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Changes effective April 1, 2019.

Lottery Drawing

A random drawing process will be used to select the winning entries in each lottery. In cases where multiple items are offered through a single lottery form, individual customers and licensees may enter any or all of the available drawings on that particular lottery offering.

  • Having an entry selected during the random drawing process in a lottery does not convey or entitle the entrant to receive any right or title to product owned and/or offered for sale by Virginia ABC.
  • Selection of an entry only gives the entrant the opportunity to purchase the specified item from Virginia ABC, subject to the ordinary terms and conditions of sale for spirits products in the Commonwealth of Virginia. No other rights, either express or implied, are created.
  • Products purchased by individual customers through the lottery are subject to applicable taxes and fees.
  • Each lottery is open for at least 2 days unless otherwise noted. There is no advantage to entering the lottery as soon as it opens. Everyone who enters during the 2 day period has an equal chance of being selected. Odds depend on the number of entries received and the number of bottles available.


To be eligible to participate in a Virginia ABC lottery for limited availability products, customers must be residents of Virginia or active-duty members of the military assigned to a permanent duty station in Virginia. Eligibility must be verified at the final point of sale by the customer providing an approved form of identification. Approved forms of identification include a valid driver’s license or photo identification card issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Customers may also provide a work badge or a U.S. passport that includes a full name and photo along with a utility bill featuring the same name as the identification and a Virginia address. Members of the military may use an armed forces identification card and military orders for assignment to a permanent duty station in Virginia to prove eligibility.

  • Customers selected to purchase a bottle who are unable to provide a valid form of identification showing a Virginia address or proof of Virginia residency will be unable to complete their purchase, and the bottle will be returned to inventory as described below.
  • Identification will be requested by store staff upon pickup of a bottle the customer has been selected to purchase. Opportunities to purchase are not transferable.
  • All lottery entrants must be 21 years of age or older.

Entry Process

In order to participate in a lottery for a specific product, individual customers must enter the lottery through the Virginia ABC website during the applicable entry period. Access to the lottery form will be provided on the Limited Availability Products page. Virginia ABC will take reasonable steps to publicize lottery product offerings via multiple channels, to include the Spirited Virginia e-newsletter and Facebook page, Virginia ABC’s Twitter account and the Virginia ABC website via a link on the product page of the specific product(s) for which a lottery will be offered. Each lottery offering will be open for an entry period of 48 hours or longer. Specific days and times of lottery entry periods may change.

  • Each lottery will be publicized on the Virginia ABC website and via the media described above.
  • Virginia ABC lotteries for limited availability products may involve one or multiple items; however separate drawings will be conducted for each item. During the entry process, entrants may opt into the drawings for any or all of the items available in a given lottery. Each entrant may only purchase one bottle of each item in a given lottery period.
  • Please be sure to check the box for each product for which you’d like to enter. Entrants who do not check any boxes will not be entered into any lottery drawings.
  • Only one entry per individual customer will be accepted in a single lottery. Duplicate entries from the same individual customer will be disqualified.
  • Prior to the start of the drawing process, each entry will be reviewed to confirm the eligibility of the entrant and entry.
  • Virginia ABC reserves the right to remove entrants who have been found to have submitted duplicate entries for a particular lottery. If Virginia ABC chooses to remove these entrants, they will be sent one warning asking that they refrain from submitting duplicate entries. After this warning, if the same entrant is found to have again submitted duplicate entries, Virginia ABC reserves the right to remove that entrant from the lottery entry list, along with all their duplicate entries, and reserves the right to bar that entrant from entering any future Virginia ABC product lotteries. Such customers will be notified in writing of their disqualification from entering future lotteries.
  • Virginia ABC reserves the right to delete entries from customers who have declined to purchase lottery bottles they have won in previous lotteries two or more times. Such customers will be notified in writing of their disqualification from entering future lotteries.
  • Customers may opt out of having their contact information shared with third parties. Contact information includes the customer’s first name, last name, phone number, email address, store number and store address.

Virginia ABC Mixed Beverage Licensees

Currently, sales to mixed beverage licensees amount to approximately 18 percent of Virginia ABC’s annual sales, although this percentage varies by product. Accordingly, Virginia ABC will allocate a proportional amount of bottles from the product supplier, and set aside for mixed beverage licensee orders.

  • Separate lottery drawings will be conducted for mixed beverage licensee entrants and individual customer entrants.
  • Only one entry per mixed beverage license number will be accepted in a single lottery. Invalid mixed beverage license numbers or duplicate entries from the same mixed beverage license number will be disqualified.
  • Only current, active-status Virginia mixed beverage licensees may enter.
  • Ineligible licensee entrants will be removed prior to drawing.
  • Licensee lottery bottles are intended for resale to restaurant customers in pours or cocktails and will receive tax stamps. Licensee lottery bottles are not transferable for personal use.
  • Only persons legally authorized to make purchases on behalf of the licensee may purchase lottery bottles.
  • Licensee entrants may enter once per licensed establishment.
  • Licensee lottery bottles must be purchased at the store where the licensed establishment typically purchases their liquor.
  • Licensee lottery bottles may only be purchased by the winning establishment and may not be transferred to another licensed establishment.


Entrants selected during the random drawing process will be notified via email that the bottle(s) will be shipped to the store the customer selected on their entry form. Once the selected store has received the bottle, store staff will attempt to contact the customer via the phone number and/or email address provided on the entry form.

  • If a bottle remains unclaimed at the store after a period of two weeks from the time the winner was notified of shipment to the store, that bottle will be placed on the shelf for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. Store holds will not be accepted for bottles sold in this manner.
  • If a customer is found to be ineligible to purchase a lottery product, that product will be held in the store’s back room until the next business day, at which time it will be placed on the shelf for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis. Store holds will not be accepted for bottles sold in this manner.
  • Bottles remaining in warehouse inventory will be forced out to stores with every attempt made to ensure equal distribution throughout the state. Any such bottles of lottery products that are forced out to stores will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Virginia ABC reserves the right to redistribute selected products until all inventory has been depleted.
  • If any inventory remains in the Virginia ABC warehouse at the conclusion of a lottery, such inventory will be distributed to stores that have sold this product or type of product in the past.
  • Entrants not selected during the lottery will not be notified.
  • If for any reason the online submission form is not capable of running as planned due to an infection by a computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of Virginia ABC that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the sign-up process, Virginia ABC reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the online submission form. If the submission form is so terminated, Virginia ABC, at its discretion, may distribute bottles in an equitable manner among the eligible, non-suspect entries received prior to action taken. Virginia ABC reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampered with the sign-up process.
  • Virginia ABC assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect and delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure or destruction affecting entries or for unauthorized access to or alteration of entries.
  • Virginia ABC reserves the right to change this policy in its sole discretion. In the event a lottery is currently running, the rules in operation at the time the lottery started will control the conduct of the lottery.

Terms and conditions for Virginia ABC limited availability product lotteries.

Limited Availability Products

Collectible Bourbon Release: November 10

Due to issues with our current lottery system, we have had to temporarily curtail lotteries. This has enabled us to build sufficient inventory to distribute several lottery products to retail stores. In order to make these products available to our customers, the following products will be available for sale at your local Virginia ABC store on November 10:

  • Elijah Craig 18 Year Bourbon
  • Weller Full Proof Bourbon
  • E.H. Taylor Jr. Barrel Proof Bourbon
  • E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel Bourbon

These products will be available for in-store purchase only (online ordering will not be available). Inventory will appear on the Virginia ABC website beginning on Tuesday, November 10. See below for details regarding this event.

  1. Lottery system: We understand our customers’ overwhelming preference for using our online lottery process to distribute these products, especially in light of the need for social distancing. Unfortunately, our online lottery system is currently unavailable and will remain so for the near future. As we announced several weeks ago, we are in the process of transitioning to a new data center to upgrade our technical capabilities in many areas, including our website. We will offer online lotteries once we are confident that our systems are stable in the new data center and can provide the experience that you expect.
  2. Social distancing: We share our customers’ concerns regarding the need for social distancing and we are working to ensure this event goes forward in the safest manner possible. We are distributing these products across all 389 Virginia ABC stores so as to make them available as widely as possible and to minimize the number of customers waiting in line.
  3. Store inventory: Each store will receive at least 6 bottles, but no more than nine bottles in total, receiving at least one of the four products, but no more than two.
  4. Bottle distribution: Immediately before the store’s opening, store managers will distribute between six and nine numbered tickets (depending on the number of bottles available) to those first six to nine customers in line. Bottles will be distributed on a first come, first served basis by these numbers.
  5. One bottle per customer: Customers will be limited to purchasing one bottle. Should a store receive two products, customers will still be limited to purchasing one bottle.
  6. Licensees: Licensee customers must have one person per licensed establishment waiting in line – each person in line may purchase one bottle only. Customers affiliated with a licensed establishment who also wish to purchase a bottle as an individual must have another representative of the licensed establishment waiting in line in order to purchase on behalf of the licensed establishment.
  7. Being safe: We are asking for our customers’ cooperation to keep themselves and our employees safe. As such, on November 10, if there are more than nine customers in line in front of you, there is no reason to continue to wait in line unless you plan to buy other products (please note however that no other allocated products will be available for sale on November 10). If customers choose to wait outside of a Virginia ABC store, we strongly encourage them to socially distance and wear a mask. A mask will be required to enter the store.
  8. Residency: Finally, we have heard and understand your concerns regarding these products not being limited to purchase only by residents of Virginia. When we run an online lottery, we limit it to Virginia residents to provide a fair chance to our in-state customers and avoid logistical concerns with potential out-of-state winners. However, this is an in-store release, being handled in the same way we distribute our other in-store-only limited availability products, which we do not limit to purchase only by Virginia residents.

As previously announced, we hope to reinstate lotteries by the end of the year and expect these products to return to being distributed via lottery. If there are future retail distributions of lottery products, we will announce the details via the Spirited Virginia e-newsletter, Spirited Virginia social media (Facebook, Instagram) and the ABC website.

Learn more about how Virginia ABC distributes high-demand, low-availability products through online ordering and lotteries. ]]>