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Tubberclair GAA

Congratulations to Tom & Breda Reid on their Tubberclair Gaa Club Lotto win.

Tubberclair GAA

Numbers for Saturday 21st November are 06, 19, 21, 27, 28, 36..
There was no Jackpot Winners.
Next weekends Jackpot €1,900.
Thanks for your support.

Tubberclair GAA

Today the GAA will stage a special remembrance ceremony to honour the 14 victims killed at Croke Park by Crown Forces on Bloody Sunday, November 21, 1920.
In the absence of spectators being permitted at Croke Park in line with Government Covid-19 restrictions, the GAA has encouraged members throughout the country to pay their own tribute to those who died at Croke Park by lighting their own candle.

Congratulations to Tom & Breda Reid on their Tubberclair Gaa Club Lotto win.

Tom reid jackpot

Tom Reid’s Jackpot 2020 – this year’s Bracket challenge. The host site remains at Turbo Tourney, but we’ve made it easier to find. We have kept this site – . But, we have also acquired the original site , which will automatically forward you to the game site. As last year, there is also a Facebook group page at –!/groups/tomreidsjackpot/ . All three sites have links to the actual Tom Reid’s Jackpot game site.

I CAN NO LONGER TAKE PAYPAL AS PAYMENT. PayPal smacked my wrist. it is no longer an option for Tom Reid’s Jackpot. We do accept “PayPal’s little brother” – VENMO. Click HERE for more information and for IOS and GOOGLE apps. Pay me, using the username @David-Noonkester.

There are improvements. This year a Perfect Bracket(s) will win/share the entire main Tom Reid’s Jackpot!! If no one submits a perfect bracket, payouts will depend on the number of entries. If there are 449 entries or fewer, we will pay the top three players. If there are 450 entries or more, we will continue to pay the top five players. There will be a “tournament in a tournament” – a Tom Reid’s Jackpot Second Chance Sweet 16 tournament, with it’s own separate winner-take-all jackpot.

The Tom Reid’s Jackpot tournament is open to all. Just grab an entry form from the normal locations, or print one from this site. Turn in your payments to your normal collection points, or use CONTACT US for mail options. Fill out your Tom Reid’s Jackpot bracket at the game site before the start of the first tournament game. you’re all set. Historically, we have 500+ entries.

Tom Reid’s Jackpot
Wall of Fame
Winner’s History

2020 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament

Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance

2019 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,208.00 – Phyllis Arnold
2nd – $ 483.00 – Phyllis Arnold
3rd – $363.00 – Jeff Heatherly
4th – $241.00 – Jeff Heatherly
5th – $120.00 – John Hayes

Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $625.00 – Kevin Williamson

2018 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,519.00 – Rick Murphy
2nd – $ 434.00 – Jack Murphy
3rd – $217.00 – Brent Schaffer (broken tie)

Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $645.00 – Darryl Ayo

2017 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,215 – Wade Jackson
2nd – $ 486 – Jenny Hyberger
3rd – $ 365 – Mike Mahoney
4th – $ 243 – Joseph Goatley (broken tie)
5th – $ 121 – Debbie Noonkester (broken tie)

Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $680 – Anthony Hopkins

2016 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,075.00 – John Hayes
2nd – $430.00 – Joanne Brown
3rd – $323.00 – David Noonkester
4th – $215.00 – Jill Carr
5th – $107.00 – Lloyd Knight

Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $415.00 – Bob Hesketh

2015 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
(Two Double Winners. )
1st – $1,233.00 Mike Walthall
2nd – $493.00 – Joe Goatley
3rd – $370.00 – Bill Worth (broken tie)
4th – $246.00 – Trey Hyberger (broken tie)
5th – $123.00 – Mike Walthall

Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $465.00 – Joe Goatley

2014 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,270.00 – Tommy Tyler
2nd – $ 508.00 – Darell Wells (broken tie)
3rd – $ 381.00 – Sam Williamson
4th – $ 254.00 – John Underhill
5th – $ 127.00 – Stephanie Hyberger Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $ 430.00 – Rick Dulworth

2013 – Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,113.00 – J. Book (Micah)
2nd – $ 445.00 – C. Kelsey FCU
3rd – $ 334.00 – jboles 1
4th – $ 222.00 – The Shively Mailman
5th – $ 111.00 – Justin B (Broken tie) Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – $ 295.00 – Jill Carr

2012 Tom Reid’s Jackpot Main Tournament
1st – $1,610.00 – Bobby Hornback, Sen
2nd -$ 805.00 – Jessica White
3rd $ 270.00 – Lorenzo Morgan Tom Reid’s Jackpot Sweet 16 Second Chance
1st – (Trial run – no Jackpot) – Gary Effinger

Rules and Frequently Asked Questions
For Tom Reid’s Jackpot

How do I use a user name instead of my regular name?

It will be easier this year. I need to know your real name, but it doesn’t need to be attached to your bracket online. This year’s entry form will have both a NAME line and a USER NAME line. I will replace PAY LOCATION with USER NAME online, and make it be the one that actively shows. For those that don’t want a USER NAME, just put your NAME on both lines.

Why do you require a phone number and email address?

The software uses your email address as an identifier. It’s used to separate individuals with the same user name, as a password (if necessary) and to rank you in the individual reports. I use your email address for information I need to get out quickly – just as with the Melo news from Syracuse a few years ago. I also need to contact you if you win – having both, I have “identifier” information to ensure it’s you. I will never call, unless you ask or if I have been unable to contact you any other way.

How do you protect my email address and phone number? I don’t want it online.

This is a software based program on one computer. Neither is actually ever sent to the site. When you fill out your brackets, they sit in reserve until I download them to my computer. When the brackets are uploaded to the actual Tom Reid Jackpot site, your phone number and email address are not attached. Your information is only on my computer, which is behind two firewalls and Microsoft anti-virus/anti-spyware. All software report calculations are performed on my computer – only the final report itself is uploaded. The only place that is not true is on the actual paper entry form you fill out. I only need one way to contact you on the paper form, in case I can’t find a bracket for your payment or you have a bracket for which I can’t find a payment.

I’ve made my Tom Reid Jackpot picks, how do I pay you?

I’m working to get back everyone that collected for Tom Reid. I need help in the Customer Service offices. If you have collected before, or would like to volunteer to collect, please contact me. If you can’t find a collector to make payment, use CONTACT ME to send me an email. I will make arrangements, or have you mail me the payment. If you are holding on to a payment address for Tom Reid, please do not use it. I had at least one do that this year. I prefer to not list my address online, but will provide it by request.

Why did you not use the site to host the game?

For several reasons. When it was decided I would take over the software, I had limited time to somehow get everyone informed. The easiest way is online. The actual game site software has some access to add HTML, but it is somewhat limited. To make a website searchable on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, a certain criteria must be followed. A proper amount of invisible HTML entries – key words, site map, and authorization for search robots – must be present, or you don’t show in searches for anyone looking for Tom Reid’s Jackpot or something similar. The easiest way to “get the right amount” was in a webpage pretty much started from scratch. I also wanted something to actually memorialize Tom Reid. Since my first year with the software, I also thought using the software’s host site would be better if I needed support help. We will see about next year – the extra site is actually handy for getting things (like this page) out to the players.

My Tom Reid’s Jackpot bracket that I printed does not match the one showing online. Why would the numbers change? Why were numbers added?

When you (and everyone else) enter bracket entries online, they sit patiently waiting for me to download them to the software on my computer. As I “retrieve entries”, they come in one at a time. If a Bob Smith comes in second…then another Bob Smith comes in fourth, the retrieval stops and a warning comes up. If allowed to proceed without the warning, the fourth Bob Smith would over write and take the place of the second Bob Smith entry I already have. The existing Bob Smith entry would be gone. What I did this year was to rename the second-received Bob Smith entry as Bob Smith 2. That was fine, unless the next entry (which I can’t see) happens to be named Bob Smith 2. I would then have to rename the newest Bob Smith 2 as Bob Smith 3, so on and so forth. Lesson learned. Next year I will still number duplicate entries, but I will use something most people wouldn’t use – like <2>. If a second Bob Smith entry shows up, they would appear online as Bob Smith 2 and Bob Smith 2 <2>.

I have entered my Tom Reid’s Jackpot picks – why don’t they show online?

The easiest way to explain most of these questions is the fact that the page you are viewing is controlled by the software on my computer, not the actual host site. When you submit your bracket, it sits in wait until the next time I pull information from the website to the software on my computer. Once I have your information updated in my computer, I then upload it to the hosting site. At that point, you can see your brackets online.

Very few rules, actually. In a perfect world, all entries and payments would be made by a certain date and time. In the real world, with work, vacations and people playing from as far away as Iowa, “it ain’t happening”. Most rules concern entries/payment after the deadline.

– All online entries MUST be submitted by the start of the first game. I have no control – it shuts the entry form down. There are limited reasons why I would go in and make changes. As stated above, if not caught, one entry can sometimes overwrite another. Software glitches can happen which lose entries. In any case, if I find that someone has paid for 4 entries and something has happened where only three show, I can and will put the missing entry back in. One condition must be met. The individual must have the email confirmation showing the picks when the original entries were made. That email MUST be forwarded to me before anything is put back in the system. ALWAYS PRINT AND EMAIL YOURSELF A CONFIRMATION OF PICKS.

– If one of the collectors has your money, you are considered paid. If your mailed payment is postmarked before the deadline, you are considered paid. If something happens where you get your entries in, but can’t get them paid by the deadline, please contact me and make arrangements. If you make payments past the deadline, some outcomes are already determined. For that reason, if you pay late, you must pay for ALL submitted brackets online, or ALL will be deleted.

– If games have already been played and it is determined that you are short on payment – four entry fees were paid, but five entries show online – you will have two choices. Pay for the final entry, or the LAST ENTRY RECEIVED will be deleted – in this case, the fifth entry. You will not be allowed to choose which entry you want deleted. One exception that I have found so far – the unpaid entry is found to be a duplicate of an earlier entry. In this case, the duplicate will be deleted.

– A record will be kept. If you habitually show up in one of the three categories above, you will be permanently banned from play.

– All rules for Tom Reid’s Jackpot are subject to change, addition or deletion without notice.

Tom Reid’s Jackpot – all rights reserved.

Tom Reid’s Jackpot. Home of the 2020 version of the annual men’s college basketball bracket challenge. ]]>