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Energy Link

Finally, a video bingo game with a link bonus! This is exactly what everyone has been waiting for. Now you can enjoy Energy Link, one of the most popular additions to our catalog! The progressives are won through the exciting bonus Link! Play now and discover incredible games! Energy Link is the first of its kind to offer innovative 3×4 cartons, this increases your chances of winning even more!

Power Bingo Link

Power Bingo Link provides an incredible video bingo experience for those looking to play enticing games. This system features an extensive library and allows for players to enter thrilling bonus options. Bonus rounds have never been more fun. Make sure to play Power Bingo Link’s exciting bingo bonuses!

Zitro Games brings you three major bingo displays, each of which provides its own catalog of games as well as exciting bingo bonuses!


Manny brings the magic to video bingo with his 60 enchanted balls. Choose your cards, choose your numbers and play your extra balls well. The magic is about to begin… Abracadabra… Bingo!

Game Instructions

When you want to start a game, choose the number of cards you are going to play – a minimum of one and a maximum of four. To activate or deactivate a card, click on ON/OFF in the corner of the card in question. If you want to change the numbers on the cards, just click on them.

To start a game, click on PLAY.

30 balls will be drawn out and their numbers marked on the cards. If there are any prize-winning combinations, these will be indicated on the same cards. The BINGO prize is won by filling in the whole card. You can also win the rollover JACKPOT prize by playing at any betting level. This requires a BINGO without buying any extra balls. The game ends when the Jackpot is won.

Occasionally, the game will offer you a maximum of ten extra balls that will increase your chances of winning a prize. To be in with a chance, click on the corresponding icon or on the numbered spaces that appear above. The number that appears on each extra ball represents its price. To cancel, click on PLAY. Occasionally, the machine will also give you a MANNY BALL when you buy extra balls, which allows you to choose the number of the card you want. The MANNY BALL will always give you the best option!

In order to play a bonus game, you need to get the combination indicated in the prize table. This a slot game in which you have to get two consecutive identical figures from left to right or from right to left. The bonus game ends when two consecutive ENDs appear on the prize line.

Do you believe in magic? Meet Manny and discover that everything is possible when you play our fun-packed video bingo. Choose your cards, play your bonus balls, join a minigame… Bingo! ]]>