day.

The demise of bingo at Texas Station could very well be a harbinger of things to come. Bingo is essentially a loss leader some Las Vegas casinos can no longer afford to provide.

Update (5/6/20): Following our story, insiders say dismantling of the bingo room at Texas Station was halted. Word is Texas Station will not reopen until 2021.

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15 thoughts on “ Bingo Out at Texas Station, Others May Follow ”

Bingo can be cheap to play, but it’s rather boring, and most casinos offer electronic packages, allowing people to buy far more cards than they could otherwise play. That gives them an advantage over the old fashioned paper players, and it’s no longer a cheap way to play the game.

I’m not surprised that bingo halls don’t make much money.

“Bingo parlors are more of an amenity for guests, like sports books and poker rooms.”
“Bingo is essentially a loss leader some Las Vegas casinos can no longer afford to provide.”

When reopening a casino after being closed completely for months, the first things to cut are player amenities and loss-leaders, particularly those that draw in the locals. Naturally.

We were never into bingo; but for a long time, tournament poker has been the major gaming attraction for us. For years we went mostly to Laughlin, but shifted back to Vegas last summer after Colorado Belle closed their poker room. There were still a couple of off-strip places with free parking–and “acceptable” Video Poker schedules in case you went out of early.
But at least you could play Bingo under “social distancing.” Post-pandemic poker as they’re describing it, with six players max per table, etc. will be a completely different experience for the players, and more expensive and even less profitable for the house. And if they go fully electronic, I’d rather stay home and play online for virtual money. That’s what we’re doing now, and guess what? It’s cheaper.
Here’s hoping things return to some semblance of “normal” pretty soon–but I know which way I’d bet.

Well,c’mon,how old is the average bingo player ? My folks are 74 and 75 and they’d rather hang themselves than walk into a bingo room,even in 10 years from now. It’s a matter of and entire generation fading away. Maybe my grandma would have played bingo,she died 10 year ago at 88,that was the bingo generation. The virus just accelerated the inevitable..

Have tou ever been in a bingo hall? Actually you don’t have to answer since your ignorance of the game shows in your comment. Bingo is no longer a game old people play. A lot of 20 -30 somethings enjoy bingo and Station Casinos has privided late night specials on Fridays geared especially for the younger generations. Perhaps once bingo is open again and you decide to get off your parents couch, you might consider a game or two.

Don’t knock it till you try it! Casino bingo isn’t like retirement home $5 entry fee to win $10-$25 pots!

Are you kidding me? You are commenting about something you know nothing about apparently! That is NOT the average age anymore-that actually makes me laugh! A group of us all play ALL the time, and we are in our 40’s. There are plenty of younger people there too! It has COMPLETELY changed, and people wouldn’t know that, because they (like you) obviously haven’t gone in a while…

That’s ok. I’ll get to play bingo everyday when I move into the nursing home.

So WRONG ? I was a BINGO agent and supervisor at station casinos, it’s DEFINITELY not an old persons game, I play myself since l moved here at 25, it’s lots of fun and exciting. There are LOTS of aspects and large jackpots to be had. I myself have called many large jackpot winners, including$154,00.00 ! NOT sure when you played last but people come from All over to Play here in Vegas and at station casinos. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many guest’s From as Far as England that became regular guest’s. Whoever said bingo doesn’t make Money has NEVER worked with numbers, money, or bingo. .

I LOVE Bingo! I have been playing for 20+ yrs. I would rather lose my money slowly at bingo than stuff it in a slot machine and lose in 15 min. And for the most part it’s peaceful, quiet, and no cell phones! I will be back to play as soon as it’s safe to do so but I’m not in a hurry.

Will Bingo halls and casinos in general ban smoking one everything is finally cleaned up after Covid-19? Is play if there was no smoking.

Locals need Bingo Halls. I’d rather spend $50- playing Bingo for an hour then losing it in 15 minutes on a penny slot machine, (max bet $3-$5) .25 cent Poker machines (1.25 per hand). I have 8 grown children who love the game and look forward coming to Vegas and Bingo makes it affordable for them. Remember most of us “old folks” live on a limited income as well. The higher the Jackpots (Cash/Hot Ball), Bingo players do spend $100 or more. Hard to believe casinos lose money especially on packed sessions. If anything cut out the “big” game jackpots that includes all Station Casino properties (first game they play). Do you honestly think most of us will step foot in Station Casinos if Bingo is gone? Not to mention the buffets? Think of money made during the time between the sessions playing machines near the bingo hall. Do the math!

We were planning a trip back to our old stomping grounds in N.Las Vegas. Lived there over 20 years and LOVE bingo at Texas Station. Which is where we had reservations before they cancelled. Over the years mom slowly began to lose her sight, but still enjoys bingo. Texas Station had the big computer screens that she was able to see and they played 3-4 times a week. Afterwards they would head over to the buffet, and played a few slots before going home. They miss the gang at Texas and I’m sure the employees all remember my in-laws – Don & Jean G.

Without bingo I will not go into the casinos – the slots and all other games are in favor of the owners – only bingo gives everyone a chance to win something. I have family and friends who come to Vegas to visit me and the first thing they want to do is play bingo – No bingo – NO casino visits.

Sad to hear about Texas Station Bingo…went there for 17 years…but it has gone downhill for the last 4 years especially when they went to UNLIMITED CARDS could be bought and all the Vultures, many from
California would come in and spend around $400 to $600.00 per session. Took advantage of the fact that
there were not many people there. I am glad I don’t have to look at their greedy faces any longer.I won’t go into Texas Station Casino any longer to gamble on the slots etc. as I just played there because I was there for Bingo. Sorry for all the workers in the Bingo Room who now have lost their jobs permanently..many were there for years. As far as the Casino, the Ferttita’s tried to unload the place since the 2008 housing
crisis…but they got greedy and lost out on selling it to Boyd gaming years ago !! So what did they do just let it get run down.

We're told reliably Texas Station is closing its bingo room for good. Others may follow.