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The Triple Win Method

The Power of a New Type of Negotiation

Triple Win negotiators were all trained to use the Harvard mutual gains method, a high-quality strategic methodology that is innovative because it is based on reciprocal goodwill and on the idea of a “triple winner” between the business, the client and the end user. It is from this “win-win-win” methodology that the business gets its name: Triple Win.

To guarantee your success, we commit ourselves to offering you real negotiating power, without which nothing is possible, and to make you benefit from reliable networks that also accelerate the growth process.

Improve the relationship, mutual knowledge and reinforce trust to obtain the essential; such is the objective of the power of strong negotiation.

Discover our “Power of Negotiation”

Negotiation is a form of power: the ability to grow together while respecting each other and working as partners instead of adversaries with a common vision despite divergent interests, and the goal of sharing the overall value agreed upon instead of being subjected to an unfair agreement.

Our negotiation is a form of power that expands your sales, your values and your business, but also ensures harmony in terms of purchases or human resources by maximizing compensation, controlling costs and systematizing the demand for realistic and measurable investment returns.

A Tested Method:

  • Production of high added value by generating mutual gains
  • Guarantee of strong and balanced partnerships that enhance the image of your brand and your business
  • Reciprocal goodwill guaranteeing longevity
  • Advanced knowledge of the “negotiating power” for private and national brands
  • Harmonious exchanges, controlled corridors and increased compensation

Our Partnership in 5 Steps

From the first client meeting up until the trade agreement, we will be by your side to develop your ability to negotiate according to an effective methodology that leaves nothing up to chance.


We spend 3 hours together in order to:

  • Understand your issues
  • Present our methodology to you
  • Analyze the situation with a 360° view
  • Determine your ideal objectives


We complete a 5 to 10-day audit of your business and of your future clients:

  • To understand perfectly your market
  • To test your offer and to suggest possible improvements
  • To check for disparities with the specifications of mass-market chain brands
  • To come up with the key factors of success


In collaboration with your different departments (marketing, research, finance), we will collect and analyze information that will allow us to support and develop your sales and reasoned negotiating skills.

4- The S.A.P. (Strategic Action Plan)

We then establish together the mandate that you entrust in us.

We decide on realistic, simple, measurable, achievable and compatible objectives according to your means and specified time constraints.

We will then be recompensed depending on our capacity to reach these objectives. This system of success fees (that go up to 100%) is our strength and our distinction in the market, and sums up our commitment and confidence.


This distinguishes us from the majority of our competitors. Actually, we are neither coaches, nor counsellors or auditors, we are doers. We act, obtain results before being recompensed depending on these results: in short, the functioning of our company.

Our Accompaniment: your Path to Success

During the course of our accompaniment, we will address the various essential keys to your success, notably:

  • The preparation of a meeting with a client, upon which 50% of your success relies
  • The client meeting, the debriefing of this meeting and the preparation for the next steps
  • The negotiation
  • The composition and approval of the trade agreement

The progress made through negotiation will take place within concession “corridors” functioning as compensation. This is a true path to success in order to win without losing balance and to reach the end of the path without obstruction or slip-up. This progress will be made by taking steps. Each step will be validated between meetings and you will remain in control of the final result.

The Triple Win Method The Power of a New Type of Negotiation Triple Win negotiators were all trained to use the Harvard mutual gains method, a high-quality strategic methodology that is

Triple win

Whereas Germany has a shortage of nurses, other countries have too many. How the “Triple Win” programme is helping on three different levels.

The idea

Whereas Germany has a shortage of nurses , other countries have more well-qualified skilled workers than vacancies for them. This is where the “Triple Win” project comes in. Since 2013, it has been finding personnel for German clinics, hospitals and old people’s homes. The name refers to the three different levels which profit from it: first, the skilled workers who are given new job opportunities. Second, German care facilities that receive well-qualified staff. Third, lower unemployment in the nurses’ countries of origin.

The facts

The programme is being implemented by the International Placement Services (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). It is aimed at applicants from four countries : Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Philippines and Tunisia. “Triple Win“ has already found some 1,450 trained nurses for German care facilities. 788 are currently in their home countries preparing for their stay in Germany.

We ensure that our recruitment of healthcare personnel to Germany does not lead to a brain drain.

Sound working principles

“Triple Win” cooperates only with countries that have a surplus of well-trained nurses. Sonja Luciano from the GIZ emphasises: “We base our work on the World Health Organization’s global code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel. This ensures that our recruitment to Germany does not lead to a brain drain and cause a shortage of healthcare personnel in the countries concerned.”

The procedure

The ZAV and GIZ jointly select suitable applicants and pass their details on to German care facilities. Applicants must have completed a three-year course of training in nursing . Before leaving their home countries, successful applicants are given language and integration courses to prepare them for their time in Germany. They receive support with obtaining a visa, and with settling in at their new workplace.

There is a shortage of nurses and geriatric carers in Germany. “Triple Win” recruits nurses to Germany and helps other countries in the process. That’s the secret of the concept’s success. ]]>