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Turkey’s New Year lottery jackpot at $13.8M

Turkey’s big jackpot nearly quadruples in ten years


Turkey’s grand New Year lottery prize will be 80 million Turkish liras ($13.8 million) and tickets will go on sale as of Nov. 29, an official said on Thursday.

A National Lottery General Directorate official told Anadolu Agency that the second-highest prize would be eight million Turkish liras ($1.3 million).

The total prize which will be distributed to ticket holders would amount 436.5 million Turkish liras (nearly $75 million).

Lottery tickets will be sold for 80 ($13.8), 40 ($6.9) and 20 Turkish liras ($3.4).

The draw will be held on Dec. 31.

Last year’s big prize was 70 million Turkish liras ($12.1 million).

According to the data provided by the National Lottery, Turkey’s New Year big lottery jackpot shot upward greatly over the last decade.

The big jackpot both in 2007 and 2008 had been 25 million Turkish liras ($4.3 million).

Turkey's big jackpot nearly quadruples in ten years – Anadolu Agency